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Katy Perry: I still like London boys
Katy Perry: I still like London boys

Katy Perry has admitted in an interview with The Mirror that despite her split with comedian Russell Brand, she still likes London boys.   

She explained, “I still believe in love, most definitely. And I still like London boys”, before clarifying: “Except one.”

The popstar whose had hits with ‘California Girls’ and ‘Teenage Dream’ spoke about how seeing films from her divorce in her upcoming movie, Part Of Me, made her feel. She said, “there were things that made my tummy turn when I saw them because I had already lived them and really didn’t want to live them again. But I thought maybe if I showed I got through the problems, other people wouldn’t feel so alone.

She then added : “The whole movie is about me overcoming obstacles, my upbringing, the guys in suits from the record labels and then my personal struggle, going through it and landing on my feet. The message is pretty simple - it’s ‘be yourself and you can be anything.”

We previously reported about Russell Brand's weird motives for breaking up with Katy Perry. Speaking in her new documentary film Katy Perry: Part of Me, she explained: “I thought to myself, ‘When I find that person that’s going to be my life partner, I won’t ever have to choose [between the partner and my career]. They won’t be threatened or have weird motives.’ Then I started to realise, that’s not true.”

Katy Perry Discusses Russell Brands ‘Weird Motives’
Katy Perry Discusses Russell Brands ‘Weird Motives’

Singer Katy Perry has suggested that her ex Russell Brand was threatened by her career and had ‘weird motives’ in her documentary.

Katy split from British comedian Russell in December after just 14 months of marriage, and although Katy thought he was ‘the one’, she admitted that work commitments got in the way.

Speaking in her new documentary film Katy Perry: Part of Me, she explained: “I thought to myself, ‘When I find that person that’s going to be my life partner, I won’t ever have to choose [between the partner and my career]. They won’t be threatened or have weird motives.’ Then I started to realise, that’s not true.”

Katy has now moved on and is dating Florence + the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd, but says she did everything in her power to save her marriage, before finally acknowledging it was over.

She said: “I have that same belief system with everything, from career to my life to my personal life, everything. And I will do everything it takes to not fail. And I did everything it took, but it still failed.”

Katy’s forthcoming 3D movie features footage shot around the time she split from Russell, including scenes where she is crying on a bed, despite Russell asking her to cut out the scenes involving him. Katy has previously revealed she wanted to include the clips to show people they can bounce back from their difficulties.

She said: “I think if you were to see the movie and it was completely avoided, you’d think, ‘Hmm that’s strange, I know something else happened in her life last year.’

“So I wanted to handle it delicately with the most integrity I could and show, ‘Yeah I’m going through the same situation that half of America goes through and somehow I landed on my feet, so you don’t have to lay down and die like you think.’ Just because you’re in the spotlight doesn’t mean you get to dodge the curveballs - they’re actually bigger.”

Russell Brand Talks About Katy Perry, Divorce, & Yoga
Russell Brand Talks About Katy Perry, Divorce, & Yoga

Russell Brand thinks his marriage to Katy Perry ‘did work out’, despite the fact that it only lasted for 14 months. 

The British comedian admitted that it’s ‘really good’ that the pair are not together anymore, explaining: ‘When I was married it did work out in a way because I was married for some time and that’s really good and then you’re not married and that’s really good. You just have to have acceptance of things.’

The Rock of Ages star said he feels ‘really good’ despite splitting up with the gorgeous Firework singer in December, and admits he still loves the brunette beauty: ‘She’s a person that I love but now this a new time. We were suited for that amount of time but this is a new time.’

The funnyman joked that he was finding divorce proceedings difficult - because of the paperwork. He laughed: “I suppose the divorce is difficult because of the admin. There’s a lot of admin.”

Since splitting with Katy, the 37-year-old star has been improving his ‘sexual charisma’ by regularly meditating and doing yoga.

He explained: ‘I’m in tune with some really beautiful things. I don’t want to sound like a lunatic but if you meditate and do yoga you become attuned to a different energy that is constant and very, very beautiful. Some people call it God, some people call it karma or the cosmos, but I call it sexual charisma.’

Russell’s latest film role sees him star in the movie adaptation of 1980s musical Rock of Ages alongside Alec Baldwin, and the 30 Rock star reminded him of a ‘big, hairy, powerful, sexy uncle.’

Speaking on UK television show, ‘Lorraine’, he added: ‘Nearly all of my scenes were with Alec Baldwin and he’s lovely. He’s like a big, hairy, powerful, sexy uncle which in the wrong circumstances can be a terrible thing but in my circumstances it was lovely. He’s really friendly and really clever and he gave me wonderful advice.’

Katy Perry Part Of Me: 3D To Feature Split From Russell Brand Despite His Protests
Katy Perry Part Of Me: 3D To Feature Split From Russell Brand Despite His Protests

Katy Perry is apparently planning to feature all the deails from her split from Russell Brand in her new movie Part Of Me: 3D - despite the comedian’s supposed protests.

