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Daniel Craig: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is too violent for youngsters’
Daniel Craig: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is too violent for youngsters’

Anyone who has read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo novel will know that the movie is sure to be a thriller for adults. But Daniel Craig has warned parents that his latest movie, a big-screen adaptation of the book, is set to ‘make babysitters a lot of money’, as the violence makes it entirely unsuitable for youngsters.

Craig, who plays an Mikael Blomkvist, an investigative journalist who finds himself on the trail of a vicious serial killer in the film, said in an interview with BBC Breakfast that the close-to-the-mark scenes in the film were true to the themes of violence against women in Larsson’s novel.

He explained: ‘It is addressing a huge issue that serial killers on the whole are male and they kill women. It is an adult movie. This is one where you pay the babysitter - babysitters are going to make a lot of money out of this, I hope. Don’t take the kids!’

Craig’s interview came after he revealed at the premiere of the movie in London last night that he had enjoyed piling on the pounds for his new role. The 43-year-old newlywed - who works out regularly to maintain his toned physique - admitted he didn’t mind skipping the gym to play the charasmatic Mikael in David Fincher’s Hollywood remake of the first of the Millenium trilogy.

He said: ‘It was very easy actually. I just wanted to look as normal as I possibly could so I just relaxed my exercise, and ate and drank what I wanted to.’ Craig was joined at the premiere of the film at Leicester Square by his co-star Rooney Mara, 26, who was a far cry from her on screen character, gothic Lisbeth Salander, in a stunning white dress as she braved the bitter cold in a lace creation by Givenchy Couture and matching Brian Attwood heels.

She explained: ‘They dyed my hair and shaved parts of it, they pierced my eyebrows. I got most of the piercings. This is probably the most intense role I’ve had to do. But I read the books and couldn’t imagine not doing this.’

The first film in the planned trilogy, which also stars Stellan Skarsgard, Geraldine James and Steven Berkoff, opens in cinemas in the UK on Boxing Day, and you can watch the new trailer here.