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Jessica Alba discusses her parenting skills
Jessica Alba discusses her parenting skills

Sin City actress Jessica Alba has revealed how she gets around a few of the issues that come with bringing up a child while being a famous movie star. Jessica has admitted that her daughter Honor often asks her about the paparazzi, so she tries to explain them to her as best she can.

Alba explained, “When the paparazzi follow us, and she asks me what they’re doing, I tell her, ‘They’re just taking pictures. Isn’t that silly?’ I don’t want her to have anxiety, so I tell her they do that to everyone, not just our family.”
Jessica then went on to admit that she often tells her daughter little white lies but insists that it is for the childs best interests. She added, “I serve Honor flavoured sparkling water, she thinks that it’s soda and that’s what I let her think,” she reveals. “I told her that ‘brown soda’ is only for adults and she believes me. Ha!”
Jessica Alba recently discussed how she put on weight during her pregnancy and how she managed to lose weight after the birth. Jessica also compared the differences in weight loss between her two pregnancies, revealing what she did different the second time around.
Malcolm Barrett aka Verbal the rapper talks music, movies and upcoming projects
Malcolm Barrett aka Verbal the rapper talks music, movies and upcoming projects

Brooklyn-born actor Malcolm Barrett is beginning to make quite a name for himself in and around Hollywood after appearing in such movies as The Hurt Locker and Larry Crowne. However, it is not just acting that this rising star restricts himself to. He is also an aspiring musician and is set to release his album The Backpackers Guide to the Galaxy under the name Verbal the rapper. With so many things open to this talented performer, we wanted to know where he sees himself in the future. Malcolm was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions, which we at FansShare thought his fans might be interested to know, and his obvious charm and wit shone throughout.

