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Rising Star Elsie’s New Single ‘London Town’ Soon To Be Released
Rising Star Elsie’s New Single ‘London Town’ Soon To Be Released

Elsie is one of the hottest new talents we’ve seen in a while, and since speaking with her back in October 2011, she has shot a video for her new single, London Town, which is released July 23rd.

Elsie’s new single ‘London Town’ is backed by a hilarious interactive Youtube video which takes a cheeky swipe at our obsession with celebrity culture. Everyone from Nicki Minaj to Paris Hilton, via Kim Kardashian and Amy Childs gets a nod of the head, as Elsie pokes fun at some of the biggest names in showbusiness.

You can watch Elsie’s new video here.

The track is refreshingly catchy, with the main mix featuring the brass riff from the classic track ‘Message To You Rudy’ over bouncing beats and a huge bass line. The perfect soundtrack to the long heady days of summer. ‘London Town’ picks up where Lilly Allen’s LDN left off as an anthemic celebration of city life.

Elsie had to seek permission to use the famous riff from the song’s writer, Dandy Livingstone, who lives in a remote part of Jamaica and hasn’t performed in over 40 years. This was a daunting prospect as he only receives communications from the outside world very sporadically via the village fax. As fate would have it, Dandy has just come out of retirement to play the London International Ska Festival and so was checking his faxes, amongst which was Elsie’s request. He heard ‘London Town’ down the phone, loved it and gave it his blessing.

There is also a second mix that takes the song in a more rock/pop direction (which we also LOVE!)

The single has quickly been snapped up by retail giant, Topshop, who are playing it in every store throughout the summer.

‘London Town’ is backed by an inspired interpretation of Blondie’s ‘Heart Of Glass’ that strips it back and slows it down to beautiful effect. Elsie previously told us how she is a huge fan of Blondie. When asked who she would compare herself to, she replied: “My biggest influence has got to be Blondie, but Lily Allen and Jessie J’s way of using everyday words and sentences in their lyrics have been a real influence on me. I like their attitude on stage – proper rock’n’roll even when you’re singing pop music.”

The video to London Town was shot in Elsie’s kitchen and when she posted it on You Tube, Aussie songstress Sia Furler saw it and got in touch to say how much she loved it – and Elsie’s voice.

Originally from Liverpool, Elsie’s passion for music is evident. She knows what she wants from life and how to get it. Smart, sassy, stylish and sexy, it’s only a matter of time before this girl is a star. 

Definitely one to watch!   

Elsie: Past, Present and Future
Elsie: Past, Present and Future

Elsie is without doubt an extremely talented vocalist and she has recently finished her tour in London. Fortunately for us, Elsie was kind enough to take the time to talk about her past, living in a little village near Liverpool, her present, touring and releasing new music and her future and where she hopes to be in years to come. 

