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Zayn Malik reveals One Direction X Factor addiction
Zayn Malik reveals One Direction X Factor addiction

One Direction rose to fame off of the back of their success on the ITV reality singing competition The X Factor and it appears that the boys are staying true to their roots. Zayn is currently dating Perrie Edwards, who is from the girlband Little Mix, who also happened to be on The X Factor.

Now, Zayn has admitted that he loves to just lounge around and watch television with his girlfriend and, failing that, they often head over to his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s house, where they really get into watching The X Factor.
Malik explained, “I’m a couch potato. I love to stay in and just watch a DVD with the missus. Or we all go over to Louis [Tomlinson]’s house and watch X Factor. Perrie is massively into it.” Zayn also admitted that he enjoys going home to Bradford for a nice cup of tea with his mum.
He added, “I like going back home to Bradford and chilling with my mum and dad. And a cup of tea too!” Perrie Edwards will be hoping that Little Mix have half as much success as One Direction have had, although the girlbird often come in for criticism.
Niall Horan praises “cool” Tulisa Contostavlos
Niall Horan praises “cool” Tulisa Contostavlos

The One Direction boys have been receiving plenty of attention from the ladies since they took over the world and have all been linked to some high profile women. However, just because they have been spotted out and about with a particular woman, it does not mean that anything romantic is going on.

Niall Horan has been spotted on a number of occasions with X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos but that certainly does not mean that the couple are dating. Niall has admitted that he is very good friends with Tulisa and has stated that he sees her as a very “cool” person.
Horan explained, “I’m not really a flirt, I just try to be myself. I’ve got loads of good female friends, like Tulisa, but every time I’m pictured with her, people say we’re going out. I don’t really have a type, but for banter she’s brilliant. She loves playing PlayStation. Tulisa is cool as f**k.”
While he may not be a flirt, Niall Horan has been romantically linked to a number of high profile women, such as Tulisa and The X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato. However, it always turns out that he and the woman in question are just good friends, meaning Niall Horan remains single, for now.
One Direction Sign Merchandise Deal
One Direction Sign Merchandise Deal

Pop sensations One Direction – otherwise known as Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan – have reportedly put pen to paper on a deal which will see US toy maker, and licensed consumer electronics specialist company Jazwares, creat a line of merchandise featuring alarm clocks, headphones, speakers, microphones, ear buds, walkie-talkies, boom boxes and a karaoke machine.

Laura Zebersky, executive VP of sales at Jazwares, welcomed the news as a good day for fans of the former X Factor contestants:

“With more than three million twitter followers and a debut album that has gone gold and platinum across the globe, it’s clear that the guys from One Direction are superstars that tween and teen fans can’t get enough of. We are thrilled to add One Direction to our portfolio, and look forward to developing our program with the band to bring personal and innovative electronics to their millions of fans.”

Barry Drinkwater, founder and owner of Global Merchandising Services added his own excitement on the deal:

“We are very excited to partner with Jazwares. They are a perfect partner in this category and we know the fans will agree.”

Since coming out of the 2010 edition of Simon Cowell’s hugely popular musical talent competition, the X Factor, the group have brushed aside the fact that they didn’t win and gone on to welcome mega-stardom and an army of fiercely loyal fans.

The product line will be available in the UK, US, Latin America, Ireland, and Canada, and is sure to generate a lot of sales.

Justin Bieber Annoyed Over Harry Styles Fancying His Mum Jibes!
Justin Bieber Annoyed Over Harry Styles Fancying His Mum Jibes!

Justin Bieber cut short a pre-taped interview with US radio show Mojo after the host compared him to Justin Timberlake and quizzed him about a potential romance between his mother and One Direction's Harry Styles.   

Thomas Carballo, the host of the show, was in the middle of a phone chat with the pop star when Bieber took offence at his line of questioning and hung up the phone.

The 10-minute interview got off to a bad start when Carballo told his guest he thought he was Timberlake the first time he heard him. Justin seemed to take offence to this, saying: “That’s funny because our voices sound nothing alike… Saying I sound like somebody else is definitely not a compliment.”

