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Skinny Jonah Hill offers up his cell number to fans

Skinny Jonah Hill offers up his cell number to fans

With Jonah Hill’s new comedy coming out in December, he has thought of a great new way to increase promotion for it, which we are sure the studios will approve of, by talking directly to you about it!
Jonah Hill has never been shy, he loves fan interaction, and he posted his cell number on Twitter ((917) 409-7838) and offered fans the chance to talk to him. The conditions are that he will be answering at random points, so his not sitting there with the cell glued to his new skinny frame.
Either way, its great marketing from Fox, and the marketing team behind the sitter will receive some mega props for thinking this one up. When you do actually get through, you are greeted by his character from the movie with the following message:
“Hey, you’ve reached Noah Griffith. I’m not home. If you’re calling about a babysitting gig, please post a photo of yourself in something along the lines of a bikini or a toga or some sort of lingerie on my Facebook page, which is facebook.com/thesitter. Leave a message!”
The Sitter is out in December and features the larger Jonah Hill opposed to the new, getting skinnier by the hour, Jonah Hill. Come December, this may be the last chance you ever get to see the larger Jonah Hill, and we are sure excited to see how he does in movies as a skinnier fellow. Either way, we’re big fans, and are positive he will be funnier than ever.
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