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Jennifer Lawrence talks tailbones, yoga and living in LA
Jennifer Lawrence talks tailbones, yoga and living in LA

The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence is set to be shot into superstardom, following the inevitable success of the forthcoming Gary Ross movie. However, Jennifer remains a very humble young lady and has been reminiscing about her youth.

Lawrence explained, “I am from Kentucky and grew up with horses. I got thrown off countless times, I even broke my tailbone. It still looks weird today.” Jennifer then went on to reveal that she got herself into shape for the physical scenes, by doing yoga.
She added, “I had to run, jump and climb for four hours daily because Katniss is on the run half of the movie. And she is very graceful doing so. I stretched into that flexibility with yoga.” Lawrence also admitted that it took some getting used to, when she moved to Los Angeles.
Jennifer continued, “I hated LA in the beginning. Always driving by car and this crazy traffic. And all these crazy people… Sometimes I still cannot believe that I am a part of Hollywood now. But I don’t really live in the middle of the hornets’ nest but very quietly at the beach.”
The Hunger Games is released on March 23.
Cheryl Cole to trade talent shows for Hollywood movies

Cheryl Cole to trade talent shows for Hollywood movies

Following positive reviews of her short lived appearance on the X Factor US, Cheryl Cole is reportedly setting her sights on a movie career state side.
Cheryl Cole is said to be distancing herself now from any reality show formats, after rejecting the available seat on Britain’s Got Talent, it appears that she has bigger fish to fry and given her mass networking opportunity while she was in LA filming X Factor US, she is set to take advantage.
It’s been no real secret that Cheryl Cole has higher ambitions than just being popular and plying her trading in the UK, and a somewhat unreliable source, apparently told the Daily Star “she[Cheryl Cole] is in talks for three film roles and is eager to get back to LA to finish her album.”.
This will all come as a big blow to Simon Cowell as he was looking to reinstate her on the next series of The X Factor in the UK, but it seems to be clear that she isn’t interested in taking part in the talent show format any longer.
Orlando Bloom, US more hectic than UK
Orlando Bloom, US more hectic than UK
Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom has admitted that he finds it much easier to keep a low profile in the UK than he does in the US. Orlando, who was born in Canterbury, Kent in England and divides his time between the US and the UK, claims that he spends a lot more time in his home country than people actually realise.
Bloom explained, “It’s good in LA but I kind of live in London as well. Most of the time I keep it very quiet as I like to be at home and not in the eye of it all.” He continued, “You can’t avoid it sometimes in LA unfortunately - I try my best but it’s very difficult. When I’m in the UK, and I’m here more than people would think, I tend to keep a very low profile. I just enjoy being home with my family and mates and stuff.”
Orlando Bloom has a new born baby boy, Flynn, with his wife, model Miranda Kerr and could not help but express his love for his first born child. Orlando added, “My baby is amazing, even his head smells amazing,” told the Daily Record. “His breath, the whole thing, you could eat him! He’s a big, beautiful boy. He’s great.” Some people get all the luck.