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Adam Lambert reveals Trespassing release date
Adam Lambert reveals Trespassing release date

Better Than I Know Myself singer Adam Lambert has revealed when he will be releasing his brand new album Trespassing, although it seems to be in a made up month. Adam admitted that he has been telling people that he will be releasing Trespassing in Maypril.

Lambert explained, “I don’t know! Maypril is what I’ve been telling people. It’s actually two months in one. The first single is great and I love it. It’s emotional and it’s a great way to connect with everybody’s heart and to connect that way before the rest of the album unfolds.”
He added, “The rest of the album is like the first half is like crazy disco, electro and funk. I worked with Pharrell Williams which was great and I worked with Bruno Mars, Dr Luke and Nile Rodgers. So it’s really funky dance music. The back half of the album is a lot more angsty, darker and atmospheric, with more emotional songs.”
Adam Lamberts new album Trespassing was expected to be released this month but it was announced that Trespassing was going to be pushed back, as they worked on more material. It was recently revealed that Adam Lambert would be performing with Queen at Sonisphere music festival in June.