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James Corden talks Adele Brit Award snub
James Corden talks Adele Brit Award snub

Comedian James Corden, who was the host of the 2012 Brit Awards earlier this year, has admitted that he believes the whole Adele snub was blown way out of proportion. James claims that Adele is fine with it and nobody is really that bothered about, so why did it get such huge coverage?

Corden explained, “She’s fine, I’ve never known such a non thing to become a thing, ever. I’ve done a lot of press [in the US] in the last few weeks and no-one’s mentioned it. I think they realised that someone didn’t get to say ‘Thank you’ long enough and maybe thought it wasn’t huge news.”
He added, “The truth is you want something to happen at the Brits. Let’s remember what the Brits used to be, where a story would be the lead singer of Chumbawamba throws ice over John Prescott.”
James continued, “Is [the Adele snub] really what we should be saying is a great showcase for our musical centre piece of the year? The show we did this year for the Brits, that was a good two-hour music show.”
James Corden is set to return for the fifth season of A League of Their Own, later this month.
Adele to return Brit Awards
Adele to return Brit Awards

Brit Award winning singer Adele is set to return her Brit Awards, as the war between the singer and the event organisers takes a new turn. Adele has claimed that she feels disrespected as an artist and as such does not value the Brit Awards as an achievement any longer.

The problems between Adele and the Brit Award organisers began when the singer was cut off during her acceptance speech earlier this year. The decision was made so that Blur could play out the show in time for the news, much to the disgust of the singer.
Adele proceeded to give organisers the middle finger and also withdrew her upcoming ITV show from the ITV schedule. Now, Adele has claimed that she believes that the Brit Awards has become a farce and wants nothing to do with the event.
While it is assumed that the ITV bigwigs were responsible for Adele being cut off, she is convinced that somebody involved with the Brit Awards could have done something, instead of sitting back and letting it happen. It is unclear whether she will be returning all of her Brits or just the ones she won this year.
Frank Skinner slams Adele
Frank Skinner slams Adele

British funnyman Frank Skinner has spoken out about his disappointment in singer Adele for her actions during the whole Brit Award cut off farce. Frank claims that he feels Adele has come across as a bit of a hypocrite for her actions at the Brit Awards and believes that host James Corden actually did her a huge favour by stopping her during her speech.

Skinner explained, “I think James Corden did her a favour. With all that proud to be British stuff and saying she was waving the flag for us, I was not happy with it. I think she was a bit hypocritical.” Frank then went on to discuss how the Brit Awards used to actually be rather interesting and entertaining but that he feels they have now lost their way a bit.
He added, “The Brits used to be this massively controversial thing with people taking trousers down and someone throwing water over John Prescott. It has gone really downhill now.” It was reported at the weekend that Brit Award winner Adele has retaliated to being cut off, by cancelling plans to appear in an ITV special.
Dappy slams Olly Murs Brit Award performance
Dappy slams Olly Murs Brit Award performance

Former N-Dubz singer Dappy has slammed former X Factor wannabe Olly Murs for his performance at the Brit Awards last week. Dappy claims that he was not impressed with the performance of Olly Murs and even suggested that he needs to learn how to sing. It is not the first time that Dappy has had a pop at a fellow celebrity and it is highly unlikely to be the last.

Dappy explained, “Bloomin’ hell, Olly Murs needs to learn how to sing, boy. He came off The X Factor so he should be able to sing and yet that was a horrific performance. You can’t do things like that.” Dappy then went on to discuss his future regarding the Brit Awards and whether he thinks he should have been nominated for any.
He added, “I don’t feel I deserve to be at The Brits yet. I need a year of hits, then I’ll be able to go. I’ve had a No1 but I need a couple more. I was so happy for Adele and Ed Sheeran.” Dappy recently revealed how he has ended his cheating ways because he felt that it shows him as a weak person and he hated having to try and win his girlfriend back every time.
Lily Allen accuses music industry of sexism
Lily Allen accuses music industry of sexism

It’s Not Me, It’s You singer Lily Allen has revealed that she believes that Adele was cut off during her acceptance speech, due to the sexist attitude of the music industry towards women. Adele was giving her second acceptance speech of the night, when Brit Awards host James Corden had to cut her off due to time constraints and Lily Allen has now accused the Brit Awards bosses of sexism.

Lily Allen took to her official Twitter page to make the statement and express the fact that she was not exactly surprised by the controversial cut off decision. Lily tweeted, “I’d rather hear adeles acceptance speech. I can’t say I’m surprised. It was like the music industry’s attitude to women played out as a metaphor.”
Adele has received the backing of a number of her fellow music industry peers, including Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, The Saturdays singer Mollie King and Professor Green. Brit Awards host James Corden also admitted that he felt it was a wrong move and that he feels extremely bad about what happened. Adele won two Brit Awards on the night but the focus the next day was more about her being cut off than it was her success.
Olly Murs feels sorry for Adele after Brit Awards cut off
Olly Murs feels sorry for Adele after Brit Awards cut off

Former X Factor wannabe Olly Murs has revealed how he felt sorry for Brit Award winner Adele, after she was cut off during her second acceptance speech of the night. Olly Murs admitted that he believes that Adele will continue to win many more Brit Awards for the next 15 years or so but added that she still deserved to thank those people she missed the first time around.

Murs explained, “I feel for her but then it is a TV show unfortunately. Obviously Damon Albarn was on before with Blur and he obviously went on quite a bit, didn’t he? So when it got to Adele and her speech, I think she wanted to thank a few people that maybe she didn’t thank before but unfortunately James is sort of the bad guy and had to cut it short because of the show and that’s how it works unfortunately.
He added, “I feel gutted for her but you know, let’s be honest, she’s going to win Brits for the next 10 to 15 years but she did deserve another couple of minutes.” Olly Murs performed his number one hit Heart Skips a Beat at the Brit Awards last night, which saw Adele and Ed Sheeran both walk away with two Brit Awards each.
One Direction UK and Ireland arena tour dates and venues
One Direction UK and Ireland arena tour dates and venues

One Direction have come quite a long way since their days on the ITV reality singing competition The X Factor and after winning the Best Single for What Makes You Beautiful at last night’s Brit Awards, One Direction have confirmed that they will be going on an arena tour of the UK and Ireland in 2013.

The One Direction arena tour is set to kick off on February 22, 2013 at the London O2 Arena and will take place across 15 dates, ending on March 24, 2013 at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena. Tickets for the One Direction arena tour are set to go on sale on February 25 at 9am. The dates for the One Direction arena tour are as follows:
February 22 - London, O2 Arena
February 23 - London, O2 Arena
February 26 - Glasgow, SECC
March 1 - Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
March 2 - Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
March 5 - Dublin, O2 Arena
March 6 - Dublin, O2 Arena
March 7 - Belfast, Odyssey Arena
March 8 - Belfast, Odyssey Arena
March 15 - Manchester, Manchester Arena
March 17 - Liverpool, Echo Arena
March 19 - Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
March 20 - Nottingham, Capital FM Arena
March 22 - Birmingham, LG Arena
March 24 - Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
James Corden upset by Adele Brit Award cut off
James Corden upset by Adele Brit Award cut off

James Corden presented the Brit Awards last night and was forced to cut off Adele during her second acceptance speech, by those in charge of the broadcast. James admitted that the whole think did make him feel rather upset and that he could not understand how the organisers allowed for Blur to play so long but not let Adele make her speech.

Corden explained, “I’m alright - I just feel bad about having to cut Adele off. I really don’t understand quite why I was made to, but it’s not a very nice way to end. I was having the best night of my life but then I had to cut Adele off before she had a chance to say thank you - she’s the biggest star in the world.”
He added, “I don’t quite understand what happened - but I’m quite upset about it. Blur playing for 11 minutes and she gets to just say ‘Thank you’ once. Up until then, I thought we’d really [been terrific].” After being cut off due to the lack of time, Adele then raised her middle finger in the direction of those in charge of the broadcast. Adele explained, “I flung the middle finger. That was for the suits at the Brit Awards.”
Adele and Ed Sheeran win big at the Brit Awards
Adele and Ed Sheeran win big at the Brit Awards

It was another big night for singer Adele, who recently took home six Grammy Awards, as she scooped up two Brit Awards to add to her collection, British Female Artist and Mastercard Album Of The Year for 21. Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran also managed to bag himself two Brit Awards, British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act.

