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Gaga For Lady Gaga! Singer’s teacup & saucer sell for £46.5k
Gaga For Lady Gaga! Singer’s teacup & saucer sell for £46.5k

A teacup and saucer used just once by Lady Gaga has sold for a staggering £46.5k at an auction in Japan.

Attracting more than 1,300 bids from fans of the pop diva in a week-long auction, when the hammer finally came down yesterday afternoon, the cup and saucer had drawn bids reaching an impressive six million yen.

The china cup, which the U.S. singer sipped tea from during a Tokyo press conference in June 2011, was sold to raise money for artists who suffered following the tsunami that hit Japan in March last year. The massive natural disaster ravaged a large stretch of Japan’s coastline, leaving 19,000 dead on Japan’s North East coast and leaving many more homeless and destitute.

The Born This Way singer used the cup at an event organised by MTV to promote the music channel’s Music For Japan event, organised to aid victims of the tsunami. Lady Gaga told reporters at the time that she would auction the cup, marked with her lipstick and bearing the Japanese message ‘We pray for Japan’ along with the star’s autograph.

All the money raised will be used to help young Japanese artists who want to study in the United States. The teacup was one of a number of items being sold to raise money for those affected by Japan’s worst post-war calamity, and was the second most expensive lot.

The top-priced item was a Kawai crystal piano used by Yoshiki of rock band Japan X, which went for £85,413 (11,001,000 yen).

As well as the high number of lives the natural disaster claimed, it also sparked the world’s worst nuclear accident since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, leading to a dramatic fall in number of tourists visiting the country.

Lady Gaga visited Japan twice after the disaster and called on tourists from around the world to follow suit. The singer, who recently split from The Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney, is due back in Japan this week as part of an Asian tour.

Lady Gaga splits from boyfriend, Taylor Kinney
Lady Gaga splits from boyfriend, Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga has reportedly split from her boyfriend of ten months, Taylor Kinney.

The Poker Face singer, 26, had been dating the 30-year-old ‘The Vampire Diaries' actor since they played lovers in her video for hit single 'You And I' last July. But Us Weekly magazine reports that the couple are now “on a break”.

A source said: “She will be touring non-stop until next year and has found she can’t have a relationship at the same time. There’s just no room for anything else. Her work is all-consuming.”

Lady Gaga is currently in Hong Kong as part of her 110 date ‘Born This Way Ball’ world tour, and is also going to be busy recording her next album. The singer - real name Stefani Germanotta - told Oprah Winfrey earlier this year how she was feeling maternal and wanted a family of her own.

She said: “Yes, I want kids, I want a soccer team and I want a husband. Yeah, I do. Well, you know, I’m being superfluous. I don’t want to have one kid. I want to have a few.”

But Lady Gaga, who is devoted to her work and her fans, who she calls her Little Monsters, added “not yet”.   

Nicki Minaj discusses hip-hop influence
Nicki Minaj discusses hip-hop influence

Female rapper Nicki Minaj has come in for some slight criticism recently, with people claiming that she gives off this street persona but is really just a pop act. However, Nicki has now hit back at the criticism, claiming that there will always be hip-hop influences in her music.

Minaj explained to MTV News, “What can I say? I don’t know what I gotta do anymore. I don’t know what I can possibly do. What [have] I gotta do? Go and rob a bank?”
She added, “I’m still me, hip-hop culture is still in my heart. That can never leave me. I know I’m always gonna be street, because I can’t pretend to be street. It’s a lot of people walking around here pretending to be that, but I ain’t gonna call nobody out right now.”
Nicki Minaj recently spoke out against comparisons between her and Lady Gaga, claiming that they are two completely different artists. Nicki also revealed how her video for the single Beez in the Trap is dedicated to her stripper fans.
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Nicki Minaj Beez in the Trap video for strippers
Nicki Minaj Beez in the Trap video for strippers

Singer Nicki Minaj has revealed how her music video for her track Beez in the Trap is a big thank you to her stripper fans. Nicki claims that she used to perform in strip clubs before she hit the big time and wanted to thank all of the strippers that she has ever met for supporting her.

