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Selena Gomez Reveals Justin Bieber Is A Hopeless Romantic
Selena Gomez Reveals Justin Bieber Is A Hopeless Romantic

Selena Gomez is already the envy of girls everywhere; she is gorgeous, rich, famous, and has the one and only Justin Bieber as her boyfriend. 

Selena has revealed that she was left stunned when her romantic singer beau, Justin, hired an entire arena for a private screening of Titanic, simply because she had suggested that they should watch the classic together.

The Baby hitmaker secured the exclusive use of the 20,000 seat capacity Staples Center in Los Angeles back in September 2011, so that he and his girlfriend could watch the James Cameron film undisturbed; a gesture which Selena was overwhelmed by.

In an interview with Elle magazine, she said: “If I’ll share anything with you, it’s that he really is a hopeless romantic. I had just mentioned it in the car - all I said is that I really want to see Titanic again, and then (that happened).”

Justin was recently left confused by British humour after filming an interview for Alan Carr’s chat show. After discussing the Jubilee Alan asked the 18-year-old if Americans are as obsessed with Pippa Middleton's bum as the British, to which Justin replied: “I don't have a clue as to what's been going on for the past 20 minutes. I'm from Canada. I don't get all this humour. I don't know if you're making fun of me? I just don't get the British humour.”

The host assured his bewildered guest that he was just “taking the mickey”, to which the star answered “Mickey, what’s mickey?”

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper have romantic date

Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper have romantic date

Is there a new super couple in the making? Bradley Cooper has finally landed his dream date and took the recently single Jennifer Lopez out for dinner Saturday in New York.
Bradley Cooper has made no secret in the past that he is a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez’s many talents and it seems his kind words worked wonders as he bagged a date and took her out to Per Se restaurant in New York on Saturday night. It wasn’t a cheap date either, as you would expect, with the fixe menu being around $300.00 per head. But for that many stars go to enjoy the privacy they will receive once inside the restaurant with the added luxury that comes with it.
Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one whose come out of a long term relationship, as the same can be said for Bradley Cooper, as he recently split with Renee Zellweger after she called off their 2 year relationship this March (2011).
Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper