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Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Usher & Natalie Portman all celebrate milestone
Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Usher & Natalie Portman all celebrate milestone

It was only fitting that ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ 100th digital milestone was perhaps its most overblown and star-packed celebration to date, with stars including Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Natalie Portman all involved in the three and a half minute song.

The song saw the celebrities and regular cast members Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone come together in a song themed about a rather gymnastically impressive form of self-fellatio.

At the centre of the skit initially was teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, reports The Los Angeles Times, who appeared in a tuxedo with the regulars looking, as ever, squeaky clean. However, as the subject matter turned rude, the 18 year-old pop star looked horrified and took back stage to a plethora of other stars more than happy to tackle the adult theme.

The highlight of the performers was Natalie Portman, who put in a genuinely laugh out loud cameo as a rapper insisting she was still as bad as ever despite giving birth - at one point throwing her fake baby over the top of a roof.

Usher meanwhile turned up very briefly to say “I’ve never been in a Digital Clip before but these white guys sure like d***,” before show host Will Ferrell finished the whole thing towards the end. All in all, a suitably jam-packed skit to celebrate the 100 coming up.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to collaborate?
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to collaborate?

18 year old singer Justin Bieber is really at the height of his fame right now, as he reveals he has worked with some of the biggest names in music on his new album. As well as Justin working with Usher, Kanye West and Timberland, he has also written a song with Taylor Swift, sparking suggestions of a potential future duet.

Bieber explained to Capital FM, “You know, the whole album is just so different, there’s so many different people collaborating. We worked with Mike Posner for Boyfriend so that turned out well, and then we used Timbaland and Kanye West and Drake and so many different people.”
He added, “It’s crazy. I mean I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently. With my music it doesn’t only stay in a box. Everything is so different and that’s why I’m so happy with this album.”
Justin continued, “Everything doesn’t sound the same, everything’s different and [after] each song you won’t expect the next song to happen.” Justin Bieber recently revealed that he is releasing a few more duets with Usher, while it has also been suggested that Justin could be set to collaborate with British boybands The Wanted and One Direction.
Justin Bieber aims to make Selena Gomez happy
Justin Bieber aims to make Selena Gomez happy

Singer Justin Bieber has revealed that one of his biggest aims in life is to make his girlfriend Selena Gomez happy. Justin claims that he believes all women should be treated like a princess and that is how he treats Selena.

Bieber explained in an interview with Seventeen, “I’m just trying to make her happy, that’s all. I think it’s important to make all women feel like they’re princesses, because every girl is a princess. I’m serious.”
Justin Bieber recently revealed that he is set to release a few more duets with his good friend Usher, who Justin admits that he really looks up to. Bieber added, “Usher is who I look to for guidance. From the beginning, he told me to put family first and you’ll always succeed, because your family will never leave you. He told me to always stay humble and never forget where I came from.”
Justin Bieber has recently claimed that he expects that British boyband One Direction are likely to have a lot of fun with girls from the US. It was claimed that Justin Bieber was going to collaborate with One Direction but these rumours have since been rejected.
Justin Bieber and Usher set for more collaborations
Justin Bieber and Usher set for more collaborations

Justin Bieber and Usher have confirmed that they will be teaming up for some more collaborations, which will appear on both of their upcoming albums. The news will please fans of both artists, who have become fans of the duets produced by them.

Bieber took to his official Twitter account to inform his followers of the upcoming collaborations with Usher. He tweeted, “Now headed to a COVER SHOOT with big bro @UsherRaymondIV - we got duets on both of our albums coming.”
Usher then took to his own Twitter account to confirm the duets with Justin Bieber. He wrote, “Proud of @justinbieber for his new single #BOYFRIEND - the biggest selling worldwide single first week EVER!”
Usher added, “Ohh (sic)… and trust we got a duet coming for “LOOKING 4 MYSELF” and “BELIEVE” he has come a long way. Proud to see his evolution as an artist!” The Justin Bieber and Usher duets will appear on Justin Bieber’s new album Believe, which is out this year and Usher’s album Looking for Myself, which is set to be released in the UK on June 11 and then in the US on June 12.
Usher and Adele collaboration to happen
Usher and Adele collaboration to happen

American singer Usher has confirmed that he is a fan of the British artist Adele and admitted that he would love to do a duet with her in the future. However, Usher did admit that he has been telling people not to buy her album 21, as it approaches his record.

Usher explained, “If I have to confess, I have to confess that I have told a few people not to go and buy Adele's album because I don't want her to go and break my record.” He continued by admitting that he does actually like her music but he just wants to keep his record.
Usher added, “No actually, I love her. Unfortunately, she’s the closest to breaking my record for the last ten years. So now guys, don’t go and buy that album right now.” He then went on to admit that he would not mind doing a duet with Adele in the future.
Usher continued, “I think the world deserves an Usher and Adele record. That’s what I think. That would be the other UK connection that I think everybody would be really fond of and enjoy.”
Would you like to see a collaboration between Usher and Adele.
JLS singer Oritse Williams pens songs for Usher and Jedward
JLS singer Oritse Williams pens songs for Usher and Jedward

JLS singer Oritse Williams has revealed how he has been writing songs nonstop and has even offered one of his songs out to Usher but has yet to hear anything back. However, Oritse has had one of his songs snapped up, by Irish duo Jedward.