Elsie is a very down to earth woman with a fantastic sense of humour. When asked who she would most compare herself to, Elsie replied, “Susan Boyle…ha ha ha ha ha!!! No seriously, my biggest influence has got to be Blondie, but Lily Allen and Jessie J’s way of using everyday words and sentences in their lyrics have been a real influence on me. I like their attitude on stage – proper rock’n’roll even when you’re singing pop music.” Her love for what she does is very clear throughout.
FS: You grew up in Little Sutton; at what age did you move to London?
E: I moved to London from a quiet village just over the water from Liverpool about four years ago. Little Sutton’s beautiful, but anywhere with the name “little” in it is too small for me to stay in! Village life is easy and hassle free – London was the place I heard calling…it’s just a tidal wave of attitude.
FS: You toured with Tom Jones on his US and Europe tour, what was that like?
E: Touring with Tom is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. He’s an absolute icon and anywhere we go with him, people fall over themselves to get near him. He’s the real deal – old school showbiz. The stories he can tell are more interesting than any movie I’ve ever seen. He’s a proper gentleman too, which is rare in showbiz.
FS: Where is the best place you have performed?
E: I used to sing a song and do a little dance to the EastEnders theme tune for my nan in our front room every Thursday. That will honestly take a lot of beating. But I’ve obviously done bigger gigs since! Stand out moments for me include jamming with old Blues guys in Nashville, playing in the actual Kremlin in Russia and then getting sweaty and properly rock’n’roll at The 100 Club in London. There’s such a vibe there. The funny thing is, I’ve NEVER been able to get a gig at the Red Lion pub at the end of my road in Little Sutton. I wonder if they’d have me now? That’s what I’m aiming for!
FS: You are just completing some London tour dates, when will you next hit the road?
E: I’ll probably only do a few more gigs this year. One or two in November and then the This Feeling Christmas Party in London in December. That’s going to be an epic night and we might even stream the gig live. I’m also pushing hard to support Jessie J on the Liverpool night of her tour. I’m sure they’ll get some big name from her record label to do it, but she’s so good that I had to at least TRY and do a gig with her in my home town.
FS: Who is your favourite artist around at the moment?
E: Jessie J is the best thing to come out of the pop scene in the last few years. It’s still such a male-dominated industry, so whenever I see someone like Jessie come along, I support them 100 per cent because I want strong females to thrive and I want there to be more of us. I admire Tulisa’s hard working attitude too. The way she stuck with it since such a young age, despite all the obstacles in her way. In terms of guys, Bruno Mars is a true artist. I saw his MTV Unplugged session and was just blown away. The new Kasabian album – Velociraptor – is amazing too.
FS: What are your views on The X Factor and the acts they produce?
E: The X Factor is fine if you don’t take it seriously. I wish it was just a fun thing, rather something that actually shapes the pop charts. There are so many live gigs happening on Saturday nights when the show is airing, with bands and singers making original music that just don’t get a look in. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but X Factor is just Saturday night Karaoke. It’s great fun, but I can’t get passionate about the music on it.
FS: What is your favourite track of your own?
E: I genuinely love every song on my album because it’s a diary of my life over the last year. It was a real labour of love and every song is about something I’ve experienced. Live, one of my favourites is Get What I Want because it’s so raw and energetic. But my overall favourite is Dangerous Dog. I think that’ll be my second single, but you can see a minute or so of me performing it live at http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialElsie
FS: What can we expect from you in the coming months/years?
E: You can expect me to not go away! Adidas have just got behind me, so that’s given me a huge boost and I’ll be shooting my debut video for my first single The Assassin (Bang Bang) next month. I’ve been asked to write the theme tune for a new American TV show - which I’m going to be shouting VERY loudly about as soon as they tell me I can!
Elsie is due to release her album next year but before that, plans to release a few singles and put herself out there for everyone to see. She explains, “My album is out next year, but there’s loads of stuff happening before that. I’ll be releasing three singles before it and putting in the graft to make sure people are aware of me. Find me on Facebook and Twitter folks!” And you’d be a fool not to! Check Elsie out at www.facebook.com/ElsieMusic or www.twitter.com/OfficialElsie you can also hear Elsie cover the Stereophonics track Dakota here www.prandpromotion.com/Dakota.mp3  
Elsie a musician on the up
Elsie a musician on the up

It seems that Elsie is very much a musician on the up at the moment attracting the support of many celebrities including Welsh wonder Imogen Thomas. Elsie is coming to the end of her tour and will be playing her final date at 93 FeetEast, Brick Lane this Saturday.

Elsie has been described as mixing Discorock beats and bass lines over her unique throaty voice. She has also been self describes as a cross between Blondie meets Arctic Monkeys. She certainly is an impressive artist and is set for bigger and better things.
With her fan base growing by the day and her performances speaking to a new generation of music lovers Elsie is slowly but surely making a name for herself in the music world. Check out her live performance of Dangerous Dog live at The Barfly, Camden, London, below.