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The Wanted’s Tom Parker enjoying US success
The Wanted’s Tom Parker enjoying US success

The Wanted singer Tom Parker has admitted that he was unsure how the band would be received in the US but claims that the success that they are currently having is overwhelming. Tom stated that he is very appreciative of the welcome that The Wanted have received and are proud to be making such a worldwide impression.

Parker explained to The Insider, “Everyone has been so welcoming. Full open arms. We thought it was going to be a massive uphill struggle to just have our song heard over here, but the radio has taken to us and the people have been so nice. And the fans are amazing!”
Parker then went on to suggest that The Wanted have finally managed to embrace the concept of being a part of a boyband.
He added, “I think we’re redefining it a little bit, though,” he added. “In England, people have said that. Even guys. It’s pretty unheard of for guys to like boybands, but we’ve done it because we make good music. We don’t dance but we’re having a good time.”
The Wanted have recently been linked to possible collaborations with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, although both have also been linked to One Direction.
The Wanted’s Tom Parker wanted as X Factor judge
The Wanted’s Tom Parker wanted as X Factor judge

Simon Cowell has still got a lot of work to do with both the US and the UK version of The X Factor, as it is still unclear who the judges are going to be for both shows. However, The Wanted singer Tom Parker has emerged as one of the favourites for a judging role.

It is not yet clear whether Tom will become a judge on the US or the UK version of The X Factor. The fact that Simon Cowell has turned to Tom Parker suggests that we could be seeing the back of Take That singer Gary Barlow, who has yet to sign on for a second season.
There have been many rumours since the end of the previous season of The X Factor, that Gary Barlow was looking to spend more time with his family this year, so would not be returning. The inclusion of Tom Parker to The X Factor judging panel would seem to confirm this.
Simon Cowell has gone for a younger male judge, following the success of Tulisa Contostavlos on last season’s show. It is also an attempt to get more young girls watching the show and boost the viewing figures. The X Factor is set to return to TV screens later this year.
Brooklyn Beckham learns guitar from The Wanted’s Tom Parker
Brooklyn Beckham learns guitar from The Wanted’s Tom Parker

It has been reported that David Beckham’s oldest child, Brooklyn Beckham has been receiving guitar lessons from The Wanted’s Tom Parker. It is claimed by The Sun that Brooklyn is unsure what he wants to do with his life but has a love of both football and music.

Tom’s The Wanted bandmate Jay McGuiness explained, “Tom taught Brooklyn how to play Wonderwall, which was a beautiful moment. He’d only just starting learning how to play three weeks before and is well into his rock music.”
He added, “He told us he likes music as well as football but he doesn’t really know which way to go.” Jay then went on to admit that, if Brooklyn did decide to pursue a career in the music industry, The Wanted would definitely let him play at one of their shows.
McGuiness continued, “I’d be more than happy to get him riffing on a guitar at one of our next shows.” Brooklyn Beckham recently turned 13 years old, so still has a long time to decide what he wants to do with his life but we would love to see him follow in his father’s footsteps.
What would you like to see Brooklyn Beckham do when he grows up?