Minaj explained to MTV News, “When I was doing my mixtapes, I would perform in strip clubs, I would perform in clubs and it was just like some of my most die-hard fans would be in these places.”
She added, “I wanted to kinda like honour them - kinda honour all my girls in the club and just say, ‘Thank you for the support’. When I see the strippers and all of that, they always show me love, so I wanted to kinda make a video around them.”
Nicki Minaj recently admitted that she gets annoyed when people compare her to Lady Gaga, as they are two very different artists. Nicki also recently claimed that she would love to do a collaboration with Beyoncé.

Nicki Minaj dismisses Lady Gaga comparisons
Nicki Minaj dismisses Lady Gaga comparisons

Rapper Nicki Minaj has claimed that, while she is not offended by people comparing her to Lady Gaga, it does annoy her a little. Nicki admitted that she believes that Lady Gaga is very talented and should be very proud of what she has achieved in the music industry, but claims that the two are completely different artists. 

Minaj explained to ABC’s Nightline, “Offends me, no. Irks me, yes. We are in completely different lanes. First of all, I’m a rapper. I’m from southside Jamaica, Queens. I could say some really crazy lyrics right now, but I won’t. Why don’t I turn the cameras around and ask you?”
She added, “Gaga’s a fantastic artist, you know, she paved her way. She’s opened her own lane. But I think that I have my own lane, and we never cross. Ever.”
Nicki continued, “So, you know, I really don’t get the comparison anymore. Our music doesn’t sound the same. Our stage presence is not the same. I just can’t see the similarities.”
Nicki Minaj recently admitted that, if she could do a collaboration with anyone, she would love to duet with Beyoncé.
Lady Gaga criticised by mother
Lady Gaga criticised by mother

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Joanne Stefani Germanotta, has been criticised by her mother for her early performances as Lady Gaga. Her mother went as far as to say that she and Lady Gaga’s father actually thought that she might have a screw loose.

Ms Germanotta explained, “When Gaga started emerging, when she was performing I think it was at Joe’s Pub downtown. And she was in her bikini performing Lady Starlight and decided that night to … actually light hairspray on fire.”
She added, “And some people left when that happened… a lot of people stayed and thought it was cool. But her father and I were like, honesty, he said, ‘I think she has a screw loose’.” Lady Gaga recently revealed to Oprah Winfrey that she will not be giving anymore interviews for a while.
She explained, “The newest thing that I do, I don’t read a damn thing. No press, no television, no, if my mom calls and says, ‘did you hear about?’ I don’t want to know nothing about anything that is going on in relation to music. Other than this interview Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time.”
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Will Young slams Rihanna but praises Lady Gaga
Will Young slams Rihanna but praises Lady Gaga

English singer Will Young has revealed how he does not believe that American artist Rihanna is a very good role model for young women and admitted that he does not find her lyrics empowering. However, Will did admit that Rihanna could probably take a leaf out of Lady Gaga’s book.

Young explained, “I don’t think Rihanna is a massively great role model for women, her lyrics aren’t empowering. She’s a brilliant popstar and recording artist but her lyrics are not empowering - young girls have to listen to those lyrics. I saw Rihanna kissing a girl in one of her videos [S&M] and I thought, ‘Who is this for? If you’re going to do it just go the whole way like Madonna did and have sex on a bed’.”
He added, “Women in a patriarchal society should be empowering and owning their bodies; I don’t think Rihanna is. I feel quite strongly about this.” Will then went on to admit that there were other female pop stars that he felt were more empowering, such as Lady Gaga.
He continued, “Image-wise Lady GaGa is empowering. I’m more interested in women like Annie Lennox or Grace Jones, people who have challenged the female form, who have owned it and brought it forward.” Will Young’s latest single Losing Myself is set to be released in the UK on March 19.
Luc Carl discusses Lady Gaga relationship
Luc Carl discusses Lady Gaga relationship

Luc Carl, the ex lover of superstar singing sensation Lady Gaga has opened up about his relationship with the singer in his memoirs The Drunk Diet How I Lost 40 Pounds…Wasted A Memoir. Luc has admitted that he was entirely to blame for the break up, as he was always drunk and did not treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

Carl explained, “The break-up with my girlfriend was my rock bottom. It took me about a week to realize she was right. I was f**king miserable, and it wasn’t her fault. It was my fault for being a drunk a**hole. I would have left me, too.” Luc also opened up about how he felt once Lady Gaga did finally take off and become a worldwide superstar.
He added, “I was happy for her, of course, but I didn’t really need my ex shoved down my throat.” It is believed that Lady Gaga and Luc Carl began dating back in 2005 but his drunken behaviour caused her to leave him three years later. Lady Gaga is now dating The Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney and it is believed that they could be set to get married and start a family in the near future.
Lady Gaga and The Vampire Diaries Taylor Kinney to start a family
Lady Gaga and The Vampire Diaries Taylor Kinney to start a family

It has been reported that Lady Gaga is looking to start a family with her The Vampire Diaries actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney. It is suggested that the couple will be looking to start a family in the next year, after Lady Gaga met Taylor Kinney’s family, who all approved of the singer.

