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The Wanted: ‘Christina Aguilera is a total bitch!’
The Wanted: ‘Christina Aguilera is a total bitch!’

Despite building up a huge fanbase across the Pond, it would seem that not every American wants a piece of The Wanted.

Singer Christina Aguilera was reportedly very rude and arrogant when the boy band performed on The Voice recently.

The lads were special guests on the US version of the show, on which Christina is a judge, and claimed that the pop star completely ignored them. Speaking on Now FM, Max George said that she refused to talk to them backstage after the show.

He said: ‘She was a bit scary to be honest.’ Bandmate Tom Parker added: ‘She’s a total b****! She might not be a b**** in real life but to us she was a b****. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.’

Siva Kaneswaran added: ‘She was quite rude. Who does that?’ Nathan Sykes, however, tried to be a bit diplomatic and said: ‘She might have been in a bad mood that day - didn’t she completely par Justin Bieber as well? He went in for a hug and she was like “get away from me”.’

And when comparing their experience of meeting Christina compared to Jennifer Lopez on American Idol, Max added: ‘Yeah, well J.Lo’s hot, Christina’s nothing special.’

The Wanted also met Chris Brown on the show and said they hoped to go into the studio with him too. Siva added: ‘We’ve talked to Chris Brown as well, which would be really good. We talked to Chris actually when we were on The Voice and he said he was down as well.’

The Wanted WILL be collaborating with Justin Bieber AND Chris Brown
The Wanted WILL be collaborating with Justin Bieber AND Chris Brown

The Wanted have revealed that they WILL be collaborating with both Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, and  they have even revealed that they have ‘perfect’ songs lined up for them both!

The band released their ‘Chasing The Sun’ video yesterday, causing fans to start yet another Twitter frenzy, with the group’s video trending within minutes.

The Wanted said that they approached Chris Brown ahead of their recent performance on the US version of The Voice, and apparently the rapper insisted that he was ‘down’ with the idea.

Speaking about their future duet with superstar Justin Bieber, Jay McGuiness told MTV: “He was really nice. A really, really nice guy. We talked about it, and we have a song that we think he’d sound great on.”

Siva Kaneswaran added: “We’ve talked to Chris Brown as well, which would be really good. We talked to Chris actually at The Voice, and he said he was down as well.”

Tom Parker continued: “It’s all up for discussion. You never know,” before Max George admitted: “We have got a song we think would be perfect.”

The Wanted are huge fans of Chris Brown, describing him as a ‘gentleman’ before revealing that the track would be recorded in the next couple of months.   

The Wanted spend quality time with the ladies in their lives
The Wanted spend quality time with the ladies in their lives

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for The Wanted, who have seen their popularity soar in the US thanks to numerous gigs and personal appearances. The boys have been busy promoting their music lately, and have been in talks about a possible collaboration with pop prince Justin Bieber.

However, it seems that the boys are never too busy to find time for the leading ladies in their lives. On a rare day off for the boy band, they got to spend some quality time with their girls as Siva Kaneswaran took his girlfriend out for the day and Max George hung out with his mother.

Siva, 23, was snapped with Nareesha McCaffrey as they strolled through West Hollywood after a day hitting the shops. Siva flew the flag for his native Ireland and wore a Guinness logo T-shirt with the slogan ‘Tall, dark and handsome’ on it.

Siva’s bandmate, Max George, was also making the most of a day off to spend some quality time with his mother, who jetted in last week to see her son.

The boys were heading back to meet their band mates after they spent the previous evening with Hugh Hefner at his Playboy mansion. They had been invited there to celebrate Nathan Sykes’s 19th birthday. And it seems like the lads had fun as Hugh Hefner tweeted: ‘The Wanted, a U.K. boy band, had a BBQ poolside while the girls & I were playing dominos. We shot a few photos together. Cristal Camden won tonight’s domino game with Amanda Streich, Caya Ukkas, Shera Bechard, Anna Berglund, Trisha Frick & me. A fun night.’ We bet!


Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to collaborate?
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to collaborate?

18 year old singer Justin Bieber is really at the height of his fame right now, as he reveals he has worked with some of the biggest names in music on his new album. As well as Justin working with Usher, Kanye West and Timberland, he has also written a song with Taylor Swift, sparking suggestions of a potential future duet.

