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Taylor Kitsch discusses Savages
Taylor Kitsch discusses Savages

2012 is set to be an absolutely huge year for Hollywood actor Taylor Kitsch, as he has some amazing movies set to be released. Not only is Taylor going to appear on the big screen in the big budget movies Battleship and John Carter but he is also going to star in the Oliver Stone movie Savages and he has been talking about the film.

Kitsch explained, “That’s going to be an incredible movie! I haven’t even seen it and I just feel that way. It’s just one of those things that while you are doing it, you’re just like, ‘Oh man, this is going to be good when you cut this thing.’” Taylor then went on to talk about what it was like to work with his Savages co star Blake Lively.
He added, “I didn’t have a lot [of scenes] with Blake. She’s very sweet, but she gets kidnapped in the beginning of the story. I did a lot with Travolta and Benicio Del Toro and Aaron Johnson.”
Savages boasts an all star cast. As well as Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, John Travolta, Benicio Del Toro and Aaron Johnson, it also stars Demian Bichir, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman and Emile Hirsch. Savages is set to be released in the US on July 6 and in the UK on September 28.