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Lil Wayne & Drake Refusing To Pay $400K Lawsuit
Lil Wayne & Drake Refusing To Pay $400K Lawsuit

Rappers Lil Wayne and Drake are set to appeal a judge order which has demanded that they pay a club promoter a staggering $400,000 (£256,000) for allegedly failing to turn up to a show.

According to court filings obtained by TMZ, the Imperial Entertainment Group (IEG) filed the lawsuit against the Young Money duo accusing them of failing to turn up to an event where they agreed to perform at the nightclub in 2011.

The She Will stars hit back at the allegations and have refused to pay the judgement, arguing that they are not responsible for the cancelled show because they were never even told about it.

They also reportedly claimed that they had not been summoned to court to defend themselves during the lawsuit.

Lil Wayne and Drake have also been said to have filed a counter-lawsuit on the grounds that IEG used an ‘unauthorized third party’ to book them. So the case continues.

Drake has recently been full of praise for fellow stars Adele and Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine. He explained to Capital FM, “Florence is like one of my dear, dear friends, so supportive of me, and did a great cover of ‘Take Care’. Her album is so phenomenal and I actually sample Florence on my album - nobody really detected that but there’s a little Florence sample in We’ll Be Fine.”

He continued: “I’m a big Adele fan. I think she’s the biggest artist in the world right now so she deserves it.” 

Charlie Sheen settles with Warner Brothers over dismissal

Charlie Sheen settles with Warner Brothers over dismissal

After the second episode of the new series of Two and a Half Men aired last night, minus one Charlie Sheen, it was announced he had come to a settlement with Warner Brothers.
The two parties were said to of reached a “confidential settlement of a lawsuit the actor brought over his firing” in the e-mail statement they said “Warner Bros. Television, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen have resolved their dispute to the parties’ mutual satisfaction. “ However it doesn’t seem like the conditions and payments made will be released to the public anytime soon as they seem keen on keeping those details under wraps.
It has been reported though by various publications that both parties were close to agreeing a $25m payoff for Charlie Sheen, which is way short of the $100m which he was seeking when he got dismissed from the successful show.
It appears though on review of current ratings for this series of Two and a Half Men the sacking wasn’t a bad move as they hit all-time highs with Ashton Kutchers managing to define his own character within the show in a short space of time.