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Katy Perry to spend more time in UK to be with Robert Ackroyd
Katy Perry to spend more time in UK to be with Robert Ackroyd

It was only in January that we heard the news hit of Katy Perry and Russell Brand's split but, five months on, Katy appears to have found a hot new man.

According to a source speaking to more! magazine, Katy Perry has “marked out her territory” with Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd.

The I Kissed A Girl singer is said to be smitten with the musician, so much so that she is apparently keen to spend time with him, even if that means travelling to the UK and spending more of her time there.

“I think Katy’s marked out her territory with Rob. It’s clear she’s really into him, and wants to join him when the band returns to the UK next month. She must know that if Rob gets home and she’s not there with him, other things might happen,” the source said.

“She’s willing to spend as much time in the UK as she can. Rob’s a proper British lad who loves going down the pub and watching football. He’s not Hollywood at all. That’s why Katy likes him so much. I’m sure she learnt a lot from trying and failing to make a long-distance relationship work with Russell,” the insider added.

Could Katy have found love again, or is this just a high-profile rebound? Regardless of how things go with her new man, if reports are to be believed she could always give her marriage to British comic Russell Brand another go. Russell has apparently been sending Katy emails saying he gave up on their marriage too soon.

This may be too little, too late by the looks of thigs, Russell!

Katy Perry goes public with new man
Katy Perry goes public with new man

She’s only been back on the market for four months since her marriage to English comedian Russell Brand ended, but Katy Perry has wasted no time in finding a new man.

Katy Perry is said to have fallen head over heels for her new boyfriend, Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd, and has shown she’s well and truly over Russel by cosying up to Robert at the Coachella Festival over the weekend.

The I Kissed A girl singer looked smitten as she passionately kissed her gorgeous new man, and didn’t seem to care who was watching. Katy, 27, looked cute in her purple high-waisted shorts with a matching sheer blouse which showed off her midriff. She also sported matching long purple hair as she showed how to dress for a summer festival.

The pair already look like a solid couple as they walked along holding hands and didn’t take their hands off each other. Robert is said to be exactly what Katy goes for in a man, with his rugged good looks and tattooed torso.

Robert soon started following the singer on Twitter, and it appears they’ve now fallen for each other. Katy announced her split from Russell Brand at the end of December after 14 months of marriage, and their divorce is scheduled to come through in July.

She has since been linked to French model Baptiste Giabiconi after the pair posted pictures up of themselves on Twitter, but the singer has now moved on with Robert.

While Katy has been enjoying her romance with her new man, her ex-husband has moved on with Hungarian model Nikolett Barabas.

Katy Perry dating Florence and the Machine guatarist Robert Ackroyd?
Katy Perry dating Florence and the Machine guatarist Robert Ackroyd?

The mystery man Katy Perry was seen holding hands with at Coachella on Sunday is Florence and the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd, NME revealed today, sparking speculation that the pair are dating.

The pair were spotted holding hands in the crowd while Rihanna performed during Calvin Harris' set at the LA festival. While at the California event, the singer has taken to Twitter to praise M83's performance and described Radiohead's headline set as “spiritual”. She also tweeted that she “almost cried” when she saw Tupac's hologram.

The singer, who is currently working on her third studio effort, claimed her next LP would take a serious turn following her divorce from comedian Russel Brand in December, and described the tone as “dark”.

Katy also revealed recently that she turned down a role in Oscar-winning 2011 movie The Help. The singer is instead due to appear in her own 3D concert movie, titled ‘Katy Perry: Part Of Me’, in July. Speaking about her 3D movie she said: “I wanted to show people this parade that surrounds me, I wanted them to see the engine. I wanted people to be able to experience the tour and all the joy it brought, which is why we shot it in 3D.”

Katy Perry has faced new rumours recently that she wants to give her marriage to Brit comedian Russel Brand another go.

Drake praises Adele and Florence and the Machine
Drake praises Adele and Florence and the Machine

Rapper Drake has revealed how he is a big fan of a couple of the UK’s biggest female artists right now. Drake has admitted that he and Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine are good friends, while he also has huge admiration for Adele.

Drake explained to Capital FM, “Florence is like one of my dear, dear friends, so supportive of me, and did a great cover of ‘Take Care’. Her album is so phenomenal and I actually sample Florence on my album - nobody really detected that but there’s a little Florence sample in We’ll Be Fine.”
He added, “Well I’m a big Adele fan so I had to make a little Adele joke at the show because she’s so successful - obviously in London - but where I’m from also. I think she’s the biggest artist in the world right now so she deserves it.”
Drake recently admitted that he had done some work with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber and was hoping that it would be used on Justin’s new album Believe. He also admitted that he struggled to come to terms with his fame and turned to drugs to help him cope.
Florence and the Machine singer discusses her rise to fame
Florence and the Machine singer discusses her rise to fame

Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch has revealed that, despite the fact that her life has changed dramatically in the last four years, she still lives at home with her mother. Florence claims that she still gets a little freaked out when she hears herself on the radio but still living at home has helped to keep her grounded.

Welch explained, “So much has changed since 2008. It’s amazing to think what has happened. It still freaks me out when my songs come on the radio. It’s like someone has seen me naked all of a sudden. Wherever you are, I’ve almost crashed cars trying to turn it off the radio, because you suddenly feel like everyone can see you. All this stuff has happened but I am still at home. I feel bad for my mum, especially because of my clothes. It’s like a constant battle between me and my wardrobe. It’s like invading armies of vintage clothes.
She added, “I think about moving out constantly, but then again I’m never there. I’m always in a hotel. My two goals as a teenager were to move out and also to have a music career. It seems one has really taken precedence and made the other one quite hard. Also, I think it has been a slightly unstable time, especially touring. It’s a nerve-racking process putting out a new record, travelling all the time, so having the stability of home is a really good thing. Because everything is still changing so much, it’s nice to have that base. I’m there and my sister Grace is there. My family is there.
Florence continued, “You can just go back and be normal. It keeps me grounded. I’m 25 and I’ve got to move out before I’m 26. That’s my goal now.” Florence and the Machine are up for two Brits, Best Album and Best Female, at the Brit Awards, which take place tonight at the O2 Arena in London.