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Niall Horan praises “cool” Tulisa Contostavlos
Niall Horan praises “cool” Tulisa Contostavlos

The One Direction boys have been receiving plenty of attention from the ladies since they took over the world and have all been linked to some high profile women. However, just because they have been spotted out and about with a particular woman, it does not mean that anything romantic is going on.

Niall Horan has been spotted on a number of occasions with X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos but that certainly does not mean that the couple are dating. Niall has admitted that he is very good friends with Tulisa and has stated that he sees her as a very “cool” person.
Horan explained, “I’m not really a flirt, I just try to be myself. I’ve got loads of good female friends, like Tulisa, but every time I’m pictured with her, people say we’re going out. I don’t really have a type, but for banter she’s brilliant. She loves playing PlayStation. Tulisa is cool as f**k.”
While he may not be a flirt, Niall Horan has been romantically linked to a number of high profile women, such as Tulisa and The X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato. However, it always turns out that he and the woman in question are just good friends, meaning Niall Horan remains single, for now.
Tulisa Contostavlos Denies Using Gang Sign & Argues With Dappy
Tulisa Contostavlos Denies Using Gang Sign & Argues With Dappy

X Factor UK judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been accused of using a gang sign while filming her music video over the weekend, something which the singer herself vehemently denies.

She’s released a statement saying that the “C” symbol she was making with her fingers in pictures posted on Tumblr - believed to be the sign used by North London the Crime Scene Boys - was supposed to be a homage to the part of the capital she grew up in; Camden.

“I filmed a street video on Sunday night for a track on my album” said Tulisa in her statement. “The video was a collaboration with the rapper Nines. When we were filming on the street loads of other people turned up and joined in the shoot.

“When I was holding my hands in the ‘C’ sign, this was as a tribute to Camden, my home town and where N-Dubz began. I am not aware that this sign has anything to with any street gang and I 100 percent do not endorse any gang violence in any form.”

With one thing cleared up, Tulisa moved onto a row with her cousin Dappy. She lashed out at the rapper – who she recently appeared to reconcile with – over his new song/video for his track Tarzan 2.

She’s slated him for mocking celebs like Simon Cowell, Joe McElderry and Alexandra Burke in the track. She took to Twitter to say:

‘Stop cussin peeps out 4 ratins! talent speaks 4 itself u little s***.Wen will u bloody learn!wen we unite Im gettin u back in shape.’

He replied: ‘Now why would u say that„,i cant believe u T…Why would u say this about my work..Just so u can keep cool with your xf job. Sad really….Guess im on my own again……F*** x factor’

Refusing to let him have the last word, Tulisa hit back saying: ‘Ur a talented little f***er with to many issues! sort it out daps friggin sort it out!!!’

Tulisa Contostavlos Denies Rift With Fellow X Factor Judge, Rita Ora
Tulisa Contostavlos Denies Rift With Fellow X Factor Judge, Rita Ora

X Factor star Tulisa Contostavlos, who has been known to address rumours head-on with tweets from her Twitter account, once again took to the social media site to set the record straight about the relationship she has with singer, Rita Ora.

The former N-Dubz star wrote: ‘mags runin outa things 2 write so they talk bollocks n try n create rivalry between me n @RitaOra who I really get on with. pee off!’

The X Factor judge, who won the show last year with her act, Little Mix, then received support from her one-time co-judge and alleged rival Rita, who replied with a tweet telling Tulisa not to take the reports too seriously.

She wrote: ‘Just laugh! I had so much fun on X Factor! Its all good in the hood baby baby! #LOVE.’

Tulisa appeared comforted by Rita’s response, replying: ‘@ritaora I know babe, they’ll find any excuse! See ya soon! Nuff love xxx’.

Rita is just one of several female panellists to have taken up the position of the fourth X Factor judge this year, as show bosses search for a permanent replacement for Kelly Rowland, who worked on the ITV talent show for just one series.

Geri Halliwell, Nicole Scherzinger and Leona Lewis have also all graced the X Factor panel, which also includes Louis Walsh and Gary Barlow.