Williams explained, “I write songs and try songwriting for other people as much as possible. I keep writing and writing. I pitched a song for Usher the other day and haven’t heard anything back yet, but I wrote a song for Jedward - their last single ‘Wow Oh Wow’.”
He added, “It wasn’t widely known. I didn’t initially write the song for them, but when they were looking for songs, I thought it would be perfect. Louis Walsh called me up and said, ‘I heard you wrote this song. Can I use it for Jedward?’ and I said, ‘Why not? Go for it’.”
Oritse then revealed a few of the people that he would love to writ with, adding, “I’d love to write with Ne-Yo, or Bruno Mars, and also Gary Barlow. One day, if there is an opportunity, I’ll take it up.”
Do you think Usher will ever use a song written by Oritse Williams?
Cheryl Cole is a woman in demand
Cheryl Cole is a woman in demand

It has been reported that former The X Factor judge and Girls Aloud singer, Cheryl Cole has been offered the chance to star as the host of her very own chat show on Channel 4. The show would be called Late Night With Cheryl and the hopes are that she could use her ties to bring in some big name guests. However, Cheryl is also believed to have been offered a number of movie roles, as well as recording her new album.

An insider explained, “They know she’ll be a massive ratings winner and is the perfect fit to pull in amazing guests. There have been a few film roles and scripts sent to her from Hollywood that are being considered.” Cole also has her fingers in a few other pies, as she continues her attempt to make it in the US.
Cheryl Cole was recently in the US where she has been working on her third solo album, which is expected to be released later this year. Cheryl will have guest performances on the album by the likes of Taio Cruz, will.i.am and Alex Da Kid and it is also believed that other stars, including Eminem, Usher and Rihanna will also be collaborating with Cole on her album. What do you think of the possibility of a Cheryl Cole chat show?
Usher plays down Justin Bieber baby drama
Usher plays down Justin Bieber baby drama

Justin Bieber's famous friend and mentor Usher has played down the teenager’s recent ‘baby’ drama, insisting: “It comes with the territory.” The 17-year-old pop sensation hit headlines earlier this month after Mariah Yeater, 20, claimed he was the father of her son, Tristyn.

Yeater has since dropped a paternity lawsuit and Bieber has voluntarily undergone a DNA test to put an end to the scandal, although she has since demanded a second DNA test be carried out in her presence. However, R&B star Usher seems unconcerned, insisting being the subject of false allegations is a by-product of fame.
He tells TMZ.com, “It comes with the territory, man.” When asked if he has ever faced similar accusations from fame-hungry females, he replied, “Not too much.” 
Despite Yeater dropping the paternity lawsuit she had filed against Bieber, the heartthrob, who is dating Selena Gomez, nand his team of lawyers still intend to go ahead with suing Yeater for the false allegations. Matthew Hiltzik, Justin Bieber’s publicist, explained, “We intend to still hold them (Yeater and her lawyers) accountable”
Bieber has recently released the official music video for Fa La La Christmas, a collaboration with Boyz II Men, and is concentrationg on his music. 
Justin Bieber voice change
Justin Bieber voice change

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber released his latest album this week, the Christmas special Underneath the Mistletoe but something did not quite seem right. It appears that Justin Bieber’s voice has changed somewhat and he no longer has that lovely smooth sounding, youthful voice.

Obviously this was bound to happen at some point and last year Justin said, “Everyone’s voice changes. Puberty is a natural thing. I have the best vocal coach in the world and we’re working on my voice and doing what I need to do. It’s not like as soon as you hit puberty you stop singing. Usher is the best mentor in the world and he survived puberty. He tells me what to do, what not to do.”
Well it seems like that time has finally come. Could this be the end for Justin Bieber? We extremely doubt it. He may not have that pop style voice anymore but there will always be a huge fan base for the star, who could be set to change his style of music to suit his voice.
Underneath the Mistletoe is out now and if you have already listened to it, you will have heard this new sounding Justin Bieber. If you have not listened to it, you should do so and let us know what you think about the Justin Bieber voice change.
Justin Bieber to release Mistletoe on October 17 
Justin Bieber to release Mistletoe on October 17 

Baby’ singer Justin Bieber has revealed that his new single ‘Mistletoe’ has been moved forward from its original release date and will now be released on iTunes on October 17. Justin has confirmed that it has a lot to do with the fans wanting it so badly.

Bieber took to his official Twitter account to thank his fans once again for their support and also let them know of the change in release date. He explained, “thanks to all the love ITUNES is now releasing #MISTLETOE early…now coming #OCT17th !!! spread the world…we r going for our first #1!!”
Mistletoe' is the first track to be released by Justin Bieber from his forthcoming Christmas album ‘Under The Mistletoe’. The album is set to feature a whole host of other artists, including Usher and Mariah Carey and the track list for the album was recently released.
Justin Bieber confirms Christmas album track list
Justin Bieber confirms Christmas album track list

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber has finally revealed the full track listing for his Christmas album ‘Under The Mistletoe’ and it looks like a great treat for any Justin Bieber fan. Justin’s album will have eleven Christmas tracks on it and will feature a number of other artists.

Bieber has previously revealed that he has collaborated with Boyz II Men for one of the tracks, as well as Usher. It has also been confirmed that Mariah Carey will duet with Justin for her massive Christmas anthem ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.
Other artists appearing on the album include Busta Rhymes and The Band Perry. It is expected that the album will be a guaranteed number one hit. Check out the full track listing for ‘Under The Mistletoe’ below.
Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) feat. Usher
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Fa La La feat. Boyz II Men
All I Want For Christmas Is You feat. Mariah Carey
Drummer Boy feat. Busta Rhymes
Christmas Eve
All I Want Is You
Home This Christmas feat. The Band Perry
Silent Night