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Rising Star Elsie’s New Single ‘London Town’ Soon To Be Released
Rising Star Elsie’s New Single ‘London Town’ Soon To Be Released

Elsie is one of the hottest new talents we’ve seen in a while, and since speaking with her back in October 2011, she has shot a video for her new single, London Town, which is released July 23rd.

Elsie’s new single ‘London Town’ is backed by a hilarious interactive Youtube video which takes a cheeky swipe at our obsession with celebrity culture. Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Paris Hilton, via Kim Kardashian and Amy Childs gets a nod of the head, as Elsie pokes fun at some of the biggest names in showbusiness.

You can watch Elsie’s new video here.

The track is refreshingly catchy, with the main mix featuring the brass riff from the classic track ‘Message To You Rudy’ over bouncing beats and a huge bass line. The perfect soundtrack to the long heady days of summer. ‘London Town’ picks up where Lilly Allen’s LDN left off as an anthemic celebration of city life.

Elsie had to seek permission to use the famous riff from the song’s writer, Dandy Livingstone, who lives in a remote part of Jamaica and hasn’t performed in over 40 years. This was a daunting prospect as he only receives communications from the outside world very sporadically via the village fax. As fate would have it, Dandy has just come out of retirement to play the London International Ska Festival and so was checking his faxes, amongst which was Elsie’s request. He heard ‘London Town’ down the phone, loved it and gave it his blessing.

There is also a second mix that takes the song in a more rock/pop direction (which we also LOVE!)

The single has quickly been snapped up by retail giant, Topshop, who are playing it in every store throughout the summer.

‘London Town’ is backed by an inspired interpretation of Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’ that strips it back and slows it down to beautiful effect. Elsie previously told us how she is a huge fan of Blondie. When asked who she would compare herself to, she replied: “My biggest influence has got to be Blondie, but Lily Allen and Jessie J’s way of using everyday words and sentences in their lyrics have been a real influence on me. I like their attitude on stage – proper rock’n’roll even when you’re singing pop music.”

The video to London Town was shot in Elsie’s kitchen and when she posted it on You Tube, Aussie songstress Sia Furler saw it and got in touch to say how much she loved it – and Elsie’s voice.

Originally from Liverpool, Elsie’s passion for music is evident. She knows what she wants from life and how to get it. Smart, sassy, stylish and sexy, it’s only a matter of time before this girl is a star. 

Definitely one to watch!