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Kim Kardashian Discusses Her Sex Tape, Kris Humphries, & Depression
Kim Kardashian Discusses Her Sex Tape, Kris Humphries, & Depression

Kim Kardashian has denied that her marriage to Kris Humphries was a hoax, saying she was left utterly depressed after their break-up, and that her fanbase was strong enough without having to stage drama for ratings.

In a frank interview with Oprah Winfrey, the reality star opened up about the doomed romance, and stressed that she still has a place in her heart for her ex. Kim revealed that it was not until the couple moved in together that it dawned on her that married life was ‘not for me’.

Speaking to the talk show host, Kim said: ‘I was in love, I wanted the life that I always pictured my fairytale life to be. I would’ve had an extravagant wedding anyway, to end that relationship was a risk in itself to lose ratings and I had to take the risk to be honest to myself.’

Kim, who never mentioned Kris by name during the chat, claimed that the problem was that the pair had never spent enough time alone before their 72-day marriage broke down.

She told Oprah: ‘I think when people first meet, everything is great in the beginning, but I didn’t spend more than a whole week with my ex before we married. When we moved in together, I saw how our relationship was… I don’t want to get into the small things, but once we moved in, I knew he was not the one.’

As Oprah quizzed her about her pre-wedding nerves, Kim said: ‘I didn’t have an inkling, but everyone around me did. The night before, mum said, “Do you want out?” She said, “You’re not yourself”. But I said no, I got angry, I was thinking, “How dare you!”’

Kim made it clear that Kris did not do anything specifically wrong, and denied that he hit her or lashed out: ‘He’s a good person. I will always have a place in my heart for him. It just wasn’t for me.’

And while Kim admitted she was ‘bored’ in the romance, she didn’t attribute it as the reason for leaving. She said: ‘You know in your heart. Mum was supportive, so I took that time off afterwards… I would rather have been beaten up in the media than live a life that wasn’t happy.’

She continued: ‘I was in such a deep depression I thought I was going to back away from everything. I stayed at home for almost four months and I’m a better person now, as heartbreaking as it was to go through.’

Kim added: ‘For anyone I hurt, I’m truly sorry, I don’t wish pain on anyone, but the person I am because of that crazy experience, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I loved him, obviously it hurt him, and it hurt me too. It was embarassing, I don’t want to call it a mistake, it was a lesson.’

Oprah also approached the subject of the infamous sex tape during the interview. Kim claimed that the tape ‘introduced her to the world in a negative way’, so she was forced to ‘work ten times harder to get people to see the real me’.

Another Day, Another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Scandal
Another Day, Another Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Scandal

Kim Kardashian is at the centre of a sex tape scandal following claims made by convicted fraudster, Jonathan Lee Riches, who has filed 2,600 lawsuits since 2006, that he appeared in a sex tape with the star.

In documents obtained by Radar Online, Jonathan also alleged that he lost his virginity to Kim during a trip to Armenia. It is thought that Jonathan put forward the claims because he wanted to be added as a plaintiff to her case against clothing Giant GAP and The Old Navy.

Jonathan said: “I have been in an intimate relationship with Kim Kardashian since 2001. I lost my virginity to Kim Kardashian on a Virgin Air Flight en route to the Armenian Hilton Hotel.”

In an even more bizarre claim, Jonathan blames Kim for his fraud conviction, adding:m“I spent 125 months in federal prison for credit card fraud and identity theft and Kim Kardashian forced me to do fraud crimes to finance her lavish lifestyle and bankroll her career…”

Alledging to have evidence of his sex tape with Kim, Jonathan added: “I borrowed Ray J’s camcorder and me and Kim Kardashian made 2 sex tapes with her in Gap clothing. I have those 2 tapes and all the photographs secretly saved at a YMCA gym locker in Philadelphia to show as evidence.”

The convicted fraudster also put forward the claim that his life is in danger by saying that Kim has threatened him.

“Kardashian is now threatening my life since I got released from prison on 4/30/12, telling me if I expose our relationship that she is going to get her sister Khloé’s husband, Lamar Odom’s basketball buddies to come hunt me down and stuff basketballs in my throat to shut me up.

“Im so scared, I’m whistleblowing now, because Kim Kardashian should of went to prison for my crimes, I did it all for her.”

