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Katie Holmes reveals how she deals with stardom
Katie Holmes reveals how she deals with stardom
Batman Begins actress Katie Holmes has revealed how she often has to change cars multiple times, in an attempt to lose fans and paparazzi. Katie did, however admit that she does sometimes get days where she has no hassle at all, albeit on rare occasions.
Holmes explained, “Some days you can go straight to Starbucks without being bothered and some days you have to switch cars and it’s something that becomes a part of your day. You kind of figure out how to go with it or fight it. I am still a kid from Ohio, but this is a part of my life now.”
Katie also revealed how she and her husband Tom Cruise enjoy playing their own version of Scrabble. She added, “We like to play a version of Scrabble called Take Two, where you don’t use the board, just the pieces.” It seems that Scrabble is beginning to become synonymous with Hollywood, after Harry Potter star Tom Felton’s recent revelation.