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Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner struggling from writers block
Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner struggling from writers block

The frontman of British band Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner, has revealed that he finds it very difficult to right hit singles these days, due to the change in the music scene since he and the band first made it big. Alex also admitted that he does not believe that he is a very good singer and has always felt more comfortable penning lyrics, than actually singing them.

Turner explained, “I have f**king forgotten how to do a hit single. I don’t know what that is anymore, it’s a different landscape.” He then added, “I was never a singer. I have had to practice at that and writing melodies is something that didn’t come naturally. I was more comfortable writing lyrics. I am still working on it but I think we are getting there with the singing thing.”
Alex Turner has previously admitted that he has fallen out of love with, possibly Arctic Monkeys biggest track, I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, stating that he often falls out of love with many of his songs. It was reported in November that Arctic Monkeys have turned down the chance of switching to the major record label Sony and EMI.