Former Spice Girl Mel B is the latest star to take up the position of guest judge, and it appears Tulisa is keen to prove she and Mel get on after the rumours about her relationship with Rita. She tweeted yesterday: ‘Having such a great day in manchester with @officialmelb @GBarlowOfficial and louis! Sum thing must be in the water, we can’t stop laughing!’

The X Factor auditions continue across the country this spring, ahead of the programme airing later this summer.

Tulisa Contostavlos in another indecent photograph!
Tulisa Contostavlos in another indecent photograph!

It was barely two months ago when indecent images of Tulisa Contostavlos appeared in that infamous video.

Now, with a number one solo single under her belt, it appears the Young singer hasn’t learned anything from her mistakes.

The 23-year-old has posted a picture on Twitter of herself standing provocatively with a half-naked male - luckily for her it’s just her best friend and gay PA. Gareth Varey and the X Factor judge took the picture in their hotel room in Atlanta, Georgia, early this morning.
The best friends are posed up in front of a mirror with a topless Gareth wearing a pair of white trousers, as Tulisa stands behind him. The brunette, who was recently voted FHM’s sexiest woman in the world, is peeking over his shoulder, but it’s not clear if she is or isn’t wearing a top.

The pair have been friends for a long time and travel everywhere together, mostly for Tulisa’s work commitments. However, the raunchy photograph, which was first posted by Gareth and then retweeted by Tulisa, may raise eyebrows after the former N-Dubz member was captured on a mobile phone performing a sex act on a man.

At the time, Tulisa said in a YouTube video she posted online: ‘I’ve never been the type - regardless of being in the public eye - to sit down and keep my mouth shut about anything, especially when I’ve done nothing wrong.’

Tulisa is currently in the States to record more tracks for her debut album. She tweeted: ‘@Defjam1 yooooooo max the TFB has landed!!let’s finish this album!xx’.

Unfortunately for the singer, the weather in Atlanta has been poor and she has been stuck indoors for most the time. She tweeted to tell her followers: ‘Miserable weather out here right now, absolutely stinks! I can’t catch a tan in this, come on sunshine do us a bloody favour…’

Tulisa Contostavlos discusses sex tape: ‘The whole of the UK thinks I’m a slapper’
Tulisa Contostavlos discusses sex tape: ‘The whole of the UK thinks I’m a slapper’

X Factor judge ­Tulisa Contostavlos wept on TV over her sex tape nightmare.

The singer revealed that the scandal almost ruined her career and ­reputation and gave her a nervous breakdown. Tulisa, of former band N-Dubz, sobbed: “I thought: ‘The whole of the UK thinks I’m a slapper.’”

The singer, 23, talked about her ordeal to pal Alan Carr, 35, on his Channel 4 show Chatty Man. During filming she downed four vodka Red Bulls and had to be comforted by Carr. Tulisa claims she was tipped off last summer that a tape ­featuring her with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards, 28, was about to be released on the net.

However, Justin denied he had the tape or was ­behind the leak. Having just landed a job as a new judge on X Factor, Tulisa feared she would be fired if the tape got out.

She said: “It’s been torture for about 8 months. I found out just before I ­started filming X Factor. So the first thing I did, I went to one of the producers on the show who I was really close with called Beth. I said: ‘Look there’s a possibility my ex has this footage and wants to release it. What is it going to do to my career? How is it going to affect me?’

“She said to me at the time that she didn’t know, she wasn’t sure. Which frightened me even more, obviously. So every day during X Factor I was absolutely sh***ing ­myself because I didn’t want anything like that out there. I’ve always said I wouldn’t even do a bloody bikini shoot let alone something like that. I’m all about, to an extent, ­morals and I’ve got a really close-knit family and things like that. It’s just not right.”

Tulisa got through the series without the tape being leaked and even won the ITV contest with her girlband Little Mix. But last month footage from the video was put on the net showing her performing a sex act on Justin. Tulisa, who says she has only ever seen stills of the video, told Alan: “I would hardly call it a sex tape. Number one, because there was no sex involved in it. Number two, a 19-year-old who’s just starting to learn to give b***-jobs and her boyfriend pulls out a video camera doesn’t really class as a sex tape.”

