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One Direction’s Harry Styles more hardcore than Noel Gallagher
One Direction’s Harry Styles more hardcore than Noel Gallagher

It has been claimed that 18 year old One Direction singer Harry Styles is more hardcore than veteran rock ‘n’ roll legend Noel Gallagher. The claims were made by Radio One DJ Nick Grimshaw, who has been getting to know the One Direction singer on nights out and claims that Harry Styles is possibly the most hardcore person in the music business right now.

Grimshaw explained, “We’ve only been out a few times but he is good at partying. Harry is probably the most rock ‘n’ roll person in the business. He’s more rock ‘n’ roll than Noel Gallagher.” Nick went on to admit that he and Harry Styles have become quite good friends. He added, “I speak to him all the time and he’s very grounded. It’s fun to have a pop star who is smart and funny.”
It was recently reported that Harry Styles had been given a talking to regarding his distance from One Direction, being told that he needs to get more involved with his band mates. One Direction have announced that they have had to change a few of the dates of their UK and Ireland arena tour 2013.
Noel Gallagher to become X Factor judge?
Noel Gallagher to become X Factor judge?

Former Oasis guitarist and singer Noel Gallagher has revealed that he would be willing to become the new judge on The X Factor but only if he was to receive £1million after tax. However, Noel did admit that he was just saying it all in jest and that he was not really interested in being involved in The X Factor, even if the money was too good to turn down.

Gallagher explained, “It’s about six months’ work, innit? I reckon it would have to be a million pounds after tax.” Noel then continued by adding, “I say that tongue-in-cheek. I don’t really want to do it. But a million pounds for six months’ work? That’s good money if you can get it. Even I don’t earn that much.”
There has been a lot of talk surround the upcoming season of The X Factor, with Kelly Rowlands definitely leaving as a judge and the other three judges from last season, Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos, still to sign on for the new season. It was also recently claimed that Xtra Factor presenters Olly Murs and Caroline Flack could also be getting replaced for the next season of the show.
Noel Gallagher criticises X Factor
Noel Gallagher criticises X Factor

Noel Gallagher has said that the lower age limit for X Factor contestants should be increased.

The former Oasis band member was hosting the Absolute Radio Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show when he stated “the judges should raise the entry age to eighteen.”

Sixteen-year-old Amelia Lily was voted off the show by her mentor Kelly Rowland, following her rendition of Micheal Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean.’ Luke Lucas, also sixteen,  made it to Judges houses, but was let go by Gary Barlow after breaking down.

When asked if they should increase the age limit, Gallagher added: “What would happen if the public voted a sixteen-year-old into pop stardom? Particularly for a girl. Girls are more vulnerable.”

Amelia Lily and Janet Devlin, also sixteen, have both said that they are not too young to compete in The X Factor.