Accepting her first award from Kylie Minogue, Adele explained, “I feel like a drag queen standing next to you. It’s been an amazing year. Thank you. I’d like to thank my record company for letting me be the kind of artist I want to be.” Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran forgot to thank his friend Stuart Camp, who let him crash on his sofa for so long, as he collected his first award.
However, he made amends for it with his second gong, as he said, “He took me from a spotty, chubby ginger teenager to this. So thanks Stuart and… you need a new sofa.” There was some controversy at the Brit Awards, as Adele was cut short by James Corden during her second acceptance speech, much to the annoyance of the singer who then gave the middle finger to those in charge.
Marcus Collins reveals his Brit Awards outfit
Marcus Collins reveals his Brit Awards outfit

Last season’s X Factor runner up Marcus Collins has revealed how he always gets nervous when it comes to buying new outfits, as he is always worried that he does not have enough money to buy what he really wants. However, Marcus has admitted that since he has become famous, designers actually let him borrow outfits, such as the jacket that he will be wearing to the Brit Awards tonight.

Collins explained, “I haven’t got no cash, I’m skint! I was really lucky yesterday: I went into Unconditional because I wanted to get something for The Brits. I was like, ‘OK I’m going in for the big spend, let’s see if I can part with me card’, because normally I get a sweat on because I don’t know if there’s enough money on there.”
He added, “I saw a jacket I really liked and I looked at the price and thought ‘Oh my God’. But then the designer, Philip, said ‘Come downstairs and I’ll show you the collection. Is there anything you want to borrow?’ People lend me clothes now! It’s so cool. So cool. I got the jacket.” The Brit Awards are set to take place tonight at the O2 Arena in London.
Jessie J explains Whitney Houston encounter
Jessie J explains Whitney Houston encounter

Domino singer Jessie J has revealed how she met with the legendary singer Whitney Houston on the night before she was found dead in her hotel room. Jessie J was one of the people to perform at Clive Davis's annual pre-Grammys party and was introduced to Whitney Houston by her daughter Bobbi Kristina during rehearsals for her performance.

Jessie J explained, “She was like, ‘My mum is here and wants to meet you’. Whitney was one of my huge inspirations. I’ve always spoken about her. She made me proud to have a powerful voice. There’s a lot in the industry that isn’t about vocals and Whitney Houston was all about that - that’s what I’m trying to carry on.”
She added, “I was very proud to be representing the UK on such a kind of memorable night. Whitney Houston is someone that will never be forgotten and her music will live on forever.” Jessie J has also recently admitted that he number one track Domino was actually inspired by the classic Whitney Houston track I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Jessie J is nominated for three Brits, Best Female, Best Breakthrough & Best Single, at tonight’s Brit Awards.
Florence and the Machine singer discusses her rise to fame
Florence and the Machine singer discusses her rise to fame

Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch has revealed that, despite the fact that her life has changed dramatically in the last four years, she still lives at home with her mother. Florence claims that she still gets a little freaked out when she hears herself on the radio but still living at home has helped to keep her grounded.

Welch explained, “So much has changed since 2008. It’s amazing to think what has happened. It still freaks me out when my songs come on the radio. It’s like someone has seen me naked all of a sudden. Wherever you are, I’ve almost crashed cars trying to turn it off the radio, because you suddenly feel like everyone can see you. All this stuff has happened but I am still at home. I feel bad for my mum, especially because of my clothes. It’s like a constant battle between me and my wardrobe. It’s like invading armies of vintage clothes.
She added, “I think about moving out constantly, but then again I’m never there. I’m always in a hotel. My two goals as a teenager were to move out and also to have a music career. It seems one has really taken precedence and made the other one quite hard. Also, I think it has been a slightly unstable time, especially touring. It’s a nerve-racking process putting out a new record, travelling all the time, so having the stability of home is a really good thing. Because everything is still changing so much, it’s nice to have that base. I’m there and my sister Grace is there. My family is there.
Florence continued, “You can just go back and be normal. It keeps me grounded. I’m 25 and I’ve got to move out before I’m 26. That’s my goal now.” Florence and the Machine are up for two Brits, Best Album and Best Female, at the Brit Awards, which take place tonight at the O2 Arena in London.