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Russell Brand and Noel Fielding to release album together
Russell Brand and Noel Fielding to release album together

Former stand up comedian Russell Brand made a slight career change when he moved into the movie industry as an actor and now it seems that Russell is set to change paths again. This time Russell is moving into the music industry as one half of a new singing duo.

It is claimed that Russell Brand is teaming up with fellow funnyman Noel Fielding to work on an album, which is expected to be released later this year. It is believed that the Russell Brand and Noel Fielding album will feature humorous songs, similar to those by Noel in The Mighty Boosh.
Both men having singing experience, Noel with his hit comedy series The Mighty Boosh, which features a number of different songs, and Russell with the movie Get Him to the Greek, where he played a rock star and co wrote a number of the songs from the film.
It is not yet known whether Russell Brand and Noel Fielding will give their musical project a name or whether they will just go by their actual names. They are set to begin work on the album in the coming weeks. Watch this space!
Russell Brand fancies Prince Charles?
Russell Brand fancies Prince Charles?

Get Him to the Greek’s English comedian Russell Brand has revealed that, now he is a single man, he has got his eye on one person in particular and this time it is not a beautiful woman. Russell joked that he loved the fact that people had the right to free speech, as it allowed him to confess that he has a thing for Prince Charles.

Russell jested, “It’s good there is freedom of speech. This means I can say that I find Prince Charles sexually attractive.” Russell Brand is set to appear at the Secret Policeman’s Ball which takes place in order of Amnesty International in New York and is set to take place next month. Despite his joke about fancying Prince Charles, it does appear that Russell Brand is moving on from Katy Perry.
In the past couple of weeks, 36 year old Russell Brand has been spending a lot of time with 25 year old Mexican artist and model Oriela Medellin Amieiro. The two have been sneaking around in order to avoid being snapped together. An insider explained, “Russell and Oriela were really keen not to be seen together.”
Jonah Hill talks weight loss
Jonah Hill talks weight loss
Hollywood funny man Jonah Hill has revealed that he is pushing himself to shed some weight and get into shape. The Get Him To The Greek actor has already lost quite a bit of weight and it is very noticeable but he has confirmed that with his new health and fitness regime he intends to lose more.
Talking about his weight loss attempts, Jonah explained, “It’s not fun.” The Superbad star then added, “I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun endeavour I’ve ever took on in my life, but it’s important. And I’m enjoying it. If I eat something unhealthy now, I kind of feel a little weird and my body hurts.”
Jonah Hill recently confirmed that he had completed filming the remake of the movie 21 Jump Street, which is due out on March 16 2012. Hill has also signed up to star in the movie Good Time Gang, where he will be starring alongside Mark Wahlberg.