Katy recently told US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres that the flick would “tastefully” mention her divorce from British comic Russell Brand, with reports now suggesting Russell asked that any footage involving their relationship be left out of the final edit.

However, The Sun newspaper reports that Katy put forward Russell’s request to producers, but it was decided that the film wouldn’t flow properly without any clips of their romance.

Russell allegedly called the Wide Awake singer a few weeks ago to find out what snippets had made the finished product.

A source told the newspaper: “When she first decided to make the movie in 2010, Russell agreed to be filmed on the condition he got to see the final edit.

“Being a fly-on-the-wall documentary, he knew full well that it was going to be warts and all – and wasn’t best comfortable with that. But Katy persuaded him to do it.”

The source added: “Now they have broken up, she can keep whatever she wants in the film.”

Katy recently addressed her forthcoming movie in an interview with MTV US, saying that her fans will see her at her most “vulnerable” in the motion picture.

Katy Perry: ‘Marriage To Russell Brand Was Extremely Fun’
Katy Perry: ‘Marriage To Russell Brand Was Extremely Fun’

Pop princess Katy Perry says her marriage to British comedian Russell Brand was “extremely fun”.
Katy admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that although their marriage didn’t work out, she enjoyed most of their time together.

Speaking about her new movie ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D’, which documents her time with Russell, the 27-year-old beauty said: “Mostly it’s about how I got there and the ride along the way which can be bumpy but mostly it was extremely fun.”

Katy - whose divorce from Russell will officially be made final next month - says she decided to document her failed marriage in the film to show people she’s not perfect.

Appearing on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Katy said: “I thought it was important for me. First of all, I thought it was important to show everything in between. I think sometimes people think that we’re perfect and we know we’re not perfect, at all.”

Katy continued: “I think it’s important to start breaking down the idea that to achieve your dream you always have to be perfect or flawless or live in some kind of fantasy world. So that’s why I decided to put everything into the film… in the most tasteful way.” 

Russell Brand tells Ellen DeGeneres that he still loves Katy Perry
Russell Brand tells Ellen DeGeneres that he still loves Katy Perry

Russell Brand has revealed that he “still loves” his estranged wife Katy Perry.

The British comedian and the pop star are in the process of getting divorced after their 14-month marriage broke down last December. Despite being the one who filed the papers at the end of last year, Russell insists he has nothing but affection for Katy.

In an interview with chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, Russell said: “I still love her as a human being. But, sometimes when you’re in a relationship, I suppose it doesn’t work out, does it? But that doesn’t mean I regret it or anything. I was very happy to be married with her. She’s such a beautiful human being and I just have only love and positivity for her.”

Meanwhile, Katy is thought to be dating Florence  and The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd, after they were seen kissing at a recent music festival. In fact, the relationship appears to be going so well that Katy is even planning on spending more of her time in the UK in order to be with the tattooed hunk.

Russell has said that he doesn’t harbour any bitter feelings towards his ex-lover, though, adding: “You can’t absolutely make everything the way you want it to be in life. Sometimes things are just different and then you just move with that and try and remain in contact with what is beautiful about yourself and each other with any situation. [Katy is still] a person I still consider to be beautiful… I have nothing but positivity for her.”

However, Russell caused a stir late last week when he decided to unfollow Katy on Twitter.

Russell Brand’s emotional plee to Katy Perry - she responds with cryptic tweet
Russell Brand’s emotional plee to Katy Perry - she responds with cryptic tweet

It seems like Russell Brand's dealing with a cold case of you don't know what you've got until it's gone, according to British newspaper The Daily Mail.

The British comic is said to be ‘seething with jealously’ after his ex-wife Katy Perry was pictured at Coachella last month with Robert Ackroyd of Florence and the Machine.

The pics reportedly led him to send her a long email admitting that he ‘gave up’ on their marriage too soon. Russell filed for divorce from Katy in December and cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason for the split. However, now it appears being faced with the green-eyed monster has caused him to think things over… or maybe it’s seeing his wife looking incredible in the new Adidas advert?

Either way, it has been reported that Russell sent the 27-year-old singer an emotional e-mail in which he has asked for a second chance and admitted that ending their 14 month marriage was a ‘mistake’.

A source close to the 36-year-old told Grazia, ‘Word has it Russell was “seething with jealousy” when he saw pictures of her with Rob. He apparently feels he gave up on their relationship too easily.’

The source continued, ‘It’s fair to say that Russell only wishes Katy happiness but perhaps he should have realised just how special his wife was when he was married to her rather than five months later.’

When Russell filed for divorce at the end of last year, it was reported that he did not agree with Katy’s partying lifestyle and he told her to ‘tone it down’. Added to the fact that Katy was on a mammoth tour, it seems their marriage ultimately paid the price.

