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Scarlett Johansson nude picture leak

Scarlett Johansson nude picture leak

Scarlett Johansson has apparently had her computer hacked, and with that, pictures of her completely naked, nude, no clothes, the full deal, have worked themselves online, and the FBI have now got involved.
The pictures were apparently taken by Scarlett Johansson and then stored on her personal computer. This follows the release of Jessica Alba nudey pictures making it online.
The FBI have interjected though and said they are “the person or groups responsible for a series of computer intrusions involving high-profile figures”. Earlier today we tried to contact the spokespeople for Scarlett Johansson but no one was available for comment.
The pictures leaked of Scarlett Johansson appear to show her topless on a bed in one photo, while another shows a revealing shot of her bottom.
Further to the revelations of Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba having there naked pictures leaked, reports are surfacing that photos of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have also started to surface.
Only question we ask is, why are such high profile people storing pictures of themselves in such compromising situations.