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The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson undergoes surgical procedure on his nose
The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson undergoes surgical procedure on his nose

The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson has undergone a surgical procedure on his nose.

The 19-year-old American star was spotted in Beverly Hills sporting a bandage on his face after going under the knife. The young star has revealed that his surgery was to treat a broken nose.

The actor tweeted: ‘Just had surgery to fix my broken nose.’

He explained that he was recovering at home and keeping himself entertained by watching Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hit Lifetime show, The Client List: ‘…recovery sucks…thank god for a marathon on lifetime…#theclientlist thanks @TheReal_Jlh,’ he added.

The last time the actor was seen before his trip to hospital was last Tuesday when he attended a meeting, again in Beverly Hills. Before that he attended the White House Correspondents dinner in Washington D.C. The actor, who briefly dated actress and co-star Vanessa Hudgens, looked handsome in a black tuxedo as he dined with President Barack Obama and other Hollywood stars.

Recently the actor was embroiled in controversy when he decided to take the law into his own hands after complaining about the US legal drinking age.vJosh was spotted leaving supermarket Ralphs in Los Angeles with a bottle of whiskey, despite the fact you have to be 21 to buy alcohol. A source told TMZ the cheeky teen actor had used a fake ID to trick a shop worker into selling him an expensive single malt.

Josh Hutcherson talks about The Hunger Games fame & his love of tattoos
Josh Hutcherson talks about The Hunger Games fame & his love of tattoos

Josh Hutcherson says he hasn’t changed “at all” despite the phenomenal success of his movie, The Hunger Games.

The 19-year-old actor has been propelled into heartthrob status and screamed at by thousands of girls at premieres around the world.

However, Josh told MTV News that he has remained grounded and doesn’t really have a lavish lifestyle, revealing that he prefers to live a low-key existence.

“I’ve changed a lot. I wear nothing but high-end designer suits. I fly private everywhere,” he joked, before adding: “I haven’t changed at all.”

“I was expecting it to be a huge difference and it hasn’t been, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. It’s been so low-key and people who do recognise me have been awesome, cool and not crazy.”

But one thing Josh doesn’t want to change is his love for getting tattoos, although he knows he has to get to a certain status before he can cover his body in them: “The last one I got was six months ago,” he revealed. “I have an anchor ship creation on my back.”

“I need to have the kind of career Angelina Jolie has first. They’re not gonna hire guys covered in tattoos. I need to make sure they hire me first.”   

Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson reveals reason behind gay rights campaign
Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson reveals reason behind gay rights campaign

Hunger Games’ star Josh Hutcherson has revealed that his two late uncles are the reason behind his equal rights campaigning.

The 19-year-old actor has been working closely with ‘Straight But Not Narrow’, a group working towards equal rights for same sex couples wanting to marry in the US. Speaking to E!, Josh revealed that two of his uncles, who passed away from AIDS at the height of the epidemic, are his motivation fir campaigning.

Josh explained: “They were in their early thirties, in great shape, but unfortunately they were taken away from us too soon. Both passed away at about the time I was born.”

Recalling a letter he received from a 14-year-old in Florida, he said: “He was in this very right wing and religious sort of area and he sent a letter saying how SBNN changed his life, and how he was able to feel more comfortable coming out to his friends. I was almost bawling reading it. That makes all our work worth it.”

Josh continued: “This is what my family is most proud of and the same for me. Acting is one thing, but actually trying to change the world and the way people think to make people’s lives better? That’s the stuff I’m most proud of.”

The Hunger Games' has enjoyed one of the most successful box office openings in cinema history around the world.

Detention director Joseph Kahn praises Josh Hutcherson
Detention director Joseph Kahn praises Josh Hutcherson

The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson has become a household name around the world, thanks to his portrayal of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games. However, Josh is set to appear in the movie Detention, which was filmed before The Hunger Games and Detention director Joseph Kahn has been praising the actor.

