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Which Desperate Housewives main character will be killed off?
Which Desperate Housewives main character will be killed off?
The eighth and final season of Desperate Housewives is fast approaching and it has been revealed that one of the shows main characters will be killed off. But don not fret yourselves as it will not be any of the four main women, as the show is far too protective over them.
The show’s executive producer Bob Daily explained, “We feel very protective of our four main women,” Daily said. “Which is not to say that one of our [other] main, top ten characters won’t bite it. We have talked about that.” Bob also revealed that the show will take a glimpse at the future of the street.
Daily added, “Viewers have spent eight years’ worth of Sundays on Wisteria Lane and we feel like that street is a character on the show. And whether the women [are still there] or not, we want to give them some kind of sense of what will be happening on Wisteria Lane in the future… and leave them with the feeling that life goes on.”
Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has recently revealed how grateful she is to the show’s creator Marc Cherry for changing her life forever. She also thanked her fans for their years of support. Desperate Housewives final season will premiere on ABC on September 25.