Kinney’s aunt explained, “There’s no doubt he loves her and she loves him. Now everyone’s met her, we love her too! They are perfect together. I’m so glad we got to meet the woman behind all the make-up and the outfits. She’s very well-spoken and down-to-earth. She’s basic - a sweet, normal, healthy person.”
An insider added, “Both families are happy and she’s already doodling baby names on scraps of paper. She’s been bragging about how beautiful their children will be because Taylor is so handsome. She wants everything with him - love, marriage and a family. But she’s set on becoming a mother before they think about anything else and she’s talking about giving birth in the next year.”
The insider continued, “You know this is the real deal because she never talked about babies when she was with her long-term ex-boyfriend Luc Carl. With Taylor, that’s all she talks about now.” It is believed that Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are currently dividing their time between her mansion in Beverly Hills and the £1.2m house that she brought in Pennsylvania.
Nicki Minaj praises herself
Nicki Minaj praises herself

Singer Nicki Minaj has spoken highly about herself, claiming that she must be pop culture because she is so popular. Nicki claims that girls all over the world are copying her style because they like the way she looks and what she does. However, Nicki admits that she does not go out of her way to make these girls copy her, she is simply making a statement.

Minaj explained, “I guess I am pop culture just because what I’m doing seems to be popular. When people want to do what you’re doing, it’s kind of popular. I don’t ask girls to wear pink hair; they just do it. It’s not about black or white; I think it’s just a statement. It doesn’t matter which colour you are; it’s just a statement of being fearless.”
Nicki then went on to respond to comments that people have been making about her trying to be like Lady Gaga. She added, “That’s just who I am. I was a theatre major; I studied theatre.” Nicki Minaj was recently praised by former X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd for being the only relevant female rapper. Nicki Minaj was recently confirmed to be playing this year’s V Festival.
Lady Gaga calls for an end to diet wars
Lady Gaga calls for an end to diet wars

Lady Gaga has called for her fellow celebrities to stop trying to outdo each other with the latest diet, as too many young people look up to them and are making themselves ill by trying to copy it. Lady Gaga also revealed how she used to suffer from Bulimia and made herself sick all the time but she had to stop for the sake of her singing voice.

Lady Gaga explained, “It’s easier for me to talk about it now because I don’t do it anymore. I used to throw up all the time in high school. Bulimia made my voice bad so I had to stop. The acid on your vocal cords — it’s very bad. But for those of you who don’t sing, you maybe don’t have that excuse until it’s too late. It’s very dangerous. I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the table every night.”
She added, “I used to come home and say, ‘Dad, why do you always give us this food? I need to be thin’. And he’d say, ‘Eat your spaghetti’. I’m gonna say this about girls. The dieting wars have got to stop. Everyone just knock it off! Because at the end of the day, it’s affecting kids your age. And it’s making girls sick.” Lady Gaga is expected to release a new album later this year.
Adele is too fat states Karl Lagerfeld
Adele is too fat states Karl Lagerfeld

Slim line designer Karl Lagerfeld has criticised English singer Adele for being too fat. Never one to mix his words, Karl just came straight out and admitted that he thought Adele was too fat. Karl did admit that he thought she had a beautiful face and that he liked her voice but his comments about her weight were just unnecessary.

He explained, “The thing at the moment is Adele — she is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Not that Adele will mind too much, as she has mentioned on a number of occasions in the past, that she is proud of her curves and enjoys the fact that she still gets to indulge in her favourite foods and booze.
Adele stated, “I like eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. I love seeing Lady Gaga's boobs and bum. I love seeing Katy Perry's boobs and bum. Love it. But that's not what my music is about. I don't make music for eyes, I make music for ears.” It was confirmed recently that Adele is set to make her much anticipated stage come back later this month, following her recent throat surgery.