Joseph explained to Collider, “I will say that I’m going to take full credit for this. I knew Josh was going to be a star. One of the things you do, as a music video director, is spot talent.”
He added, “That’s one of my things. I don’t just do random people. I don’t turn Britney Spears into a star. I have to spot that these people are going to be stars, in the future, and say, ‘Okay, these guys have cultural validity and they’re going to pop.’”
Kahn continued, “I knew Josh was going to pop before the studios knew it. It was just a matter of time before Josh found his thing.  When we were casting, at that point, he wasn’t what he is now, but I made that call and said, “This kid is definitely going to pop. It’s just a matter of time.”
As well as Josh Hutcherson, Detention also stars Dane Cook and is released today in the US.
The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson discuss weight loss, weight gain and dieting
The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson discuss weight loss, weight gain and dieting

The Hunger Games has become one of the biggest movies of all time, has broken many records and could yet break further records to come. However, the cast of The Hunger Games have admitted that the roles that they played did not come without their challenges.

Liam Hemsworth explained, “My character lives in district twelve and is living in a depression and is not eating a lot, so I lost quite a bit of weight for the role. I find it much easier to gain weight than lose it. It was tough not eating.”
While Liam was losing weight, The Hunger Games co star Josh Hutcherson was gaining weight, which also has its downsides. Josh added, “It too about four weeks but it was a lot of eating, that was the hardest part. Eating so much protein, eating things I don’t like and not eating Poptarts and cereal that I love.”
Then there was Jennifer Lawrence, who claims that she refused to diet for the role, as she does not believe that it sets a good example to young girls. She stated, “I’m miserable when I’m dieting and I like the way I look.” She added that she is “so sick” seeing young girls diet and hopes she can be a good role model for them.
The Hunger Games has continued to dominate at the box office, holding on to the number one spot for the third week running.
The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire moved forward for December release this year
The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire moved forward for December release this year

It has been reported that the sequel to the record breaking movie The Hunger Games, which is titled Catching Fire, has had its release date brought forward from the end of next year to December this year, in a bid to keep the ball rolling on the franchise.

Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and pretty much everybody else in The Hunger Games have confirmed that they are willing to jump straight back on board to film Catching Fire as soon as possible. Director Gary Ross has also vowed to return for Catching Fire.
The plan is to get filming underway right away, with some of the footage from The Hunger Games that had to be cut, being used for Catching Fire. Gary is also keen to film with whatever actors he can, whenever he can and does not necessarily need the whole cast available all of the time.
It is a bold move from Lionsgate and just as bold a move from everybody else involved but there seems to be a slight fear that some fans were a bit disappointed with The Hunger Games, so they are bringing out Catching Fire in December this year to try and make amends to those fans.
Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth discuss The Hunger Games success
Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth discuss The Hunger Games success

The Hunger Games was finally released last week, after months of build up and anticipation, and a few of the cast members have been talking about why they think The Hunger Games is so huge. Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth all gave their views on the movie, which is set to make global superstars of everyone involved.

Hutcherson explained, “I think it’s Suzanne’s writing.  Think she wrote a world that’s very intriguing. The futuristic world of the separation of the rich and the poor and this battle between these children is very interesting. I think the characters are very dynamic and that’s something I connected with a lot.”
Banks added, “I read the books and I love these characters and this world that Suzanne Collins created as much as all these fans do, so I understand the pandemonium because I’m as big a fan as they are.”
Hemsworth then admitted that he felt very proud to be part of something so huge and successful. He continued, “Right now I feel very fortunate and very happy to be where I am and very proud of this film.”
The Hunger Games opened last week and has been enjoying huge success around the globe.
Jennifer Lawrence was bullied by her brothers
Jennifer Lawrence was bullied by her brothers

The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence has revealed how her brothers used to take it in turns to do what brothers do best – bully her. Jennifer reminisced about one occasion in particular, which involved her brothers getting their pet dog involved.

Lawrence explained during an interview with David Letterman, “When I was doing the gymnastics phase, they used to pin my feet back behind my head… and then they would get our dachshunds and put peanut butter all over my face.”
She added, “And then they’d shut the door, lock me in the basement with dachshunds.” Jennifer then went on to admit that she is now having the last laugh, “And now - karma! - I go on talk shows and tell everybody. I win!” she said.
The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hitcherson and Liam Hemsworth, was released last week and has been breaking records ever since. It was revealed that The Hunger Games has become the third biggest movie at the US box office for its opening weekend takings. It has taken over $210m, and rising, worldwide.
Have you seen The Hunger Games? Give us your thoughts on the movie.
The Hunger Games could have starred Chloe Moretz, Alex Pettyfer and David Henrie
The Hunger Games could have starred Chloe Moretz, Alex Pettyfer and David Henrie

The Hunger Games was released last week and has been smashing box office records over the course of the weekend. However, The Hunger Games could have been a completely different movie altogether, had Gary Ross decided to cast different stars who auditioned.