Liam Gallagher slags of Noel Gallagher… AGAIN
Liam Gallagher slags of Noel Gallagher… AGAIN
They must have the most famous sibling rivalry on the planet after constantly bickering for at least the past twenty years and once again they are at it again. Liam Gallagher has come out and criticised Noel Gallagher, this time claiming that he has lied about being bullied out of Oasis.
Liam explained, “I just know he lies. Noel wasn’t bullied out of the band. And then he writes a statement like that saying, ‘Oh, I’ve been bullied out of the band’, and management and all that, and two days later, the people he reckons bullied him, and the people who weren’t listening to his little sob story, were around at his house having tea on his lawn.”
Liam then added, “I’m just disappointed for him, and his fans… I have my [bad days] but Noel Gallagher can be a little bitch when he wants to be.” Liam Gallagher has criticised Noel Gallagher once before regarding the breakup of the band, claiming that Noel had broken his heart.
Robbie Williams and Noel Gallagher to write together?
Robbie Williams and Noel Gallagher to write together?
Take That songer Robbie Williams and former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher have had their ups and downs over the years and were even bickering with each other earlier this year. However, Robbie has confessed that he would love to spend a writing session with Noel.
Williams and Gallagher became friends, when Robbie performed on stage with Noel and his band Oasis, after quitting Take That in the early 90s. However, the two fell out after Gallagher called Williams the “fat dancer from Take That” and Robbie took offence.
The arguing resurfaced again earlier this year, when Robbie was on stage with Take That and said “Noel Gallagher can lick my arse.” Noel then responded to that by saying, Lick his big fat Bobby-Butlins arse? Wow! The hormone replacements must be doing the trick, eh? I’d rather suck on his man boobs.”
Robbie Williams then sent Noel Gallagher an email apologising for the bickering and now it appears that he wants to write with the former Oasis star. Robbie said, “I know it’s pretty redundant, but I’d love to write with him.” While a source added, “He would love to hang out with Noel… but writing together seems a long way off.” We at FansShare cannot see it happening but Noel is sure to have something to say about it. Watch this space.
Liam Gallagher heartbroken by brother Noel Gallagher
Liam Gallagher heartbroken by brother Noel Gallagher
Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher has confessed that he is heartbroken that his brother, and former Oasis band mate, Noel Gallagher has lied about the reasoning behind the Oasis split. Liam admitted that Noel’s constant lies have caused him to become quite upset.
Gallagher explained, “Those are big lies that I’ve got to clear up, the first one about me being hungover - I got diagnosed with laryngitis for the V Festival, wasn’t hungover. I do gigs when I’ve been hungover, I’m a big boy. I’m not going to cancel a gig because I’ve got a headache.”
Liam also discussed Noels allegations that he wanted to promote his clothing range Pretty Green. He continued, “Them words, Pretty Green, have never come out of my mouth [to] Noel Gallagher. Ever. So all this about him saying I tried to get Pretty Green in an advertisement or Oasis tour programme is absolute s**t, saying it was the demise of Oasis, I’m not having it.”
“He needs to know there’s two to blame for Oasis splitting up and one of them is sitting here right now talking, and the other one’s Noel Gallagher,” he continued. “It’s time he woke up man, he’s no angel. He’s breaking my heart.” Liam also stated that he would let his music do the talking.
Gallagher finalised, “I don’t play games. Competition is for idiots. As long as we are taking care of our business, we’ll roast anyone.” Noel Gallagher has a new debut solo album, titled ‘High Flying Bird’ due to be released in October of this year.
Robbie Williams emails Noel Gallagher
Robbie Williams emails Noel Gallagher
It has been reported that Take That singer Robbie Williams has apparently emailed former Oasis star Noel Gallagher to put an end to their public bickering. Robbie initially started the recent feud by saying that Noel could lick his arse and Noel responded by mocking Robbie’s man boobs.
However, it appears that Williams is now keen to stop the war of words after emailing Gallagher with an apology. A source explained, “He was telling a few of the guys backstage how he sent an e-mail to Noel, via his people, about how much he respected him and admired his career. He even saw the funny side and called himself D-Cup over the man boob jibe.”
Robbie Williams became friends with Noel Gallagher and even appeared on stage with him at an Oasis gig, when he quit Take That back in 1995. However, things took a bad turn after Noel called Robbie the “fat dancer from Take That”. Things died down for a while until Robbie made his claim at a recent Take That gig, about Noel licking his arse. It will be interesting to see if Noel accepts the olive branch or not. Watch this space.
Liam Gallagher talks Noel Gallagher
Liam Gallagher has spoken out about his brother Noel Gallagher, referring to him as the Tony Blair of rock n roll. Liam made the claim about his former Oasis bandmate on Tuesday, while Beady Eye were performing at the iTunes festival at London’s Roundhouse.
Liam also explained to the crowd, “The people that go, ‘Oh, Beady Eye is not Oasis,’ well, Noel’s music ain’t Oasis either. It might remind you of it but there’s something missing - f**king me.” Then yesterday Noel Gallagher spoke out about Liam, while at a press conference for his new solo material.
These two battling brothers have had sibling rivalry since Oasis first made it big back in the early 1990’s. Liam and Noel continued to bicker right up until Oasis split in 2009. Noel Gallagher has revealed that he will play some Oasis songs while on his solo tour, whereas Liam Gallagher has vowed to stay well clear of Oasis tracks while touring with Beady Eye.
Noel Gallagher talks Liam Gallagher
Noel Gallagher recently revealed the details of his new debut solo album and also confirmed his tour for later in the year. Now he has taken the time to talk about his brother Liam Gallagher and the real reasons behind why Oasis split back in 2009, just before they were set to perform a gig in Paris.
Noel explained, ”I never had enough of Oasis, I had enough of [Liam] and our relationship but it was never as bad as people made out. It all unravelled when he started his clothing line and wanted to advertise it on our tour and I didn’t agree with that.” Gallagher then spoke about that night in Paris.
He said, ”After Liam’s violent outburst in the dressing room I just thought ‘I’m out of here’. I got in a car and left that show. If I could go back and do those two shows we had left on that tour I would have done them. We may never have split up, we may have all just gone on a hiatus to do our own thing. I mastered my role in that band. Liam just doesn’t like me in a violent way, I did everyone a favour.”
After Noel Gallagher gave his press conference today, regarding his new tour and debut solo album, the stories of him discussing the reasons behind the Oasis split began to spread. This caused Liam Gallagher to take to his Twitter page to simple put “S**tbag”, clearly a subtle dig at his brother. 
Noel Gallagher reveals debut solo album
Former Oasis guitarist and singer Noel Gallagher has revealed the details of his forthcoming debut solo album ‘High Flying Birds’ at a London press conference. Not only did Noel reveal the title of the album but he also issued a full track list and also confirmed they it will be followed up with a second album.
Noel confirmed that ‘High Flying Birds’ will be released on October 17 this year via his own label Sour Mash. His follow up album is set to be released in 2012 and will be titled ‘Anonymous Androgynous’. Gallagher is also expected to head out on tour later this year, to coincide with the album release.
It has been rumoured that the lead single from ‘High Flying Birds’ is set to be ‘The Death of You and Me’. However, even thought the track is on the album, nothing has been officially confirmed. The full track list, in order, is as follows:
Everybody’s On The Run
Dream On
If I Had A Gun
The Death Of You And Me
(I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine
AKA…What A Life!’
Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks
AKA….Broken Arrow
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach
Expect the first single to be released a couple of weeks prior to the album’s release. Also don’t be surprised if Noel Gallagher announces his tour details later this month. For more details, Watch this space.
Noel Galagher retaliates to Robbie Williams jibes
It has been reported that Noel Gallagher has responded to the jibe made by Take That member Robbie Williams, while on stage recently. Robbie had a dig at Noel’s former band Oasis and also took a swipe at Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, when comparing Wembley Stadium gigs.
Williams said, “The Rolling Stones have done two nights here. Oasis did three, Take That are here for eight on the trot. Mick Jagger can lick Gary Barlow's face. Noel Gallagher can lick my arse.” Not to be outdone, Gallagher made a public retaliation to the comments.
Noel said, “Lick his big fat Bobby-Butlins arse? Wow! The hormone replacements must be doing the trick, eh? I’d rather suck on his man boobs.” Robbie Williams recently admitted that he is taking regular testosterone injections, which he claims have changed his life.
Robbie Williams once appeared on stage with Oasis during one of their gigs, after he quit Take That back in 1995. However, things turned sour when Robbie took offence to Noel referring to him as the “fat dancer from Take That”. Watch Robbie perform ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis from 1995, below now.