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Josh Hutcherson talks about The Hunger Games fame & his love of tattoos
Josh Hutcherson talks about The Hunger Games fame & his love of tattoos

Josh Hutcherson says he hasn’t changed “at all” despite the phenomenal success of his movie, The Hunger Games.

The 19-year-old actor has been propelled into heartthrob status and screamed at by thousands of girls at premieres around the world.

However, Josh told MTV News that he has remained grounded and doesn’t really have a lavish lifestyle, revealing that he prefers to live a low-key existence.

“I’ve changed a lot. I wear nothing but high-end designer suits. I fly private everywhere,” he joked, before adding: “I haven’t changed at all.”

“I was expecting it to be a huge difference and it hasn’t been, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. It’s been so low-key and people who do recognise me have been awesome, cool and not crazy.”

But one thing Josh doesn’t want to change is his love for getting tattoos, although he knows he has to get to a certain status before he can cover his body in them: “The last one I got was six months ago,” he revealed. “I have an anchor ship creation on my back.”

“I need to have the kind of career Angelina Jolie has first. They’re not gonna hire guys covered in tattoos. I need to make sure they hire me first.”   

Rihanna tattoos get her excited
Rihanna tattoos get her excited

It has been reported that Rihanna gets very excited when she has new tattoo’s done and jumps around with excitement like a teenage girl. Rihanna currently has 12 different tattoos on her body and it does not look like she is going to stop there.

Rihanna recently revealed her latest piece of body art, a tattoo of a cross on her collar bone and she also has tattoo’s that include the word “Shhh” on her finger, as well as the word “Rebelle”, which is tattooed on her neck.
It appears that Rihanna’s tattoo’s get her more excited than most things in life, as her New York tattooist, 26-year-old Bang Bang, who is responsible for the majority of the tattoos has confirmed. Bang Bang claims that Rihanna gets more excited than most people when it comes to tattoos.
Bang Bang explained, ”She loved it. She always flips out [when it’s done] and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car.” Rihanna recently admitted that she is set to focus on her acting and making music this year, before touring again next year.
Do you like Rihanna’s tattoos?