Luckily for Kim, the claims made by Jonathan were denied by the judge. There is also no evidence to suggest that Jonathan and Kim had ever met.   

Tulisa Contostavlos in another indecent photograph!
Tulisa Contostavlos in another indecent photograph!

It was barely two months ago when indecent images of Tulisa Contostavlos appeared in that infamous video.

Now, with a number one solo single under her belt, it appears the Young singer hasn’t learned anything from her mistakes.

The 23-year-old has posted a picture on Twitter of herself standing provocatively with a half-naked male - luckily for her it’s just her best friend and gay PA. Gareth Varey and the X Factor judge took the picture in their hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia, early this morning.
The best friends are posed up in front of a mirror with a topless Gareth wearing a pair of white trousers, as Tulisa stands behind him. The brunette, who was recently voted FHM’s sexiest woman in the world, is peeking over his shoulder, but it’s not clear if she is or isn’t wearing a top.

The pair have been friends for a long time and travel everywhere together, mostly for Tulisa’s work commitments. However, the raunchy photograph, which was first posted by Gareth and then retweeted by Tulisa, may raise eyebrows after the former N-Dubz member was captured on a mobile phone performing a sex act on a man.

At the time, Tulisa said in a YouTube video she posted online: ‘I’ve never been the type - regardless of being in the public eye - to sit down and keep my mouth shut about anything, especially when I’ve done nothing wrong.’

Tulisa is currently in the States to record more tracks for her debut album. She tweeted: ‘@Defjam1 yooooooo max the TFB has landed!!let’s finish this album!xx’.

Unfortunately for the singer, the weather in Atlanta has been poor and she has been stuck indoors for most the time. She tweeted to tell her followers: ‘Miserable weather out here right now, absolutely stinks! I can’t catch a tan in this, come on sunshine do us a bloody favour…’

Tulisa Contostavlos discusses sex tape: ‘The whole of the UK thinks I’m a slapper’
Tulisa Contostavlos discusses sex tape: ‘The whole of the UK thinks I’m a slapper’

X Factor judge ­Tulisa Contostavlos wept on TV over her sex tape nightmare.

The singer revealed that the scandal almost ruined her career and ­reputation and gave her a nervous breakdown. Tulisa, of former band N-Dubz, sobbed: “I thought: ‘The whole of the UK thinks I’m a slapper.’”

The singer, 23, talked about her ordeal to pal Alan Carr, 35, on his Channel 4 show Chatty Man. During filming she downed four vodka Red Bulls and had to be comforted by Carr. Tulisa claims she was tipped off last summer that a tape ­featuring her with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards, 28, was about to be released on the net.

However, Justin denied he had the tape or was ­behind the leak. Having just landed a job as a new judge on X Factor, Tulisa feared she would be fired if the tape got out.

She said: “It’s been torture for about 8 months. I found out just before I ­started filming X Factor. So the first thing I did, I went to one of the producers on the show who I was really close with called Beth. I said: ‘Look there’s a possibility my ex has this footage and wants to release it. What is it going to do to my career? How is it going to affect me?’

“She said to me at the time that she didn’t know, she wasn’t sure. Which frightened me even more, obviously. So every day during X Factor I was absolutely sh***ing ­myself because I didn’t want anything like that out there. I’ve always said I wouldn’t even do a bloody bikini shoot let alone something like that. I’m all about, to an extent, ­morals and I’ve got a really close-knit family and things like that. It’s just not right.”

Tulisa got through the series without the tape being leaked and even won the ITV contest with her girlband Little Mix. But last month footage from the video was put on the net showing her performing a sex act on Justin. Tulisa, who says she has only ever seen stills of the video, told Alan: “I would hardly call it a sex tape. Number one, because there was no sex involved in it. Number two, a 19-year-old who’s just starting to learn to give b***-jobs and her boyfriend pulls out a video camera doesn’t really class as a sex tape.”

She admitted going into hiding and suffering a mini mental ­breakdown. Tulisa posted a YouTube clip of herself confessing that it was her on the tape, but telling fans she was “devastated and heartbroken”. With tears in her eyes she told Alan she refused advice to sweep the matter ­under the carpet: “Fans could be thinking that I’ve just met some randomer backstage in my dressing room at a gig and I don’t want people to think that of me.”

