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Daniel Radcliffe almost quit Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe almost quit Harry Potter

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has revealed how he almost quit the movie franchise, as he was worried about the prospect of committing to every single Harry Potter movie. Daniel claims that he was tempted to quit after Harry Potter and the Prisnoer of Azkaban but that he could not think of any other acting roles for a boy of his age, at the time.

Radcliffe explained, “There was a time after the third film when I thought about quitting. It was only for a second, but I thought, ‘If I do the fourth, I’ll have to do them all’. If I was going to leave, that would have been the perfect time because it would have given whoever came in to play Harry enough films to establish himself properly. It wouldn’t have totally dumped him in the s**t. But then I started thinking, ‘What other good parts are there for 15-year-olds? None’.”
Daniel also admitted that he would love to join another British movie franchise, in the form of the James Bond movies, although he would rather not follow Daniel Craig as 007. He added, “I’d like to be in the new one [Skyfall], with Sam Mendes directing but I don’t know if I’d be any good as Bond. I definitely wouldn’t want to follow Daniel Craig. I’ll let someone else have a go first. Erm… who’d be terrible as Bond?” Daniel Radcliffe can be seen in The Woman in Black which is out now.