The singer then appeared to lighten up when talking about his new song Maria, which was inspired by the woman who falsely claimed Justin was the father of her baby last year, but he lost his cool when host Carballo got personal and asked if he was worried about his One Direction pal Harry Styles falling for his mum.

The DJ said: “Do you worry about Harry around your mum, since he likes older women?”

Clearly annoyed by this, Justin then mumbled something about Carballo’s mother and, as the radio presenter explained his mum was dead, the pop star hung up the phone.

A record company representative then tried to convince the DJ that the singer’s phone had cut off, explaining: “I can’t get him. He’s in a really s**tty area.” She later revealed Bieber was “upset” with the questions, adding: “He probably won’t be calling back.”

Harry Styles hit the headlines recently when reports suggested the 18-year-old had had an affair with British radio DJ Lucy Horobin last year, after they met at a radio station where the 32-year-old worked in Manchester, England.

Fan Gets To Meet One Direction By Posing As Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend, Eleanor Calder
Fan Gets To Meet One Direction By Posing As Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend, Eleanor Calder

One Direction fans are not only a dedicated and  persistent lot, but they are smart too. One fan recently managed to get past tight security to get to the band, by convincing a guard that she was the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson at a gig in Houston, Texas, according to the Sun newspaper.

The fan posed as Eleanor Calder by copying the student’s outfit and hairstyle and was apparently so convincing that she actually had other fans fooled into believing she was dating heartthrob Louis.

A source at the gig, part of the British boy band’s sell-out US tour, told the newspaper: “Fans outside the gig believed this girl was Eleanor and started hounding her about Louis and asking for her autograph.”

However, despite fooling the guards in the first part of the plan, she obviously didn’t plan ahead and was taken straight to her supposed boyfriend who, thankfully for Eleanor, pointed out that he did not know this girl.

The source continued: “Security saw the commotion and took her inside the venue to present to Louis, who obviously told them it wasn’t her.”

Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that the One Direction boys - Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne - will host a high-flying dinner date and will act as cabin crew on a British Airways jet  for Comic Relief and fans can win tickets for the flight.

The flight will be given the number BA1D, and at least half of the proceeds from the text-to-win competition will go to Comic Relief.

There will be eight winners  who will be able to take two guests on the hour-long flight, enjoy lunch on board, chat with the band and have photographs taken with them.  The flight plan is a closely guarded secret and winners will be met in central London and taken to an undisclosed airport to board the aircraft. They will be taken back to the meeting point after the flight.

Liam Payne Talks About Danielle Peazer, & Niall Horan Gushes Over Demi Lovato
Liam Payne Talks About Danielle Peazer, & Niall Horan Gushes Over Demi Lovato

One Direction are currently touring the states, performing to sold-out arena’s after their massive hit in the US was greeted with a teenage frenzy not seen since the Beatles’ world domination back in the 60′s.

Their debut album, Up All Night, premiered in the number one spot in the US album charts, something no British artist has ever done that side of the pond before.

Touring with the group, who in recent weeks have been offered their own TV show and 3D film, as well as lending their voices to an animated series of their lives, The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction,  is former X Factor star, Olly Murs, who has taken time out from his Xtra Factor duties in order to do so.

With such hectic schedules, which included turning down an invite to the White House from the First Lady, Michelle Obama herself, it seems that Liam Payne is still finding time for his girlfriend. Liam has moved in with Danielle Peazer, who is having to deal with some really nasty hate campaigns against her from crazed fans.

Liam has always been quick to jump to his lady’s defence, this time commenting: ”My girlfriend is great. Whenever I’m on the road, she doesn’t give me too much hassle. We just talk whenever we can, and we make the most of it.” He told Hollywood Report:, “She doesn’t get jealous, which is obviously key.”

Young love is hard enough for us normal people, but throw in an international tour which limits so much time together and an army of die hard fans, then you have to take your hat off to Liam and Danielle, because despite what is thrown at them they seem intent on making their relationship work.