Tulisa’s ex, Justin, denies ­leaking the tape but she hissed: “Yeah, he didn’t – my arse crack! He’s a tw*t.”

Tulisa has not given up on men and has recently been ­romantically linked to Skins hunk Jack O’Connell, 21. But she said: “I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it. I’ve never liked talking about romances. I’m in a relationship and he’s a very nice guy.”

Do celebrity sex tapes improve your career?
Do celebrity sex tapes improve your career?

There have been so many celebrity sex tapes over the years, yet it never seems to deter any of them from making sex tapes of their own. You would think that with the way that these celebrities act after the release of their sex tapes, no other celebrity would ever make one again.

However, appearing in your very own celebrity sex tape is not always a bad thing. I mean, I hadn’t even heard of Paris Hilton before I saw the Paris Hilton sex tape and the same can be said for Kim Kardashian. Yet since I saw the Kim Kardashian sex tape, she seems to be in the news every single day.
More recently a Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape appeared online and, while she claims to be distraught by the release of the sex tape, it has to be said that it was not necessarily bad publicity for the release of her single a few days later. Now I’m not saying it was done on purpose but it certainly didn’t hurt her sales.
In fact, I cannot think of a celebrity who has made a sex tape and not continued to do what they were already doing, or better even. To be be fair though, it wouldn’t really matter too much anyway. They could always become a webcam performer. Arriba!!
Tulisa sex tape scandal could see more releases
Tulisa sex tape scandal could see more releases

It has been claimed that the recent sex tape of Tulisa Contostavlos may not be the only Tulisa sex tape to be released. Tulisa is seen in the sex tape giving oral pleasure to her ex boyfriend Justin Edwards, aka Ultra, who has since let the sex tape hit the internet.

Now it has been suggested that there are further sex tapes of Tulisa and Justin and it is believed that they will be likely to appear online in the near future. They are said to be more graphic than the current Tulisa sex tape, which has already deeply upset the singer.
Tulisa has supposedly told her friends, “This is the most humiliating experience of my entire life - I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I’m hurt, angry and embarrassed and people feel like it’s okay to now talk about me in the most disgusting terms. I was so young when this happened - it makes it all that much worse.”
Fortunately for Tulisa, it appears that the release of the Tulisa sex tape is not going to affect her career, as she has been backed by The X Factor boss Simon Cowell. Simon admitted that he would not sack the star just because some scumbag is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.
Tulisa sex tape saga continues
Tulisa sex tape saga continues

This week has been quite possibly one of the worst weeks in the life of former N-Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos. A sex tape claiming to star Tulisa hit the internet earlier this week and she has since spoken out about the whole ordeal. Now, the man in the sex tape, Justin Edwards aka Ultra has given his side of things.

He tweeted, “I believe in silence being a sign of Integrity but in this case I guess I’ll have to speak up and Lay out the facts and let you guys decide (sic).” Edwards then went on to suggest that people should not pass judgement before knowing the whole truth.
He added, “To find the truth both sides of the story should be heard b4 passing judgement #thatisall.” Justin Edwards had previously taken to his official Twitter account to claim that the Tulisa sex tape had nothing to do with him, once he had discovered that it had be posted on the internet.
He wrote at the time that the Tulisa sex tape had “nothing to do with me”. Tulisa has since confirmed that it was indeed her in the sex tape and that Justin Edwards aka Ultra had been making threats to release the sex tape in a bid to get at the singer.
Tulisa sex tape the truth revealed
Tulisa sex tape the truth revealed

Early this week a sex tape appeared online claiming to be Tulisa Contostavlos. The it was claimed that it was her and her ex boyfriend Fazer. And then it was claimed that it was not Tulisa at all, as the Tulisa sex tape was called a fake.

However, a new video has appeared online of Tulisa Contostavlos explaining that, yes it is her in the sex tape but no it is not Fazer. Tulisa claims that the male in the sex tape is Justin Edwards aka Ultra, who she dated a few years back.
Tulisa gave a full explanation about her relationship with Justin Edwards and admitted that she was a bit naive to believe that the sex tape would never see the light of day. She claims that she was very much in love with Justin and did not believe that he would ever do such a thing.
Tulisa also went on to apologise to her fans for any upset that she may have caused and suggested that it is wrong to judge her. So there you have it, the Tulisa sex tape is in fact Tulisa after all, with her ex boyfriend Ultra.
Check out the video of Tulisa explaining it all, below.