She admitted going into hiding and suffering a mini mental ­breakdown. Tulisa posted a YouTube clip of herself confessing that it was her on the tape, but telling fans she was “devastated and heartbroken”. With tears in her eyes she told Alan she refused advice to sweep the matter ­under the carpet: “Fans could be thinking that I’ve just met some randomer backstage in my dressing room at a gig and I don’t want people to think that of me.”

Tulisa’s ex, Justin, denies ­leaking the tape but she hissed: “Yeah, he didn’t – my arse crack! He’s a tw*t.”

Tulisa has not given up on men and has recently been ­romantically linked to Skins hunk Jack O’Connell, 21. But she said: “I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it. I’ve never liked talking about romances. I’m in a relationship and he’s a very nice guy.”

Move over Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, N-Dubz’s Tulisa Contostavlos has stole the FHM sexiest woman crown!
Move over Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, N-Dubz’s Tulisa Contostavlos has stole the FHM sexiest woman crown!

Pop star-turned X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has been named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM magazine.

The former N-Dubz singer has seen her fame skyrocket thanks to her role as a panellist on Simon Cowell's The X Factor UK, and now she has seen off competition from former judge Cheryl Cole to take the sexiest woman title in the men’s magazine’s annual poll.

Tulisa seemed happy yet humble with the award, saying: “It’s a true honour and definitely a lovely confidence boost. I’m proud of me and I am who I am… I wouldn’t wanna be anything less or anything more, I’m just myself. This is an award that will stay on the mantelpiece probably for the rest of my life.”

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, who left the show to launch the American series with Simon Cowell before she was axed, is at number two in the countdown. She previously topped the list in 2009 and 2010.

Below is the top 20, which includes last years number 1, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who dropped to 18th place this year. 

20. Kelly Brook

19. Frankie Sandford

18. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

17. Zooey Deschanel

16. Jessie J

15. Millie Mackintosh

14. Mollie King

13. Daisy Lowe

12. Pixie Lott

11. Pippa Middleton

10. Emily Atack

9. Mila Kunis

8. Keeley Hazell

7. Megan Fox

6. Katy Perry

5. Georgia Salpa

4. Rosie Jones

3. Rihanna

2. Cheryl Cole

1. Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa and Jessie J set to duet
Tulisa and Jessie J set to duet

It has been reported that The X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos and The Voice coach Jessie J are set to team up together and collaborate on a song. While the two singers are working on rival television shows, that has certainly not affected their desire to work together in music.

Contostavlos explained to Capital FM, “Oh definitely, definitely. I don’t know when but that will happen one day. I think it would sound wicked. I think it would sound female boss… bosses.”
Tulisa Contostavlos and Jessie J have been friends for many years and last year, before Jessie J became associated with the new BBC show The Voice, Jessie helped Tulisa to make her choices in the Judges Houses stage of The X Factor.
However, Tulisa has admitted that she has not given Jessie J any words of advice for her role on The Voice because she feels that Jessie is perfectly capable of doing a good job and knows exactly what is needed of her on such a show. Tulisa also admitted that she believes that Jessie J has her head screwed on.
Tulisa Contostavlos’ debut single Young is set to be released in the UK on May 6.
Tulisa Contostavlos discusses that sex tape
Tulisa Contostavlos discusses that sex tape

It has been reported that X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has claimed that she must have been drunk, when the sex tape of her with Justin Edwards aka MC Ultra was made, as she cannot remember anything about it. Tulisa has now handed an eight page witness statement to the high court, in a bid to extend a court injunction on Edwards.

The Sun reports the statement as saying, “I believe I must have been intoxicated at the time the video footage was taken. Now that I can see the video, I can see it is me in it. I must have been very drunk to let my then boyfriend Justin Edwards, who I also know features in the video, take the footage.”
It adds, “Justin Edwards claims in a letter to his solicitors that I ‘took many pictures and videos of us having sex’ and I still have those videos. That is completely untrue. The commentary on the website says that the video was taken in a public place. I can say for certain that it was not. It must have been in a private dressing room or toilet in a dressing room. My dressing room always had the door locked and there was security outside. It looks like I was at an N-Dubz gig.”
The statement continues, “I was unsure whether it really existed. I was, however, suspicious of Justin Edwards. He admitted taking footage of me on his mobile but said he deleted it before he sold the phone. I had, and still have, no recollection of such footage being taken. He became uncomfortable when I asked what the footage was. I was scared someone might have it.”
Tulisa Contostavlos gets The X Factor pay rise
Tulisa Contostavlos gets The X Factor pay rise

It has been reported that Tulisa Contostavlos has been given a big pay rise to return for another season of the UK version of the hit reality singing competition The X Factor. It is believed that Tulisa is being paid £500,000 to return, after Simon Cowell sorted the deal to ease any worry she may have about her future.

