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Harry Styles’ Affrair With Married Lucy Horobin Almost Ended Her Marriage
Harry Styles’ Affrair With Married Lucy Horobin Almost Ended Her Marriage

Harry Styles has been a hot topic again this past week after it was revealed that he had enjoyed a fling with a married radio DJ.

The One Direction singer had kept his head down and remained hidden throughout the scandal until yesterday when he emerged from his hotel room.

The curly haired pop star was snapped shirtless by the pool in Fort Lauderdale in Florida looking like he didn’t have a care in the world while the affair storm erupted on the other side of the world. It emerged this weekend that 18-year-old Harry had a fling with married Key 103 DJ Lucy Horobin, 32, last summer after she interviewed One Direction for the station.

Harry was just 17 at the time and their relationship soon became common knowledge amongst staff at the station. A former colleague at Key 103 told British newspaper the Daily Mail: ‘Apparently Lucy and Harry hit it off from the moment the boys walked into the studio – it was electric and they were flirting like crazy.’

The source continued: ‘Lucy made it quite clear she fancied him and there was a lot of banter between them both on and off air. It got a little risqué. People knew that Lucy’s marriage was in a strange place at the time and obviously the attraction between her and Harry was mutual.’

Harry and Lucy then met secretly at a hotel in Manchester, where they reportedly spent a night together. The pair then met again in December – after Styles had started dating Caroline Flack – when One Direction returned to the city for another concert.

A source said: ‘I think that was the end of it. By then I think Lucy was determined to mend her marriage and put this fling behind her.’

But the fling, which only lasted a few weeks, nearly ended Lucy’s marriage to Oliver Pope, who found out about the romance when she confessed. A friend of Oliver’s told the Mirror: ‘It was heartbreaking. When Oliver found out about the fling he couldn’t bear to watch TV in case Harry was on.’

‘He couldn’t bring himself to listen to the radio in case he could hear Harry’s voice. And he certainly didn’t want to open a newspaper in case he saw Harry’s face.’

Oliver was said to be ‘inconsolable’ when he first found out but he decided to try and forgive his wife and make a go of the marriage and they kept the affair to themselves. However, the story later became public knowledge and Oliver told friends: ‘I felt like a fool. I felt like the whole world knew what had happened. It could easily have ruined our marriage for a second time, but we’ve fought hard to save it.’

The friend added: ‘It’s fair to say that the last eight days have been tough on both Lucy and Oliver. Not even their families knew about Harry Styles until the story emerged last week. It was a nightmare to say the least.’

And although he and Lucy are working things out and trying to move on, Oliver told friends he will never forgive Harry and said: ‘Why should I feel anything but hatred for this little scumbag?’

However, Harry has denied that he knew Lucy was married and one of his friends said: ‘To him it was clear Lucy had separated from her husband. He had no idea she was still married.’

Yesterday he was making the most of his last day in the States before the band performed their final gig of their hugely successful Up All Night tour in Sunrise, Florida.

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Open Up About Their Mother’s Affair
Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Open Up About Their Mother’s Affair

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney have opened up about their feelings on their mother’s extramarital affair.

The two air their thoughts on the matter during an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim and Kourtney’s Mum, Kris Jenner, confessed to the fling in her recent autobiography.

The reality show matriarch was married to Robert Kardashian, Kim and Kourtney’s late father, when she strayed. Kris and Robert later divorced, and in 1991, Kris married her now husband, Bruce Jenner.

As they talked, Kourtney revealed that she was angry that her other included the infidelity in her book. Kim told her to talk it through with their mother because ‘you have this resentment towards mom.’

But despite the revelation of the affair, Kim and Kris are just as close as ever. The two were spotted this weekend in Beverly Hills for a round of exercise. Kim, 31, walked to her SUV with her hair scraped back into a ponytail and hid her eyes behind huge black sunglasses. She wore knee length black leggings, a black tank top, over a black and white fitness bra, and neon green Nike Trainers.

The dedicated star hit the gym within hours of arriving back in California from the Cannes Film Festival in France. While in France, she attended the premiere of new beau Kanye West's short film Cruel Summer.

The 30 minute movie, inspired by Kanye’s upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation of the same name, plays like an extended music video.

Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs officially named in Imogen Thomas affair
Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs officially named in Imogen Thomas affair

It has been a story that has been going on for almost a year but the name of the footballer involved in an affair with model Imogen Thomas was never allowed to be mentioned in court. However, Ryan Giggs has dropped his anonymity injunction in order to seek damages from The Sun for generating a large scale media storm.