Bieber explained to Capital FM, “You know, the whole album is just so different, there’s so many different people collaborating. We worked with Mike Posner for Boyfriend so that turned out well, and then we used Timbaland and Kanye West and Drake and so many different people.”
He added, “It’s crazy. I mean I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently. With my music it doesn’t only stay in a box. Everything is so different and that’s why I’m so happy with this album.”
Justin continued, “Everything doesn’t sound the same, everything’s different and [after] each song you won’t expect the next song to happen.” Justin Bieber recently revealed that he is releasing a few more duets with Usher, while it has also been suggested that Justin could be set to collaborate with British boybands The Wanted and One Direction.
Justin Bieber to be X Factor USA judge?
Justin Bieber to be X Factor USA judge?

18 year old singer Justin Bieber has revealed how he would love to become a judge on the hit reality singing competition The X Factor USA. Justin did, however, admit that he is not quite ready to take on such a role but believes that he would be perfect as an X Factor USA judge in a few years time.

Bieber explained to Daybreak, “Maybe in a couple of years. Five years or something like that could be cool.” He added, “I see myself as a role model, which can sometimes can be stressful. I’m 18 now, so I’m gonna make mistakes.”
Justin continued, “I’m not perfect, sometimes things happen. I’m human, people have got to know that I’m gonna make mistakes.” Bieber then went on to reveal what he believes he would be doing, if he was not a success singer.
He said, “I’d probably be an astronaut, because I want to go to space. Ashton Kutcher's doing that. I don't know if I want to spend that kind of money.” It was recently claimed that Justin Bieber could be in line to collaborate with The Wanted.
Justin Bieber’s latest single Boyfriend has been released in the UK already, rather than its original release date of May 20.
The Wanted’s Tom Parker enjoying US success
The Wanted’s Tom Parker enjoying US success

The Wanted singer Tom Parker has admitted that he was unsure how the band would be received in the US but claims that the success that they are currently having is overwhelming. Tom stated that he is very appreciative of the welcome that The Wanted have received and are proud to be making such a worldwide impression.

Parker explained to The Insider, “Everyone has been so welcoming. Full open arms. We thought it was going to be a massive uphill struggle to just have our song heard over here, but the radio has taken to us and the people have been so nice. And the fans are amazing!”
Parker then went on to suggest that The Wanted have finally managed to embrace the concept of being a part of a boyband.
He added, “I think we’re redefining it a little bit, though,” he added. “In England, people have said that. Even guys. It’s pretty unheard of for guys to like boybands, but we’ve done it because we make good music. We don’t dance but we’re having a good time.”
The Wanted have recently been linked to possible collaborations with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, although both have also been linked to One Direction.
The Wanted discuss possible Justin Bieber collaboration
The Wanted discuss possible Justin Bieber collaboration

British boyband The Wanted have been enjoying some pretty impressive success in the US and it seems that they may be signing up with Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, sparking talk of a possible collaboration between the two. The Wanted admitted they were surprised people took to them so well in the US but were pleased that they do not have to change.

Jay McGuiness explained to Closer, “It’s surprising - we thought America would hate us. We don’t wear amazing clothes and we’re quite uncensored in interviews, but they seem to like that. It’s a relief because we’d have to polish our look. Thankfully there will be no American makeover for The Wanted.”
Jay then discussed the possibility of working with Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun, adding, “Nothing’s been signed, but we think he’d be the perfect manager and he’s really keen to work with us. We have a very different image from Justin - but he’s probably the most famous and richest teen in the world, so we wouldn’t mind being in a boy band version of that!”
McGuiness then talked about a potential collaboration with Justin Bieber. He continued, “I wouldn’t say no, but, as a lad I’d prefer to duet with a really hot female. I love Jessie J. In fact, there are loads of talented Brits I’d love to work with, I’m very proud of our music scene.”
Chris Brown and The Wanted actually set to duet?
Chris Brown and The Wanted actually set to duet?

On Sunday we marked April 1 with an April Fools story about Chris Brown being a big fan of The Wanted and wanting to do a collaboration with the English boyband. It all started off as one big joke and we found it rather amusing when we heard The Wanted talking about it.