A source told The Sun, “He’s conscious of the fact she’s had a rubbish time recently with the sex tape thing so he figures getting a new deal sorted will be one less thing for her to worry about.”
The insider added, “Tulisa is in line for a decent bonus. She proved herself on the show and did a great job with Little Mix last year.” Meanwhile, a representative for Tulisa admitted that, while they do not discuss her finances, she has just paid out for a brand new car.
The rep said, “We don’t comment on Tulisa’s professional finances. However, she did recently buy a new car which she is delighted with.” The car in question is a brand new Audi Q7, which Tulisa is believed to have spent around £50,000 on when she purchased it with her current boyfriend Jack O’Connell.
The Wanted’s Tom Parker wanted as X Factor judge
The Wanted’s Tom Parker wanted as X Factor judge

Simon Cowell has still got a lot of work to do with both the US and the UK version of The X Factor, as it is still unclear who the judges are going to be for both shows. However, The Wanted singer Tom Parker has emerged as one of the favourites for a judging role.

It is not yet clear whether Tom will become a judge on the US or the UK version of The X Factor. The fact that Simon Cowell has turned to Tom Parker suggests that we could be seeing the back of Take That singer Gary Barlow, who has yet to sign on for a second season.
There have been many rumours since the end of the previous season of The X Factor, that Gary Barlow was looking to spend more time with his family this year, so would not be returning. The inclusion of Tom Parker to The X Factor judging panel would seem to confirm this.
Simon Cowell has gone for a younger male judge, following the success of Tulisa Contostavlos on last season’s show. It is also an attempt to get more young girls watching the show and boost the viewing figures. The X Factor is set to return to TV screens later this year.
Do celebrity sex tapes improve your career?
Do celebrity sex tapes improve your career?

There have been so many celebrity sex tapes over the years, yet it never seems to deter any of them from making sex tapes of their own. You would think that with the way that these celebrities act after the release of their sex tapes, no other celebrity would ever make one again.

However, appearing in your very own celebrity sex tape is not always a bad thing. I mean, I hadn’t even heard of Paris Hilton before I saw the Paris Hilton sex tape and the same can be said for Kim Kardashian. Yet since I saw the Kim Kardashian sex tape, she seems to be in the news every single day.
More recently a Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape appeared online and, while she claims to be distraught by the release of the sex tape, it has to be said that it was not necessarily bad publicity for the release of her single a few days later. Now I’m not saying it was done on purpose but it certainly didn’t hurt her sales.
In fact, I cannot think of a celebrity who has made a sex tape and not continued to do what they were already doing, or better even. To be be fair though, it wouldn’t really matter too much anyway. They could always become a webcam performer. Arriba!!
Louis Walsh confirms The X Factor return
Louis Walsh confirms The X Factor return

Long serving X Factor judge Louis Walsh has revealed that he will be returning for his ninth season as a judge on the hit reality television singing competition. Louis also admitted that he was certain that Tulisa Contostavlos and Gary Barlow would be returning but he was unsure about Kelly Rowland.

Walsh explained to The Mirror, “I am so happy to have signed up for another year. It’s my ninth year, I’m the only person to be in it for nine years… I’m busy now from here until Christmas. I signed the deal yesterday - making it my ninth year on the show.
He added, “I never wanted to be on TV, it was never in my plan. But now I’m on it, I love the show. I know two of the judges who are going to be beside me, but I still don’t know who the fourth is going to be just yet.”
Louis continued, “I know for definite that Tulisa [Contostavlos] is back, and Gary [Barlow] is back. I’m not sure if Kelly is back, but I hope she is, because she worked really hard last year.”
The X Factor is set to return to ITV later this year.