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Thandie Newton praises local London safety
Thandie Newton praises local London safety
While the recent London riots have caused many people to worry about their safety in the capital city, Thandie Newton is quite the opposite. Thandie revealed that there is a great sense of community where she lives in London and says that she has never felt safer.
Newton explained, “I feel very safe here. Everyone in my area looks out for everyone else. There’s no need for Neighbourhood Watch, or anything, I’ve got my dog, Maggie, to protect me.” She added, “I love London; my family and friends are here. I like being able to disappear and it not be all about the film industry.”
Thandie Newton can next be seen on the big screen when she appears in the Carl Tibbetts thriller Retreat. The movie also stars Cillian Murphy, Jamie Bell and Jimmy Yuill. Retreat is set to be released in the UK on October 14 and then in the US on October 21.