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Liam Hemsworth Tells Miley Cyrus To Gain Weight For Their Wedding
Liam Hemsworth Tells Miley Cyrus To Gain Weight For Their Wedding

Liam Hemsworth is reportedly threatening to postpose his and Miley Cyrus's wedding if she doesn’t put on some weight.

The ‘Hunger Games’ star is said to be terrified for his 19 year-old fiancé, who is rumoured to be surviving on just 500 calories a day.

The Aussie actor, who went down on one knee last month, is said to be “fed up” by her constant dieting and gruelling daily exercise regime.

A source told HollywoodLife that Miley became worried about her weight when Liam began working on the ‘Hunger Games’ with the stunning Jennifer Lawrence. The blonde actress was in the shape of her life while filming the post-apocalyptic drama and Miley noticed.  

“The ridiculous thing is, she started this regime because she was worried Liam would fall for his [Hunger Games] co-star Jennifer Lawrence,” the source revealed.

“She decided that the only way to keep him was to get the best body of her life.”

Now though, Miley stands to lose her man if she doesn’t stop her obsessive behaviour over her body. Earlier this year the star denied claims that she had an eating disorder and put her slim figure down to cutting out gluten from her diet.

Imogen Thomas: ‘I’m a size 10 to 12, but now I feel extremely comfortable in my body’
Imogen Thomas: ‘I’m a size 10 to 12, but now I feel extremely comfortable in my body’

Imogen Thomas has told how she struggled with her weight as she turned to binge eating during the Ryan Giggs superinjunction controversy.

A year ago, the high-profile former Big Brother contestant was accused of trying to blackmail the Manchester United footballer over their alleged affair. A court later heard there was no basis on which to accuse her of this.

Imogen admits that emotional eating over the past 12 months left her feeling fed-up with her more fulsome size 12 figure.

“I think all girls have issues about their weight,” she said. “I don’t think I’m the only person out there. I’ve always been a binge girl — I’ll always binge on certain days. I get bad days when I could eat four packets of crisps. It’s not to do with being hungry, I’m eating because I want to feel better.”

Spending so much time in the public eye and featuring regularly in lads’ magazines, Imogen is reported to have lined up a cameo in the award-winning Channel Four show Shameless. But the 29-year-old is quick to hit the gym if she doesn’t like the look of a picture.

“I get photographed a lot and I see lots of photos of myself, so that makes me more conscious of what I look like,” she said. “You look at photographs and go, ‘oh my God, look how huge I am, I have to go to the gym’.”

Imogen has had her share of critics on the social networking site Twitter. She says: “I will always get criticised the most because I am in the public eye. My mum’s Italian, so I’ve got the curves. People say, ‘how can you say size 12 is fat?’. Well, for my height, it was quite overweight.”

She says Slimsticks, which she now represents, has helped her control her appetite and lose a dress size.

“I’m happy with my weight as it is now,” she says. I’m a size 10 to 12, but now I feel extremely comfortable in my body. I’m not promoting a size zero because I could never be that size and I don’t think it looks good. Back in the day I was a size 8 when I was Miss Wales, but your body does change. I remember in 2006 when I was in the Big Brother house, I wore these All Saints jeans and six months later I couldn’t get into them. My hips had changed so much, your body changes as you get older.”

But she believes she is reaching greater maturity: “People say, ‘look, you’ve got an amazing body’, but I’m in the gym all the time. I do cardio work four times a week. The older I’m getting, I am more comfortable with myself and what I’m doing with my life.”

Eva Longoria talks Diet, Exercise and Weight issues
Eva Longoria talks Diet, Exercise and Weight issues

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has revealed how she went through a period of being very unhealthy, following the divorce from her husband Tony Parker back in November 2010. Eva caught Tony cheating on her with a British model and it sent her on a downward spiral, resulting in her losing so much weight that she simply did not look healthy, even though he loved ones tried to tell her otherwise.

Longoria explained, “I remember after my divorce, I was so thin and everyone kept saying how great I looked. It was probably the most unhealthy place I’ve ever been. So it was funny what people would see as healthy. In my worst time, people were saying I’ve never looked better.” Eva has since changed her diet and exercise routines to get back to her best.
She added, “But now I have a great diet and exercise routine. I like weight training and abs. I hate the elliptical. I despise cardio. I just can’t do it. So I try to do my cardio within the workout.” Eva Longoria has not had any contact with her ex husband since they divorced, although she does insist that she does not hold any bitter feelings towards him any longer.
Cheryl Cole: “I feel sexier than ever”
Cheryl Cole: “I feel sexier than ever”

She left fans worried about her health when she dropped to a tiny size six earlier this year after battling malaria, but now Cheryl Cole has revealed that her killer curves are back, after gaining 7lbs in the last six months. Cheryl said she feels sexier than ever with her new figure - now a size eight. She showed off her new curves in a sexy sparkly blue catsuit and pink tutu-style dress in Grazia magazine.