Jennifer Lawrence is set to become a worldwide superstar, thanks to her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, but it seems that she thought off some tough competition to win the role. Jennifer came up against some big names and could have easily been overlooked for Chloe Moretz. Fortunately for Jennifer, she managed to win the role.
Then there is the character Peeta Mellark, who is played in The Hunger Games by Josh Hutcherson, after he also saw off stiff competition for the role. Fellow Hollywood star Alex Pettyfer also auditioned for the role and many could see him as Peeta but Josh ultimately won the role.
Liam Hemsworth did not really have as high profile competition for the role of Gale Hawthorne but he was, at one point, considered to just be a hunk. That could have opened the door for How I Met Your Mother and Wizards of Waverly Place actor David Henrie. However, Liam managed to do enough in his audition to convince them he was the man for the role.
Who would you like to have seen in The Hunger Games?
Liam Hemsworth discusses The Hunger Games character
Liam Hemsworth discusses The Hunger Games character

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth is set to become a worldwide superstar, following the release of the Gary Ross movie The Hunger Games, where he plays the character Gale Hawthorne. Liam has been talking a little about his character and his feelings towards The Hunger Games.

Hemsworth explained, “I think there is [a twinge of jealousy], definitely. I think Gale feels confused when he’s watching these games. In the beginning, he doesn’t want anything to do with these games, he doesn’t want to be a part of it, he’s not going to watch. 
He added, “But once his best friend is in there and he can’t not watch, I think he thinks that Katniss has really become part of the game and she’s really playing, and I think he’s a little confused about what she’s doing with Peeta and why.
Liam continued, “But at the end of the day she’s just trying to survive, and I think when she comes home he knows that.” It was recently claimed that Liam Hemsworth and his girlfriend Miley Cyrus have talking about the possibility of getting married.
Liam Hemsworth stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Games, which is out now.
Woody Harrelson discusses The Hunger Games sequels
Woody Harrelson discusses The Hunger Games sequels

The Hunger Games actor Woody Harrelson has revealed how he is uncertain about the possibility of returning for the expected sequels to the movie, as he wants to see how The Hunger Games fairs first. There are currently two sequels to The Hunger Games, titled Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

Harrelson explained, “It’s hard to say what the higher-ups are thinking but, for me, I just want this to be a great movie. I can’t think about the next movie or if there’s a movie after that.” Woody admitted that it is very rare that a sequel is as good as the original.
He added, “In fact, in our culture I rarely see sequels that are as good as the original. I hope this movie’s great. As for the others, I don’t know. But my eldest daughters have read all the books and love them.”
While Woody Harrelson has admitted that he cannot think about The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, until he sees how the first movie does, the rest of The Hunger Games cast, including Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth,  seem dead set on returning for any future sequels.
The Hunger Games is out now.
Josh Hutcherson fell in love with The Hunger Games character
Josh Hutcherson fell in love with The Hunger Games character

The Hunger Games actor, Josh Hutcherson, has admitted that he instantly fell in love with his character Peeta, who he plays in the Gary Ross directed movie. Josh admitted that he sees a lot of similarities between himself and Peeta, which is what drew him to the role.

Hutcherson explained, “For me, Peeta is an amazing character. I fell in love with him right away. What’s crazy is that I’ve never seen a character that’s so much of who I am as a person. I just feel like his self-deprecating humour, his outlook on life, how he doesn’t want things to change him - that’s really part of who I am as a person.”
He added, “Being in this movie business from a young age, from nine years old, there’s a lot of times where you could let things change you, let people have a big effect on you. You have to make sure you stay true to who you are and what your value system is
Josh continued, “That was really important to me from a young age, and I think that’s something that really attracted to me about Peeta, because that’s how he is as well. He’s very much like myself. He’s outgoing, very much a people person, he has a way of being able to talk to anybody he meets.”
The Hunger Games is released on March 23.