What is the deal with celebrity sex tapes?
What is the deal with celebrity sex tapes?

Is it just me or does it shock anybody else that celebrities continue to make sex tapes, despite the fact that they ALWAYS end up on the internet. It has been happening for years but still these stupid celebrities continue to make sex tapes with their partners, thinking that they will never split up, so the sex tape will never see the light of day.

How moronic are these people? Your relationship is not going to last forever because relationships never do anymore. All that is going to happen is, you are going to split up and your ex is going to try and flog the sex tape for as much money as he or she can.
There seems to be a new celebrity sex tape every single year and they never seem to go away. Last year we had those problems with the Kim Kardashian sex tape, which was looking to fetch quite a bit of money at one point. Now we have to deal with the problem of the Tulisa sex tape.
If you have seen the Tulisa sex tape you will agree that the woman in the video looks a lot like her but her people are saying that it is not her at all. The guy in the video has also been identified as her ex boyfriend Fazer but again these claims have been denied. Not that it matters too much because we will have a new wally doing the same thing and a new celebrity sex tape for people to talk about in no time.
Tulisa sex tape update
Tulisa sex tape update

This week has definitely been a week to forget for former N-Dubz singer Tulisa Contostavlos, as a sex tape claiming to be her and ex boyfriend Fazer appeared online. However, a representative for the singer and X Factor judge has claimed that it is not her.

The rep told The Sun, “She is horrified that someone would go to the extreme lengths of fabricating a video. It is absolutely not her. Tulisa has categorically never allowed anyone to film her having sex. This tape is 100 per cent fake. [It] is just someone trying to cash in on her X Factor role.”
Since the Tulisa sex tape first appeared on the internet, there have been claims that the owner of the material has been trying to sell it. However, Tulisa has since been granted a court order to stop anyone from showing the sex tape or any material from it.
Tulisa’s cousin and former N-Dubz bandmate Dappy, took to his official Twitter account when the story broke, to claim that the man in the Tulisa sex tape was in fact Fazer. Dappy has since deleted his tweets and it has been claimed the his Twitter account was hacked.
Do you think the Tulisa sex tape will affect her career?
Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape scandal
Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape scandal

A video has emerged, which claims to be a Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape. The tape shows a young lady, who does look remarkably like Tulisa, giving oral sex to a young man. The website hosting the video has tried to sell the Tulisa sex tape, forcing the star to respond.

Tulisa Contostavlos has since had her lawyers issue a cease and desist order to the website and they have even been to the offices of one website which has shown the video. A gagging order has now been placed, stopping people in both the US and the UK from showing anything to do with the Tulisa sex tape.
While all of this has been going on, Tulisa’s cousin Dappy took to his official Twitter account to confirm that it is Tulisa in the video and that the male in the sex tape is in fact Fazer. The tweets have since been removed but they claimed that Fazer released the Tulisa sex tape as revenge for her ending their relationship.
While the Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape has now had to be taken off of the internet, it has not stopped news of it spreading around the world. It is unclear if this scandal will have any effect on Tulisa returning to The X Factor.
Have you seen the Tulisa sex tape? Do you think it is definitely her?
Vivid decline $20m Kim Kardashian sex tape offer

Vivid decline $20m Kim Kardashian sex tape offer

Originally it was thought that Kim Kardashian was bidding through a third party to secure the right to her sex tape, but after that claim being rejected by her camp, Vivid Entertainment said they don’t want to accept the $20m offer which was made to take the tape off the market.
Vivid head honcho, Steve Hirsch said that its only fitting that if the tape is sold, it should be to Kim Kardashian, he told TMZ “We were offered $20 million for the Kim tape but have decided that we are going to hang on to it … for now. Although the offer that we ultimately received was substantial, when I realized that it wasn’t Kim it became less appealing. Kim is a superstar and if it were to be sold, it should be to her.”.
It strikes us extremely odd that Vivid wouldn’t accept the offer even though they view it as “Substantial”, it seems as though Vivid Entertainment, and namely, Steve Hirsch, are trying to get Kim Kardashian to reattach herself to the video which she denounced (despite receiving over a $3m pay off) in one last grab to gain revenue and popularity around the video before dumping it off.
This sex tape saga is far from over.