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Sunny Sweeney is a pillow lover
Sunny Sweeney is a pillow lover
Singer Sunny Sweeney has revealed how when she is touring, and she is on the road right now, she never leaves home without her pillow. Sunny does add that it is not a special pillow by any means, but it is her pillow and she must have it with her at all time.
Sweeney explained, “It’s not that big of a deal. Like it’s not like some great pillow or anything. It’s just my pillow. And my pillowcase, from my bed, from my house.” She added, “I’ve tried to go on a couple of gigs without it. I blame everything on not having my pillow on those dates. So now I just bring it with me anyway. Everywhere I go.”
Sunny Sweeney is set to premiere her new single Drink Myself Single on October 3 on the radio before its official release a few days later. Her latest album has received mixed reviews from critics but her fan base seems to grow on a daily basis.