FS: Revenge of the Nerds is a very catchy tune, when was it released?
MB: Revenge of the Nerds was officially released on iTunes within the last month, same for the video, but it’s a song I’ve had for awhile. It was actually used on the final episode of “Better Off Ted”.
FS: How is it doing in regards to your expectations of it?
MB: The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The hard part is transitioning that into a full blow career. Since I’m mainly an actor I still don’t have the resources and connections to take full advantage.
FS: When exactly did the album The Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy drop?
MB: It hasn’t officially dropped but I may be releasing it within the next month, maybe for even for free. I’m doing this completely independently so with this type of thing I’m focused more on exposure than record sales. I’ll probably drop a couple more singles and a mixtape before I release the whole thing. The mixtape’s called Professional Amateur: The 15-minute mixtape… It’s pretty self-explanatory. I also just finished a duo project with a singer friend, Icarus V., the self-titled “The Sin City Lp”.  We’re currently playing gigs with our live band and I’ve been falling in love with that. You can check us on thesincitylp.com
FS: Where/how did you come up for the title The Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy for your album?
MB: If it’s not clear one of my favorite books of all time is Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I thought writing style itself was very unique and the humor was so absurd. It spoke volumes. As well as the world and language he created, literally and metaphorically, was so imaginative. I thought with the way I explore different styles, beats and subject matter on the album mirrored the absurd, humorous story-telling quality I had grown to love from the book.
FS: What artists have influenced your approach to the music you create?
MB: My biggest influences musically would probably be Rakim, Mos Def, Eminem. My two biggest influences are probably Redman and Pharoahe Monch. Once again it’s the humor and the intricacies of lyricism that most attract me to the music. 
FS: What can we expect to hear on The Backpacker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
MB: Lyrics, beats, stories and styles. It plays almost like a concept album and has me exploring everything from my life growing up in Bed-Stuy, dealing with depression to meeting partying to me imagining myself as a framed detective, my homage to noir as well as a nod to Redman's Sooperman Luva series. 
FS: We thought you were fantastic as Lem in Better Off Ted, would you be interested in returning to a similar role should one arise?
MB: I loved playing that character but I hate playing the same thing twice. I have ADD about those things. But I do love playing underdogs and people with intelligence. When you’re young and black your roles in Hollywood are limited so I like to stay focused on characters where I can show depth and intelligence, regardless of the character’s actual intellect or position in life.
FS: You have appeared in some very high profile films, do you hope to one day carry the weight and expectation of being the leading man?
MB: For awhile I shied away from the idea of being a leading man, wanting to be more of a Phillip Seymour Hoffman type of spot in cinema. Y’know, bringing weight and depth to memorable characters without actually being a household name. Now, I realize that’s a near impossible box to try and spontaneously create. My focus now is on telling the best stories possible and playing roles that are the most challenging and different. If it’s the right character, I’d love to play the lead. 
FS: Do you have a specific genre of movie that you like to appear in?
MB: I worked on The Hurt Locker and it was my first taste of doing an action movie. I’d love to do more of that, or a smart sci-fi adventure in the vein of a BladeRunner or The Matrix, Dr Who even. 
FS: You have appeared alongside some big name actors. Who would you say is the best? And why?
MB: There is no way I could say who is “the best”. David Alan Grier is one of the funniest actors I’ve ever worked with. Dane Cook was one of the quickest (wit-wise) actors I’ve ever worked with. And Jonathan Slavin (Better Off Ted) was one of the most giving actors I’ve ever worked with. Tom Hanks was definitely the nicest actor I’ve ever worked with. He also had a way of turning every sentence into an Oscar worthy performance. it was weird… It made me uncomfortable. 
FS: We thought you were great in Larry Crowne and would have liked your character to have a bigger role. Is Tom Hanks the writer as good as Tom Hanks the actor?
MB: That’s very flattering. Definitely much better than, “we wish he would have used you less.” There are a couple of my scenes from Larry Crowne coming from ad-libs or improv so I think he’s a writing genius. In all seriousness, I do like writer’s that know how to adjust for things on the day and there was a fair amount of play in the rehearsals. His writing skills not withstanding I don’t think you can compare the two. He’s been acting so well for so long in so many things it’s just not a fair comparison. This is a very timely genuine story aided by his co-writer with Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
FS: How about his directing skills?
MB: Very calm, attentive, sure-handed yet open. He’s got a vision but he’s willing to listen. I was also surprised at the fact that a man wearing so many hats (producer, writer, director, actor) was so calm affable, so loose. Again, he let me do what I wanted so to me he’s Fellini.
FS: Would you ever like to direct your own Hollywood movie?
MB: Well I come from acting and directing theatre so the thought has crossed my mind. In fact every 6 months I produce (and sometimes perform in/direct) a show called S.W.A.P., it’s the year’s biggest events told through spoken word. I’ve also written plays and shorts and had a hand in directing short films. I’d love to direct some sort of a gritty love story, like a True Romance. I love anything that feels a little dirty but with heart. Also give me a good comedy any day. Either way, I think I’d like to widen my vocabulary and skill-set in film before I start calling myself a director.
Malcolm Barrett then ended the interview by revealing his forthcoming projects. He explained, “My upcoming projects are of course my band, Sin City (thesincitylp.com), and I also have three comedies coming out next year. Two are indie’s; one’s a comedy about a group of guys trying to put on a musical called “O.J. The Musical" and the other’s a workplace romantic comedy called "Missed Connections”.”
He added, “The third stars Craig Robinson (The Office) and Kerry Washington (everything ever… seriously look it up) as a couple whose relationship gets tested when he meets her fractured but well-to-do family. I play his brother and I’m excited ‘cause it’s my biggest movie part so far as well as the character closest to myself, which I rarely do. I just saw a cut and it looks hilarious.” 
Fans of Malcolm Barrett can see him performing as his music alter ego Verbal as a part of Sin City when they perform over the next couple of months. Sin City will be performing at Cheetah’s on September 22, then at The Roxy on October 15 and also at Zanzibar on October 26. Keep your eyes on Malcolm Barrett guys as we think he is destined for the top.

Sin City 2 unlikely to start this year
Sin City 2 unlikely to start this year
Rumours of a Sin City sequel being made have been going around ever since Sin City hit the big screen and even though Sin City was not the box office smash that many had hoped (it made less than $100m worldwide), Sin City 2 will be getting made. A script for Sin City 2 has already been penned by Frank Miller.
Meanwhile Robert Rodriguez has suggested that the sequel could even begin shooting before the turn of the year, “[Sin City 2] could be shot as early as this year,” he said. However, this seems highly unlikely, due to the conflict of schedules between cast and crew.
Rodriguez also claimed that he wanted to bring back Bruce Willis for Sin City 2, even though his character Hartigan was killed in the first movie. Plus Bruce has around 10 movies currently in development so would struggle to find the time. Also Mickey Rourke is currently involved in about 7 future projects. So it is highly unlikely that Sin City 2 will begin filming anytime soon.