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Imogen Thomas flaunts her curves on holiday
Imogen Thomas flaunts her curves on holiday

Imogen Thomas has been looking incredible on her recent holiday, and has been seen enjoying a spot of reading. The brunette beauty was spotted with a copy of the Simon Cowell biography, and the glamour model seemed to be enjoying reading up on all the scandalous gossip included in Tom Bower’s book as she lapped up the sunshine in Mauritius.

Wearing a flag bikini that showed off her curves, the 29-year-old reclined on a sun lounger and topped up her tan.

Imogen has been enjoying a break in the luxurious holiday spot with her parents all week, but has remembered to keep fans updated on her goings-on, tweeting pictures of herself posing sultrily on the sand and in the hot tub. She wrote earlier this week: ‘I’ve just had the most amazing facial yet! We have treatments everyday. Loving this place…total chillout.’

Imogen’s boyfriend, City worker Adam Horsley, has not joined the model on holiday. She recently spoke about the Australian, who she has been dating since October. She said: ‘I don’t want to be with someone famous. I think you’ve got to have someone real, who’s down to earth and treats you the way you should be treated. I totally love Adam. He treats me like an absolute princess.’

But Imogen said she is not the marrying kind and, as much as she loves and cares for Adam, and she has even warned him not to propose.

She said: ‘I just want someone to tell me they love me. I really want kids, I can’t wait for that. I’d have kids any day but marriage scares me.’

Dizzee Rascal enjoys making pop records
Dizzee Rascal enjoys making pop records

Rapper Dizzee Rascal has hit back at those claiming that he has been forced to change his music style to become more appealing to mainstream pop fans. Dizzee claims that it was his idea to try his hand at pop music and that he thoroughly enjoys doing it. Dizzee Rascal switched from his regular grime sound to a more pop feel in 2009 with his album Tongue N’ Cheek, which was very successful.

Dizzee explained, “I think some people think that I was pressured into it but it was my choice. I like making big pop records. It was something I wanted to try my hand at. When I did Dance Wiv Me, Bonkers and Holiday it was all experimental, that was all I wanted to do, and it’s worked, so I don’t see any reason not to do it.” Dizzee also revealed his plans for 2012.
He added, “Another album, a follow-up to this mixtape because this one has gone down really well and a lot of touring. Last year I didn’t do as much but this year anything could happen.” Dizzee Rascal has also admitted that, since he has enjoyed making pop records so much, there will definitely be a pop theme in his upcoming fifth studio album, to be released later this year.