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Entourage movie is a no for Bandito
Entourage movie is a no for Bandito
After watching the sixth season of Entourage I was unsure whether they should make a seventh, however I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt. Obviously if they loved the show as much as me they would not see it go wrong. Then the seventh season hit and to be honest I was overly thrilled by it.
So when I found out they were going to make a season eight of Entourage I was extremely shocked. They show had gradually lost its way by the end of season seven and was no longer the same show that I loved in the earlier seasons. Not surprisingly I found season eight to be a total disappointed.
The storylines seemed rushed, the characters seemed flawed and the season finale was quite possible the worst ending to any television series ever. It seemed like they wanted to get to a certain point and did not have the time so just jumped to it without any real explanation. A very poor season of TV as a whole topped off by the terrible finale.
Now there are talks of an Entourage movie being made. To me this is just pure nonsense. They have already taken the show that was loved by so many and let those fans down by going on for a couple of seasons too long. If they cannot get a story clear in a season of the show, then how can they expect to get it done in 90 minutes?
I have been an Entourage fan from the very beginning but towards the end of the final season I felt let down and disappointed. There was a time when I would tell people that had not seen Entourage that it was the best show on TV. Now I tell them to watch up to season seven and call it quits. In my opinion, to make an Entourage movie would be a big mistake and would only disappoint fans further. Sometimes people should just know when to call it a day and that day was two seasons ago for Entourage. Entourage movie is a no for Bandito. Arriba!!
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