In other One Direction dating news, the rumours about Niall Horan and Demi Lovato aren’t going away, as the Irish heartthrob hinted that he might be dating the gorgeous X Factor USA judge.

According to Capital FM, the young boy band member has revealed that he has been on a series of Skype dates with Demi, who he called a “cool girl” when questioned over the romance by American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest!

“We’ve spoken alright, yeah.  So, I got in contact with her, she’s really nice. Um, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Niall said.

Watch this space!

Niall Horan & Demi Lovato Clearly Have A Huge Soft Spot For Each Other
Niall Horan & Demi Lovato Clearly Have A Huge Soft Spot For Each Other

Ever since the infamous Skype date, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that Niall Horan and Demi Lovato seem to have a soft spot for each other.

Apparently it doesn’t stop there though, as according to One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, Niall has even been dreaming about Demi just lately.

The gossip all appears to have started when Niall started to get asked about his celebrity crushes and ended up mentioning Demi. She even seems to have replaced Kim Kardashian as number 1 in his list of fit celebs.

Niall told Channel 955: “Demi Lovato.. She’s a beautiful girl.”

Demi was straight in there with similar thoughts, revealing her own celeb crush to MSN Music, saying: “Niall Horan from One Direction. He’s so adorable.”

Not long after, Irish heartthrob Niall tweeted Demi with some words of support for her documentary, Stay Strong, and as far as we can tell, they haven’t looked back since.    

Niall has clearly had an impact on Demi, as she mentioned him several times during a recent interview with We Love Pop. First of all, the interviewers asked her the purely professional question of whether she prefers 1D or The Wanted.

One Direction all the way! I’m a huge 1D fan! I love Niall, he is soooo cute,” she gushed.

“I hear he’s really sweet and he’s a cutey pie.”

But the gushing didn’t stop there, and when asked which member of the lads she’d most like to snog, she added: “I would snog Niall. I have a little crush on him.”

Harry Styles: ‘Relationship With Caroline Flack Was A Physical Relationship More Than Anything’
Harry Styles: ‘Relationship With Caroline Flack Was A Physical Relationship More Than Anything’

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles made headlines when he dated Caroline Flack for three months, but Harry has reportedly said that their relationship was “more of a physical relationship than anything else.”

Harry Styles and Caroline Flack’s relationship was pretty steamy, according to his friend Will Sweeny. The 18-year-old One Direction singer and Caroline, 32, had fun during their 3-month fling before splitting in January.

‘I remember asking Harry about Caroline and he laughed,’ says Will, 19.

‘He said it was more of a physical relationship than anything else. All his mates think he’s a bit of a legend though. It’s classic Styles.’

Harry - who was the lead singer in Will’s band White Eskimo before he auditioned for The X Factor in 2010 - has been linked to a number of women since his break-up with Caroline, including Inbetweeners star Emily Atack.

However, the curly haired star’s pal says Harry has now become keen on American girls.

‘He likes Kim Kardashian, but the person that surprised me, because it was so random when he said it, was Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter,' Will tells The People.

‘Harry just came out and said it one day. He thinks she’s really nice.’

Watch this space!

One Direction Boys Harry Styles & Liam Payne Reveal Niall Horan’s Crush!
One Direction Boys Harry Styles & Liam Payne Reveal Niall Horan’s Crush!

It appears One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan has a celebrity crush.

The shy Irish boy-band star has long been rumored to have taken a shining to X Factor judge Demi Lovato, although it wasn’t set in stone until the boys’ appearance on Canadian entertainment show Etalk this week.

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were invited to play Rapid Fire Romance, in which the group had to check out photos of female celebrities and write which of their band-mates would be best suited to them romantically.

A host of gorgeous female stars - including Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Rihanna - all came and went without much fuss, but then the boys began giggling when Demi Lovato's photograph was held up. After the singers had written on their board, Louis yelled “hang on, hang on”, before adding a percentage sign to the name. After flipping the sign, it read “Niall. 100 per cent”.