Yesterday, Katy tweeted, ‘Dear God make me a bird, so I can fly far far far away from here.’

Could this possibly be a sign that she might be thinking things over as well?

Katy Perry finds fame disgusting
Katy Perry finds fame disgusting

Singer Katy Perry has revealed how she has become annoyed with fame claiming that everything about it is disgusting. Katy admitted that, while she absolutely loves what she does, she cannot stand some of the downsides that fame brings with it, although she has decided to ignore the negative things that people say about her.

Perry explained, “I’m tired of being famous, but I’m not tired of creating. Fame is just a disgusting by-product of what I do. But I stopped focusing on what other people think a while ago.”
She added, “I want to be as approachable as possible. I’ll say, ‘Calm down, there’s nothing to cry about. Let’s just have a good time’.” Katy also admitted that her new music is going to be a lot darker than anything her fans are used to.
Perry continued, “My music is about to get real f****** dark. You’d never see my face because my hair would be in it.” It is believed that Katy Perry will be using her break up with husband, English comedian Russell Brand, as the inspiration for some of the new songs that she will be writing.
Russell Brand over Katy Perry
Russell Brand over Katy Perry

English funnyman Russell Brand has revealed that he is doing just fine, following his failed marriage to singer Katy Perry. Russell and Katy got divorced back in December and the comedian has admitted that he does not look back and dwell on the past, as there is nothing he can do about it.

Brand explained to People, “You don’t need to brush it off if you don’t get it on you in the first place. I don’t have to let anything go. I don’t hold on to anything negative. It’s the same as zero-ness.”
He added, “It’s not about letting it go. You can’t let go of something you don’t hold, you know. It’s meaningless, [and] much of our world is predicated on meaninglessness. And I don’t do that anymore.”
Russell then went on to dismiss the recent incident, where he took a photographer’s phone and threw it through a window. He continued, “[It’s] meaningless to me. It’s like it never happened. It’s meaningless.”
Russell Brand is currently dating Nikolett Barabas, who has called Russell amazing and beautiful. Meanwhile Katy Perry has taken to her official Twitter account to claim that she is still single.
Russell Brand and Noel Fielding to release album together
Russell Brand and Noel Fielding to release album together

Former stand up comedian Russell Brand made a slight career change when he moved into the movie industry as an actor and now it seems that Russell is set to change paths again. This time Russell is moving into the music industry as one half of a new singing duo.

It is claimed that Russell Brand is teaming up with fellow funnyman Noel Fielding to work on an album, which is expected to be released later this year. It is believed that the Russell Brand and Noel Fielding album will feature humorous songs, similar to those by Noel in The Mighty Boosh.
Both men having singing experience, Noel with his hit comedy series The Mighty Boosh, which features a number of different songs, and Russell with the movie Get Him to the Greek, where he played a rock star and co wrote a number of the songs from the film.
It is not yet known whether Russell Brand and Noel Fielding will give their musical project a name or whether they will just go by their actual names. They are set to begin work on the album in the coming weeks. Watch this space!
Katy Perry to tell all as Russell Brand moves to India
Katy Perry to tell all as Russell Brand moves to India

Teenage Dream singer Katy Perry has reveal that she is planning to release a book that will tell everything that has happened in the past year of her life. Katy admits that the past year has been quite a big one and it is expected that her book will feature the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand.

Perry explained, “It would cover all of last year, which was the most intense year I think of my life. You’ll appreciate this film because I feel like if you know everything about me, which you do kinda, you’ll know even more. It’s basically like being in bed with me.”
Meanwhile, it has been reported that Katy Perry’s ex husband Russell Brand has decided to up sticks and move to India, where he is planning to spend a large part of the year. A friend claims that Russell has become very involved in yoga and meditation and thinks India is the perfect place to be.
The friend explained, “He’s looking for a large estate. Since his split from Katy, he’s become obsessed with yoga and meditation. He wants to have somewhere in India that can be a complete haven.”
Russell Brand not going to prison
Russell Brand not going to prison

Some recent reports have popped up around the internet, that English comedian Russell Brand could spend up to two years in jail. While these reports are technically accurate, the fact of the matter is, Russell Brand will not spend any time in prison.

The reason that Russell Brand has been linked to a prison sentence is because he stole an iPhone off of a photographer and threw it through the window of a nearby law firm. Since the damage to the property exceeds $500, the incident is classed as a felony arrest rather than a misdemeanour, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 2 years.
After committing the offence, Russell Brand tried to defend himself with a humorous explanation, which many people have taken seriously. He stated, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”
However, let’s be realistic about it. Russell was obviously annoyed at a photographer using his phone to take pictures of him and was clearly having a bad day. The fact that Lindsay Lohan did not do time for her crimes and Floyd Mayweather is only set to do 90 days for battery pretty much proves that there is no way that Russell Brand will spend two years in prison.
Do you think Russell Brand will do time? More to the point, do you think he deserves to?