His lawyer, Hugh Tomlinson explained, “The claimant’s name is in the public domain contrary to court orders. The claimant has consented to the removal of the anonymity order completely. He has suffered damage and distress by the chain of events that has been set off by the publication of the article in The Sun. We say the printing of information on the front page of a national newspaper can give rise to an action for misuse of private information.”
While everybody has known for quite some time now that Ryan Giggs had an affair with Imogen Thomas, he has tried to hide behind an anonymity injunction. However, now that the injunction has been lifted, the name of Ryan Giggs can now be used freely in court. Ryan Giggs also had an affair with his brother’s wife Natasha Giggs, who then went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother.
Sara Leal talks about Demi Moore’s decision to divorce Ashton Kutcher
Sara Leal talks about Demi Moore’s decision to divorce Ashton Kutcher

Sara Leal, famous for all the wrong reasons (“the blonde who had sex with Ashton Kutcher”), insists she isn’t to blame for his wife Demi Moore's decision to divorce him. The blonde receptionist who had sex with Ashton Kutcher on his wedding anniversary on September 24 has claimed she was just a “bump in the road” of his already troubled marriage.

Ashton’s wife Demi Moore filed for divorce not long after Sara Leal, 22, spoke out about her night of passion with the ‘Two and a Half Men' actor in San Diego, which fell on the couple's six-year anniversary. However, despite her obvious part in it, Sara is adamant his relationship was in trouble long before she met Ashton.
She told TMZ.com: “I might have been a bump in the road - but for someone to file for divorce, obviously it was a long time coming. They obviously had issues way before I came into the picture.” Although 49-year-old Demi has filed for divorce from Ashton, 33, Sara has no plans to get in touch and rekindle their romance.
Demi is reportedly so devastated over Ashton’s infidelity that she has instructed lawyers to “punish” him by claiming part of his personal fortune, even though they signed a prenuptial agreement before their 2005 wedding. A source had previously said: “With a pre-nuptial agreement, Ashton should be sitting pretty. These agreements are designed to protect one’s earnings during the marriage as well as one’s pre-nuptial assets. But Demi is furious, raging in fact - you only have to look at every photo you see of her to see the toll Ashton’s cheating has taken on her. She wants to punish him financially because of the way he has broken her heart. She is talking about going after a share of what he has earned since their marriage on the grounds that she contributed to much of what he has achieved.”
We can’t blame Demi for wanting to make him suffer! What do you think? 
Demi Moore visits Ashton Kutcher on set of Two and a Half Men
Demi Moore visits Ashton Kutcher on set of Two and a Half Men

It seems that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may slowly be patching things up. Yesterday it was reported that the couple had been spotted in public for the first time, getting a car to attend a Kabbalah session. Now Demi has gone to visit her husband on the set of his sitcom Two And A Half Men.

An onset source reveals to Us Weekly, “Demi didn’t come on the actual shooting set or anything - she never does - but she spent the day on the lot in his massive trailer.”
After the latest round of allegations that Ashton cheated on Demi, and that embarrassing interview with the other woman, 22-year-old Sara Leal, it’s likely that Demi is just keeping an eye on her toy boy husband. According to on-lookers, Ashton and Demi were looking very cosy togehter, with one saying: “He put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple. They were talking and smiling at each other. Everything seemed just like normal.”
Asthon Kutcher’s Other Woman Dishes The Dirt!
Asthon Kutcher’s Other Woman Dishes The Dirt!

Despite Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore putting on a united front since the allegations of an affair, Sara Leal, the “other woman”, is not going down quietly. 

Ashton’s alleged other woman recently told US Weekly all about their night together, on the eve of his six year wedding anniversary to Demi Moore. I imagine Sara Leal, 22, was thinking about poor Demi Moore, and not making money. 
According to Sarah Leal, Ashton was the one who initiated the late night rendezvous, saying “He just came up and kissed me.” A little later, the two of them were naked in a balcony hot tub with another woman. She goes on: “I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary. I wasn’t self-conscious about getting naked.” No kidding, Sara. 
Around 6am, the two went to Ashton’s bedroom where “He lost his towel and I took my robe off. Then we had sex. He was good. It wasn’t weird or perverted.” Sara also has no qualms about pointing out Ashton did not use a condom. Who said romance was dead?!
After sex, she said she was a little surprised he engaged in conversation. As are we Sara. Then they had sex again, according to her, and that’s when he became really “sweet” - “He’s like ‘I enjoy things like this because I’m an actor 90 percent of the time and it’s fake. It’s nice to have moments that are real.’” Wow, deep guys. 
Speaking about her ‘friend’ from the bathtub, Sara says: “She was like, ‘Aren’t you married?’ He said, ‘I’m separated.’ That’s when it first occurred to me whether he was married. I don’t really keep up with celebrity couples.” (Of course you don’t!) “If I had known from the beginning he was happily married, none of this would ever have happened.” 
Poor Demi Moore. Kids will be kids…