However, it appears that all we really did was set to ball rolling for a potential collaboration between the two and now it looks like they are actually going to do it. Tom Parker, from The Wanted, revealed on his official Twitter feed that the band had met up with Chris.
He wrote, “Just met @chrisbrown a real nice guy! Interesting conversation about the future”. We are sure that when The Wanted met Chris Brown, they all had a big laugh about our April Fools story and decided to turn the tables on us and make us look the fools.
If The Wanted and Chris Brown do actually end up making a track together, we are expecting some sort of payment for making the link up happening. For those of you who are looking forward to the possible collaboration, you are welcome, and to those who are not, we apologise.
April Fool’s Day made a fool out of Bandito
April Fool’s Day made a fool out of Bandito

I’m not gonna lie, I usually love April Fool’s Day as I always manage to get Papa Bandito a treat and it makes him so mad. However, the tables were turned this year and not only was I fooled by Papa Bandito but it seemed that everybody everywhere had it in for me.

April Fool’s Day was without doubt my worst day of the year so far, whereas it is usually my favourite. I was so excited leading up to it and then it was a complete disappointment. I feel like a man who has been promised a feast fit for a king, only to receive a microwave ready meal.
The worst part about it was that FansShare, yes FansShare, the very site you are on right now, managed to get me on more than one occasion. I was furious when I heard that The Avengers was being delayed before the FansShare team laughed in my face and then I was delighted that The Wanted were set to duet with Chris Brown. Again the FanShare team found it hilarious that I had fallen into their trap yet again.
However, I will have the last laugh. It may not be tomorrow. It may not be the next day. To be honest I’ll probably have to wait until April Fool’s Day next year but I will have my revenge. Arriba!
Were you fooled by anybody or did you manage to fool anybody? Let me know you favourite April Fool’s Day pranks.
Chris Brown to duet with The Wanted over One Direction
Chris Brown to duet with The Wanted over One Direction

Singer Chris Brown is set to collaborate with British boyband The Wanted, after being given the option of performing a duet with either them or One Direction. It was not an easy decision for Chris, given the popularity of One Direction right now, but he felt that he could relate more to the music that The Wanted make.

A source explained, “It is set to be one of the biggest collaborations of the year. Chris was really unsure of who would be better to collaborate with, as One Direction are huge right now and a song with them would sell big. In the end though Chris thought it would be better to go for something more suited to him.”
They added, “Chris feels that he could lay down some awesome lyrics, that would go well with some of the stuff that The Wanted boys have been making. Whereas One Direction are a bit too teeny bopper for his approach to making records.”
Chris Brown is set to meet up with The Wanted later this month, where they will take about the approach that they want to take for the song. They will then head to the study before the song is released later this year.
The Wanted’s Tom Parker wanted as X Factor judge
The Wanted’s Tom Parker wanted as X Factor judge

Simon Cowell has still got a lot of work to do with both the US and the UK version of The X Factor, as it is still unclear who the judges are going to be for both shows. However, The Wanted singer Tom Parker has emerged as one of the favourites for a judging role.

It is not yet clear whether Tom will become a judge on the US or the UK version of The X Factor. The fact that Simon Cowell has turned to Tom Parker suggests that we could be seeing the back of Take That singer Gary Barlow, who has yet to sign on for a second season.
There have been many rumours since the end of the previous season of The X Factor, that Gary Barlow was looking to spend more time with his family this year, so would not be returning. The inclusion of Tom Parker to The X Factor judging panel would seem to confirm this.
Simon Cowell has gone for a younger male judge, following the success of Tulisa Contostavlos on last season’s show. It is also an attempt to get more young girls watching the show and boost the viewing figures. The X Factor is set to return to TV screens later this year.
Brooklyn Beckham learns guitar from The Wanted’s Tom Parker
Brooklyn Beckham learns guitar from The Wanted’s Tom Parker

It has been reported that David Beckham’s oldest child, Brooklyn Beckham has been receiving guitar lessons from The Wanted’s Tom Parker. It is claimed by The Sun that Brooklyn is unsure what he wants to do with his life but has a love of both football and music.

Tom’s The Wanted bandmate Jay McGuiness explained, “Tom taught Brooklyn how to play Wonderwall, which was a beautiful moment. He’d only just starting learning how to play three weeks before and is well into his rock music.”
He added, “He told us he likes music as well as football but he doesn’t really know which way to go.” Jay then went on to admit that, if Brooklyn did decide to pursue a career in the music industry, The Wanted would definitely let him play at one of their shows.
McGuiness continued, “I’d be more than happy to get him riffing on a guitar at one of our next shows.” Brooklyn Beckham recently turned 13 years old, so still has a long time to decide what he wants to do with his life but we would love to see him follow in his father’s footsteps.
What would you like to see Brooklyn Beckham do when he grows up?