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Jay Z and Adele to work together
It has been suggested that ‘Empire State of Mind’ rap legend Jay Z has been talking about a possible future collaboration with ‘Make You Feel My Love’ British artist Adele. Jay Z has been in the UK recently, while his wife Beyoncé prepared for her Glastonbury gig on Sunday and it is believed that he has been talking with music bosses about the possible duet.
A source explained, “Jay has been making the most of his trip over here. It’s not often he is overwhelmed by people when he meets them, but Adele was on top form as usual. She talked him under the table. He was chuckling all the way through their chat.” The insider then added, “He’s keen to work with her, whether it’s producing or writing together. She was a huge hit in the States and he believes they could make a massive record together. He told her he was going to Glastonbury and she gave him a guide of what to see. She said he must catch Paolo Nutini. She said he was the must-see act of the festival.”
It is also believed that Jay Z is keen to work with Scottish singer Paolo Nutini, after managing to catch the singers set at Glastonbury over the weekend. Jay Z also used some of his free time in the UK to take advantage of some rare good weather and attend the Wimbledon tennis championships yesterday (June 27).