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Keira Knightley & James Righton Engagement Confirmed
Keira Knightley & James Righton Engagement Confirmed

Hollywood star Keira Knightley is engaged to her rockstar lover James Righton, her spokesperson confirmed on Saturday.

And according to the Klaxons keyboard player’s father, the couple are “over the moon”. Talking to the Stratford Herald, Mr Righton said that the pair are “a truly lovely couple. You can tell with some people if they’re made for each other and these two definitely are”.

He also spoke of how down to earth they manage to remain despite the glitz and glamour their jobs can bring with them.

“I would say that despite all the glamour around them they are a couple in their late twenties who treasure traditional family values. Keira has stayed here in Stratford and we all get along fine. It’s like one big, happy family and I’m delighted for them.”

London-born star Keira, 27, started dating 28-year-old James 15 months ago after being introduced by mutual friend Alexa Chung.

Keira recently spoke about what type of person she is, saying: “I’m an artistic type; I’m temperamental, so does that mean I can go quite deep? Yes, of course it does. But I’ve never been married, so that’s a whole different level.”

Keira then went on to discuss what type of an actress she is, saying: “I’m not a Method actress. Yet you can always draw parallels of what people tell you. Empathy is the main thing, putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and trying not to judge. A little bit of personal experience is sprinkled in there, but mostly it’s imagination.”