She said: ‘The curves are back, well and truly. I’ve got my boobs and bum back and, yeah, I like it. I think it’s sexy. When I’m really thin is normally when I am working non-stop. I don’t put any emphasis on thinking, ‘Oh, I’m thin at the moment.’ Right now I’ve got my curves back because I’ve had time off, I’m at home cooking, I’m more relaxed. I’m not defined by being seven pounds heavier than I was two months ago - I think it is really unhealthy to go there.’
Meanwhile, Cheryl also revealed that she is such a huge fan of high heels that she owns an astonishing 2,000 pairs, adding: ‘I hoard them all over the house: in cupboards in the kitchen, in the bathroom – every room. There is a big chance when you open the fridge in my house there will be a pair of shoes at the bottom.’
The former X Factor judge, 28, said: ‘I’ve always, always loved shoes but over the past few years I’ve definitely developed a proper fetish. I actually own about 2,000 pairs of shoes – and that’s after giving quite a few away.’
Miley Cyrus defends herself against weight criticism
Miley Cyrus defends herself against weight criticism

Miley Cyrus has defended herself against criticisms of her weight. The singer took to Twitter to respond to accusations of being fat, tweeting to her followers that she loves herself just the way she is.: ”By calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. I love MYSELF & if you could say the same you wouldn’t be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others (sic).”

Miley’s friend Demi Lovato then tweeted her support for her fellow singer, writing: ”Whoever called you that has it coming. Miss you more than ever.” 
Miley is currently dating Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth. The actor recently spoke out about their relationship saying: ”I like to put things on the table. I like when other people do that as well - you don’t really get anywhere if you keep it all bottled up. You need to talk about it.” 
Cheryl Cole opens up about health, weight and exercising.
Cheryl Cole opens up about health, weight and exercising.

Cheryl Cole opens up about the health scare that almost killed her, saying: “It opened my eyes to health and things I hadn’t focused on before. It’s now less about work, work, work and more about making time to chill and be with my friends and family.” 

Cheryl caught malaria while on holiday in Tanzania with American dancer Derek Hough in June 2010, who she had a short romance with. The Girls Aloud singer is now single after a brief reconciliation with her former husband, footballer Ashley Cole, 30. 
During recover, doctors ordered Cheryl to stop exercising and put on weight, and the svelte star – who was given just 24 hours to live at one point – had no choice but to obey them to beat the illness. “I just ate everything” she said. And it looks as though it’s certainly paid off, with the star looking in better shape than ever. 
X Factor’s Craig Colton gives “performance of the night”
X Factor’s Craig Colton gives “performance of the night”

X Factor’s Craig Colton gives “performance of the night” with Christina Perri's 'Jar of Hearts'

Mentor Gary Barlow said “Craig congratulations on the number one performance of the night for me. I thought it was totally amazing and I just want you to do well, well done.”

Craig looked almost half the man he used to be when he took to The X factor stage tonight. The Liverpool singer has shed over a stone in weight since we last saw him, after being put on a diet by his mentor Gary Barlow and joining the Take That star in daily jogging sessions. 

Judge Louis Walsh commented on the transformation saying “You sing from the heart and I love the fact that you’ve lost so much weight and you’re taking the whole thing so seriously.”

Tulisa Contostavlos also congratulated the singer on his choice of song, saying “Props to you for picking the song, the arrangement, you did an amazing job, well done.”

Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali Lohan in weight loss trouble
Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali Lohan in weight loss trouble
According to reports, the younger sister of rehab-addict Lindsay Lohan, 17-year-old Ali Lohan is not looking especially fit. When seen out in LA, recently, she looked way too skeletal to look - or, for that matter, BE - healthy.
Different doctors are having their say on this; even giving claims that they can see, just by looking at her pictures, that her body is wasting away. …Is it that bad? Let’s hear him:
“I’m unsure how she is losing weight but she has the look of someone who may binge and purge plus calorie restrict,” said Dr. Ali, who is also the editor of The Journal of Integrative Medicine. “When that happens, the body looks for calories by feeding on itself. Muscle is the first to go then fats, hence the loss of bust size and the curves. At her height, I’d put her under 100lbs, maybe 95ish, and that’s way, way too thin.”
But, let’s say his worst-case-scenario is true - how bad would it be? Well, 95lbs might be okay for some people; but not at her size. It’s one thing to compromise your look - and cease to be on front pages for a while - but it’s something completely different to risk your health.
… And, really - to put it bluntly - what she’s doing, right now, doesn’t look good either. If someone could tell her that, in a way which enforced, rather than judged, her - and in a way which made her understand there’s absolutely no point in starving herself - she could get back to health again. But it does require some communication skills to deliver that message (without making it worse). 
There are rumors that she’s had plastic surgery. What is Dr. Ali’s comment to that?
“She looks like she’s been injected. It would be a quick and easy procedure to do especially if she wants to enhance her features as a new model.”
If the rumor were true, it’s not like it would spread waves of shock all over the world; everyone in Hollywood, and a lot of people in other places, are going under the knife. The real issue, with placing focus on whether or not she’s had plastic surgery, is that it takes focus from an issue that needs solving as soon as possible - her weight.
This is a time when people around her really have a chance to prove their humanity and help this girl out.