Cheeky Harry Styles seemed intent on embarrassing his band-mate even further, laughing: “Niall dreams dirty things!”.

The group have gotten to know the American singer pretty well since their rise to fame, and earlier this year, Demi admitted she thinks Niall is “adorable”.

Watch this space!

One Direction’s Backstage Antics End In Injury For Niall Horan
One Direction’s Backstage Antics End In Injury For Niall Horan

We knew that there would be plenty of fun backstage as One Direction kick off their US tour.

And now that One Direction have been joined by singer Olly Murs, the backstage tour antics have really kicked off. Last night, the 1D lads were in a hyper mood, pelting each other with toy guns backstage.

Olly Murs tweeted: “Hahaha @Louis_Tomlinson @Real_Liam_Payne its war!! I’m gunna get a Nerf gun lads!! Louis got me right on the back of the head!!” [sic]

As if being pelted in the back of the head with a Nerf gun wasn’t enough, the boys carried on messing around - until Niall Horan hurt his finger.

Liam Payne tweeted a picture of Irish heartthrob Niall with a big plaster strapped across his thumb, along with the caption: “Niall really hurt his thumb.”

However, the fun and games didn’t stop there. Liam Payne then spent the next hour tweeting song titles to his followers so that he and his One Direction fans could listen to the same song at the same time. Aww!

The result was Liam getting very excited, tweeting funny pictures of the boys in their tiny tour bus beds, and retweeting messages from fans saying that they were being told off by neighbours for the loud music.

One Direction’s Niall Horan: ‘I cannot believe what’s going on in my life right now…’
One Direction’s Niall Horan: ‘I cannot believe what’s going on in my life right now…’

One Direction hottie Niall Horan has taken to Twitter to describe how blown away he and the rest of the One Direction lads have been by their fans during their new tour.

The 18-year-old seemed so over-powered by the reaction he and the other four members received while playing to a crowd in New Jersey, that he had to tweet how he felt about it.

He wrote: “Oh my god..new jersey ,that blew our minds..you were sooo loud.. we cannot believe that just happened..mental is an understatement. (sic)”

And it seems the hunky Irish lads fame has only just hit him, adding later: “having one of those tonight…where i cannot believe is goin on in my life right now.. i just came off stage to 16,100 people..what the hell. (sic)”   

And Niall isn’t the only One Direction member to have something to smile about at the moment. Zayn Malik has recently began dating Little Mix blonde bombshell Perrie Edwards. Perrie confirmed the relationship recently, saying: “Obviously we are together and I think everyone knows that now,” Perrie told This Morning hosts Holly Willhoughby and Philip Schofield today. “I am really, really happy but I’m not going to get into details.”

One Direction Discuss JLS
One Direction Discuss JLS

The One Direction boys say that fellow boyband, JLS, have given them a lot of advice over the past year.
One Direction

One Direction have revealed that they often ask JLS for advice and support and have described the four-piece group as “nice lads”. The ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ singers and JLS have been openly supportive of each other since achieving chart success, both off the back of talent show The X Factor, and One Direction say it’s an important relationship for them.

“They really look after us,” Harry Styles told British Mirror Magazine Celebs Sunday supplement. ‘They just say stuff to us like enjoy it, but that they’re not going to tell us what to do, it’s our thing. They are nice lads.”

“Yes, Niall is good mates with them,” Louis Tomlinson continued. “Niall wants to be in JLS!”

JLS stars Oritse Williams and JB Gill admitted they enjoy giving advice to the One Direction boys, and feel kinship with them because both bands started out on The X Factor.

“We give One Direction advice about everything,” Oritse said, in a separate interview. “Tell them to enjoy it, hold it together, look after each other and to keep things to yourselves. Work hard.”

JB added: “They started the same way as us, so sometimes when they’re performing they’ll text us and ask us things.”

JLS and One Direction notably teamed up with the finalists on The X Factor 2011 for the charity single ‘Wishing On A Star’, as well as performing together for the show’s live final in December last year.