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Kim Kardashian is “not” the secret buyer for her sex tape

Kim Kardashian is “not” the secret buyer for her sex tape

Kim Kardashian is NOT the secret buyer of the Kim Kardashian sex tape who wants to take it off of the market according to Vivid owner Steve Hirsch.
For weeks now speculation has been high about who is the secret buyer who is trying to pull the Kim Kardashian sex tape from the market, but Steve Hirsch has moved to quash rumours that it is Kim Kardashian whose behind the secret bidding for her tape.
Steve Hirsch spoke to TMZ where he confessed he doesn’t know who the mystery buyer is, but said the representative for the secret buyer said it wasn’t Kim Kardashian. Which really doesn’t hold a lot of weight. Steve then admitted he even thought it was Kim Kardashian saying “It made sense the entire time it would be Kim, but it appears it’s not.”
The motives of the secret buy, who apparently isn’t Kim, will reveal their reasons for wanting the tape pulled from the market. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense it would be somebody outside of Kim’s camp to spend so much money to pull something which has nothing to do with them.
Either way, the jury is still out, and extracting from what Steve Hirsch said, he doesn’t really know a lot about the person bidding at all, he just has an unknown to him representative saying it isn’t Kim Kardashian.